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e-RETV ~ Scorpio Unlimited Visual Presentations, Scorpio MTV New Music Video presents a
Digital Media revolution for the Recording Artist and their music player tunes.

Scorpio Unlimited Visual Presentations dba 1975
Naud Robinson, Executive Producer-Scorpio Unlimited Visual Presentations dba 1975

An Original Work  "Not For Hire" by Copywriter Naud E. Robinson
  WGA Writers Guild Of America,  Desperado ®1975-1976 
 US Library Of Congress,  Desperado  ©1994
All Rights Reserved
No Emulation Permitted

Warner Brothers, Eagles Greatest Hits and additional Music Phonocords 
for demonstration purposes and Music acquisition to produce.

Left Column
Now For The Real Story: Where did MTV come from?
As everyone knows, MTV came from the Moon. And it Came from______ and it came from________ and it came from__________
according to Wikipedia Encyclopedia. A very good source of reliable information.  And there are more stories like the published articles on the next page. Who is Robert Kraft, Owner of Kraft Foods and the NFL New England Patriots, the Team that won the Super Bowl in their Home Field with deflated footballs "Deflategate" and kept the Super Bowl Ring! Sumner Redstone Media Mongol who likes to hustle younger women and then make them CEO of some one else's Company he acquired without clearing the abstract of title to the property and company. And then there's Arthuro Moreno another Billionaire who owns the Los Angeles Angels Baseball Team. And then there is me.
Center Column
I'm 23 years old with 2 years of Film School from L.A. Valley College Production Tech classes. Before I went to school I had already produced my first two 30 minute time slot films. Video was only used for the News these days. One went Private Showing International and the other was for an accomplished Artist(s) for their Agent to promote for a Television program in Hollywood. Their son-in-law and grandson was a integral Technical part of the Little House On the Pariee program with Michael Landon formerly of Bonanza. Additional sets I frequented were Universal Kojak Series. My Mom had affiliations with Walt Disney-Pictures, The Ugly Dachshund and with Suzanne Pluschett and Dean Jones and Bewitched and several other long running TV programs at that time. It was not unusual to have Jack Webb of Dragnet, James Broland of Marcus Welby MD this was when he was married to Jane years before Barbie. Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards, Chubby Checker, Kenny Rogers and a host of the Hollywood Picture scene from time to time would stop by. Jumping ahead, my best friend in Pictures won an academy award for his work in a Film in 1975 that has sequels running as recent as a few years ago. He lived about a mile down the beach from me on Malibu Beach.
Right Column
Scorpio MTV The Real Story.....I know we're getting bored cut to the chase! Fine be that way. But I must tell you you are going to miss out on some good inside Hollywood big name stuff. Anyways I was sitting at my Condo kitchen table that had a all glass slider overlooking Las Flores Beach, Malibu. I was handwriting and had a influential typist designated manager doing the transcription of  what I thought would be my next film/television endeavor. I knew I had to do something that wasn't on TV. This is because everything on TV was getting old. How did I get the idea well it would take to long to tell you, I'll save it for the attorneys if necessary. In the Condo next to mine was a gentleman Bill Owen and his girlfriend lived. Bill could observe me at my kitchen table writing under headphones from his deck.
Row 2  Left Column
Here it comes It's the Big One.... Bill approached me one day talking across our decks. Bill indicated he was the West Coast Promoter for Leber Krebs and David Geffen, Warners Brothers upcoming CEO and Owner of Asylum Records, Aerosmith, Ted Nuget, Linda Ronstadt etc. Bill indicated he had a promotion he had been to the Studios, MGM, Universal, Paramount and had discussion with people like Stuart Margolin a promiate Director Love American Style 1969-1073, Kellys Heros with Clint Eastwood 1970 and Death Wish with Charles Bronson 1974 were one of Bill Ownes references for the credibility of the Warner Brothers David Geffen Leber Krebs Desperado promotion. Anyways to get to me they had all turned Bill Owen-Leber Krebs-David Geffen-Warner Brothers Desperado promotion down. Bill asked me if I wanted to take a look at it because it did feature the all Eagles Greatest Hits and recent hits a catalog that apparently Warner Brother Music, et al had the Grant Rights to Owen told me. Bill Owen showed me the Leber Krebs - Proposal and I also indicated it was old stuff and wouldn't work.
Row 2 Center Column
Sign of the Times... No not Time-Warner or Via Com, in my mind it was going to be Warner Brothers Music and Scorpio Unlimited Visual Presentations. I asked Bill Ownen to clear me writing a new proposal with Leber-Krebs, David Geffen, Warner Brothers. About a week later he gave me in part the Leber Krebs Proposal and indicated that Leber Krebs-David Geffen-Warner Brothers would look at a new presentation with the Eagles Music. I indicated to Bill Owen that it would take me a couple of months to put together drafts resulting in a final proposal draft for the "Eagles Music". I was also specific that I was to be included in the resulting production of the material that I was going to put together on the Eagles Greatest hits project. Bill Owen acknowledged that Leber-Krebs-Geffen/Warner Brothers were aware of this. At this time, I filed the doing business as Scorpio Unlimited Visual Presentations.
Establishing Production Air Time
It is noted here that in the day of 1975-76 that the Studios actuall owned actors and actresses for their productions. There was not "free agency" at that time. Therefore it is or would be almost impossible if not impossible to put together any type of arrangement until the work "not for hire" was completed by me. The upside is that I retain all registration and copyrights and right to produce related to the work. In this case I called it "Desperado" for connection purposes because a contract was not available. The downside is once I hand them the intellectual property, the Desperado promotional work as in this case they can cut me out which Steve Leber of  Leber Krebs, David Geffen Warner Brothers did as soon as I gave it to him.
Technical Issues Resolved
Titles are not copyright protected. The intellectual property is protected by the Writers Guild Of America Registration 1975 and Library Of Congress Copyright 1994 as a original work and was not a "work for hire" and no rights were ever discussed by or entered into so I retain and have Reserved all Rights to the work, creation and ideas. 




