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e-RETV Advertainment and Digital Marketing.
Content Marketing Strategy and Brand Metric's result in more business and buyer loyalty.

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e-RETV Advertainment is a strategic online marketing concept that combines a related subject with information that is pertinent.

 Advertainment allows a video marketing strategy to increase the rate of return of your company's, business, product or service pitch from the audience. 

Currently these types of Video Ads have merged from the Youtube and like markets. Advertainment appears to be trending from the Internet to Television.

In general Advertainment Ads are about 1 minute in length rather then the usual 30 second TV spot. The Internet TV Advertainment Ads run approximately 1 to 3 minutes.

e-RETV Produces Ads for Television and the Internet copyright © protected. 


The new word defined. Advertainment is, a term used to reflect the intertwining relationships between advertising and entertainment. 

Advertainment can be Comedy, Action, Plain Folk or any combination of formats desired. e-RETV Video Producer can develop your own unique niche in the Ad Marketplace and © License your Ad.

e-RETV  Advertainment Video Marketing Services include Video's, Animated Videos and Slide shows, Production, Communication Service, Agency Services and Co-Services.  If you are advertising on the Internet add introductory SEO services.

In the Television and Internet Market we will analize and develop your Media Plan and suggest placement recommendations based on your senario for Local, Regional and National exposure to accommodate your budget and specific needs.


When e-RETV Produces a TV Ad or Internet TV Video we evaluate the Product, Services, Innovation, Quality, Trend Awareness, Value and all pertinent information of the Advertiser.

We will design the Ad to impact and target the Ad to the selected consumer market. Accordingly, promoting the Advertiser to become the Brand of Choice.

Branding is a very important part of advertising because this is the information that is being communicated to the customer of, "What to buy" and "Who to contact." 

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   Real Estate Investment and Home Ownership in America is path        to America's economic  recovery.                                    

Make it your reality and don't let the American Dream be taken away from you.  When all is said and done keep America beautiful.
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Real Estate Secured Investments do have a future, rental income.
"Blue Sky" Stock Market All Risk Investments do not.
Risk of Investment of an unsecured investment.
It all looks good today but how about tomorrow when all the big companies pull out. The "Blue Sky" promised, turns to a loss.
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