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January 20, 2017 to August 8, 2015
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 Daytona USA World News provides Economic Data of USA Financial Markets and the Global Economy.
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Newsworthy Story: Archive

1-20-2017: USA  Inauguration of Donald Trump, President.

Newsworthy Events: Archive

1-20-2017: USA: President Trump takes office.

1-10-2017: The Federal Reserve Board: despite indications going back as far as July 2016, raises Interest Rates across the USA. The Real Estate Market had already slowed in the last quarter of 2016. The Stock Market rallied through the Hike based on Wall Streets confidence of the Trump Stimulus Plan. The FED chose to ignore the Election and new direction of the American economy and the wishes of the American people.

1-10-2017: US FED: Increases the Prime Lending Rates on December 14, 2016.

12-17-2016: Propaganda and Political Rhetoric: runs rampant. The TV and General Media receives approximately 10 times or more the cost of a Commercial Ad when it is run with Political Overtones. In brief, in TV a Commercial, 30 second spot that cost the Advertiser $200,000 has the potential to make the TV Station $1 to $2 Million Dollars or more depending on its Non-Prime Time Placement on TV or in the Media, in which it is presented. A Prime Time 30 Second Commercial Spot average cost is $344,827.00. All the affiliates to the Station or Media Feeds, inclusive, are often big campaign contributors expecting a big return. Even if it includes the cost of American's dignity. The question is, does the payoff stop here?  Who pays for the campaign contributions at the end of a election such as Hillary Clinton's $641,000,000. political campaign debt? Do Political Parties own or control media conglomerates? Of course they do. This is why i9 you look at the news you hear the same report on different programs and station, just spoken by one of the that stations Talking Heads. The News Anchor is just reading the Teleprompter. The Reporter generally has no control of the report. If the Reporter exerts control they are Fired. Is the Media immune to Anti-Trust Legislation or is it just being ignored?

12-17-2016: Post Election Media Blitz: 2016 edit me Estimated Pre-Election Media Proceeds is approximately 10 Billion Dollars.

12-16-2016: The Federal Fund Rate: increase will be felt by the entire USA economy. The USA economy has never been more suppressed than in the past 7 years. Currently at a 1.14% Inflation Rate average for 2016. Any of the Top Ten Country's, that are participants in the Global Economy, are considered to be in a Depression at 1.0%. The Fed Chair Janet Yellen, a Democratic Appointee along with the FED's Board Of Governors have ignored all the data supporting a stimulus plan to move the USA and Americans back as a economic force, in America and Globally.

12-16-2016: US Federal Reserve: Increases the Federal Funds Rate .25%. The USA Prime Lending Rate increases to 3.75%.

12-15-2016: Hilliary Clinton: Hillary Clinton's campaign contributions exceeded $641 Million Dollars in her failed attempt to become President of the US. Apparently the Clinton Backers are looking for another avenue to make Clinton president that will enable the Clinton Backers to get their money back from the USA taxpayers if Hillary Clinton was elected. This is commonly known as "Special Interest" groups. The Special Interest Group of Clinton supporters are spending a undisclosed amount in addition to their $641 Million of campaign contributions that look to be lost and Hillary Clinton can not repay through any political influence.
The Clinton's Net Worth is only about $51,000,000. The campaign contributors or Special Interest are advancing more campaign funds to influence the Electoral Voters to overthrow the American Peoples voting system in the USA. The Democratic Socialist Party coup, aka, The Democratic Party members have gained the interest of between 10 and 40 Electoral Voters. Donald Trump the President Elect reached 276 Electoral votes and was called the winner. Hillary Clinton conceded. Both candidates agreed on several occasions on TV that who ever won the other candidate would be supportive of the election outcome. Hillary Clinton has breached that promise to the American People.

12-15-2016: The American People's Vote: and American system challenged by the Democratic Party Socialist change coup.

11-30-2016: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: have eased up Mortgage Interest Rates as the First Time Home Buyer re-enters the Market. The immediate impact appears to be that, First Time Home Buyer Sales have declined from +3.2% to +2.0% Down -1.2% in the last 30 days. First Time Home buyer Sales in the last 2 months have moved the Existing Home Sales in the USA into a slight plus for January through October 2016. Will the government interest rate hike on mortgages put the housing market back underwater?