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Published Notes

Published Notes 2016


Billionaire Kraft Foods
New England Patriots
Robert Kraft
Los Angeles Angles
Hispanic Billionaire
Arthuro Moreno
Billionaire Media Mogul
Fox Television
Sumner Redstone


On this day in 1981, MTV: Music Television goes on the air for the first time ever, with the words (spoken by one of MTV’s creators, John Lack): “Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll.” The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star” was the first music video to air on the new cable television channel, which initially was available only to households in parts of New Jersey. MTV went on to revolutionize the music industry and become an influential source of pop culture and entertainment in the United States and other parts of the world, including Europe, Asia and Latin America, which all have MTV-branded channels.
Viacom Inc was an American media conglomerate. Effective December 31, 2005, this corporate ... In 1985, Viacom bought Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment, which owned MTV and Nickelodeon, renaming the company MTV Networks.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Viacom Inc. (short for Visual & Audio Communications) was an American media conglomerate. Effective December 31, 2005, this corporate entity changed its name to CBS Corporation. The present firm also known as Viacom was also established at that date and is a new spin-off company created during the CBS-Viacom split.

Cable television channel
MTV is an American basic cable and satellite television channel which is a part of the "Viacom Music and Entertainment Group" which is the flagship Property of the Viacom Media Networks division of Viacom, of which it is a subsidiary. Wikipedia

Column 2
Published Notes 1981 
Founded: August 1, 1981,
New York City, NY

CEO: Philippe Dauman

Warner Brothers, CEO
Asylum Records Owner
DreamWorks Partner

David Gefen

Founders: John Sykes, Tom Freston, Les Garland, Robert Pittman Films: Freedom Writers, Coach Carter, Save the Last Dance, More

Viacom to Buy MTV and Showtime in Deal Worth $667.5 Million
August 27, 1985|MICHAEL A. HILTZIK | Times Staff Writer
NEW YORK — Viacom International, one of the nation's largest distributors of television programming and a large owner of cable-television systems, on Monday agreed to steps that will give it 100% ownership of both MTV, an operator of cable music channels, and Showtime/The Movie Channel, a pay-TV service.

Under a complex arrangement, Viacom will spend more than $667.5 million to purchase the combined 50% interest in Showtime currently held by Warner Communications and Warner-Amex Cable, as well as Warner-Amex's two-thirds stake in MTV and the remaining one-third of MTV held by public shareholders. Viacom already owns 50% of Showtime, which it founded in 1976.

The deal gives Warner enough cash to pay for its planned $450-million buy-out of American Express' share of Warner-Amex Cable without borrowing any money, as well as a healthy premium over the previous offer for MTV. That was a $310-million buy-out bid from Forstmann, Little & Co., a New York firm specializing in leveraged buy-outs. The terms of the Viacom deal indicate that Warner will get $340 million for Warner-Amex's share of MTV.

Could Turn Quick Profit

Warner also will get warrants enabling it to buy up to 10% of Viacom over the next five years at $70 and $75 per share. Analysts view that provision chiefly as a way for Warner to retain an interest in the future growth of MTV and Showtime. If Viacom becomes a takeover target, as some analysts believe it might, Warner could turn a swift profit from its warrants of as much as $50 million.

Viacom shares closed Monday at $50.75, up 25 cents on the New York Stock Exchange. Warner shares closed at $29.75, off 25 cents.

The sale instantly makes Viacom the nation's sixth-largest provider of cable-television programming. MTV, the pioneering provider of music-video programming for cable systems, has about 26 million subscribers. Of MTV's two other networks, VH-1 (for Video Hits-One), a service aimed at the 25- to 54-year-old audience, reaches 8 million households, and Nickelodeon, aimed at children, reaches 25 million. Showtime/The Movie Channel distributes movie and special-production programming and has about 8.5 million subscribers.

The largest cable programming distributor, according to Paul Kagan, a Carmel cable and broadcast industry consultant, is ESPN, mainly a sports programming service, which reaches 35.7 million subscribers.

"From the cable system operator's standpoint, this makes Viacom a much more powerful entity to deal with," said Mara R. Miesnieks, a cable industry analyst for Smith Barney, Harris Upham & Co. Miesnieks and other Wall Street analysts said the potential profits for Viacom more than outweigh the sale price's probable dilution of the company's earnings in 1986 of as much as 40 cents to 50 cents per share.

Premium on Initial Price

Viacom's proposed purchase of the public's one-third interest in MTV for $33.50 per share also represents a sharp premium for many holders of that stock, which was initially offered scarcely a year ago at $14 per share.

Announcement of the Viacom purchase comes two days after the collapse of Warner's negotiations with Forstmann, Little. Those talks reportedly broke down over Warner's desire to retain an option to repurchase about 20% of the rock-music cable programmer. Warner earlier had announced that it had reached an agreement giving it the right for 90 days to sell Viacom Warner-Amex's share of MTV for $310 million.

According to terms of the purchase disclosed Monday, Viacom will pay Warner $500 million in cash and issue to Warner warrants to acquire 1.625 million shares of Viacom at $70 a share. That will cover Warner's 31% stake in Showtime/The Movie Channel, an additional 19% of Showtime/The Movie Channel owned by Warner-Amex and the two-thirds stake in MTV Networks that is owned by Warner-Amex.

Warner also will acquire warrants for $9.75 each to buy another 625,000 shares of Viacom's common stock at $75 per share. All warrants are exercisable over a five-year period and are subject to certain restrictions, the companies said. Exercising all the warrants would give Warner about 10% of Viacom, but, because Viacom is trading at about $50 per share, Warner is not expected to immediately exercise its purchase rights.

Column 3
Published Notes  2011, 1976

Warner Brothers, CEO
Asylum Records Owner
WB-Eagles Music Rights

David Gefen

Leber Krebs, NY
Eagles Desperado
Music Development

Steve Leber

Jul 13, 2011
Leber Krebs #3

You would have thought that Aerosmith would have learned their collective lessons the first go-round. Nope. For the impressive work Leber and Krebs did over the years in breaking artists like Aerosmith, AC/DC, and Joan Jett, among others, they managed to pillage from their artists by taking all of their publishing. Definition of scumbag or shrewd, depending on how you look at it, but either way, they took a ton of money that was entitled to their artists.

Published Notes - Column 3
Random Notes
by Charles Young
Rolling Stone
November 15, 1976

THE EAGLES' CONCEPT album, "Desperado," is being made into a Broadway play and-or movie, but the Eagles aren't cooperating. The management firm of Leber-Krebs (AEROSMITH, TED NUGENT) optioned the rights to the material from Warner Bros. Music earlier this year over what Eagles manager IRVING AZOFF said were his "screaming objections. Warner Bros. had purchased the rights from DAVID GEFFEN, Asylum Records' founder. Azoff said that prior to buying the rights to the "Desperado" material, Leber-Krebs approached the Eagles with a proposal. "We totally rejected it," Azoff said. "Aesthetically, we don't think they're the right people to do it," adding that the Eagles would sue Warner Bros. over the material and "related other claims."

STEVE LEBER's comment: "Two years ago, when the Eagles weren't as big, we told Azoff about our concept. He told the Eagles and they were ecstatic. As they got bigger, Irving became less enthusiastic. But we'd love the Eagles to stay involved.