11-30-2016: FNMA and FHLMC move Mortgage Interest Rates Up 3/4% in 4 months,  3.5% TO 4.25%.

11-23-2016: USA Existing Home Sales: are edged above the zero level at +0.41% as of October 31, 2016. This is a continuing reflection of the First time Home Buyer who has pushed the market up in September +3.2% and +2.0% in October 2016. compared to 2015. Home Loan interest rates continue to ease up on the threat that the Federal Reserve Board may increase the Prime Lending Rate again at the Mid December meeting if Inflation reaches 2.0%. October's Inflation Rate is 1.6%. The average Inflation Rate for the USA in the first 10 months of 2016 is 1.14%.
Economic Depression level for the USA is 0.0% to +1.0%. An Economic Growth level for the USA and any Top 10 Gross Domestic Product Country is 2.5% to 3.5%. Courtesy of RETV.News

11-23-2016: First Time Home Buyers in the USA help lift Nationwide Existing Home Sales into the Plus+ category for year end 2016.

11-15-2016: USA Existing Home Sales: are Down -0.23% From January 2016 to October 2016. Nationwide area hot spots still exist. See grid below. The First Time Home Buyer has emerged in August and September with Low Home Loan Interest Rates as a incentive. The First Time Home buyer purchases have not led the real estate market like this in over 4 years. Rates have eased up about 3/8% as of November 2016. This may have an effect on qualifying for the necessary amount of a home loan in many cases for all home buyers. Will the First Time Buyer continue to emerge?

11-15-2016: USA Real Estate Top 5 Counties: 2016 3rd Quarter,Top Home appreciation areas in USA. See Mid Page Grid below.

11-8-2016: USA Election Results: Donald Trump prevailed as the President Elect of the United States Of America on November 8, 2016. We The People Of America have spoken. The condition of the United States is worse than when Obama took office in 2009. In all probability it will take the incoming Trump Administration a couple of years to start seeing a economic turnaround of "Make America Great Again". In the meantime Trump has indicated that the agenda is to piece back America and it the American peoples financial and economic future in the first 90 to 180 days in office. This of course includes the direct support of Congress, Senate, Treasury, Federal Reserve et al. With the continuing support of Americans Trump indicates his Administration will abolish Socialism within the system to some degree and reinstate a progressive Capitalist society promoting American Capitalism and the "American Dream" for all who want to pursue it. It's the American Way.

11-8-2016: Donald Trump wins Presidency against all odds. The We The People platform prevails.

11-2-2016: US Federal Funds Rate: The Federal Reserve Board met on November 2, 2016 and indicated that a increase in the Federal Funds Rate is still on the Table for the Mid-December meeting. The Federal Funds Rate has a direct reflection on Mortgage Interest Rates and any consumer produced interest rate as offered by a Bank or Savings and Loan or Institutional Lender. This rate may increase from 1/2% to 3/4%. The consumer will probably see a higher than 1/4% increase on any loan.
This is the same type of Rate Increase, of 1/4%, that caused the December 18, 2015-16 Stock Market Crash.
FEDERAL FUNDS RATE BY DEFINITION: In the United States, the federal funds rate is the interest rate at which depository institutions (banks and credit unions) lend reserve balances to other depository institutions overnight, on an uncollateralized basis.

11-2-2016: FED temporarily shelves USA Interest Rate Hike until Mid December meeting.

10-3-2016: US Federal Reserve Board: Indicated the Prime Lending Rate Hike is back on the table before the end of 2016. Chair, Janet Yellen said that when the USA Inflation Rate reached 2% that is enough to generate a rate hike. Currently the USA is at a 1.06% Inflation Rate, but USA Productivity for Christmas Orders will increase this number superficially by December 2016. It appears the USA Interest Rates would need to come down internally to stimulate the USA economy. The Euro and some of their major countries like China and Japan are looking at negative interest rates and Stimulus Plans currently which still has not curtailed the Euro economic down turn.

10-3-2016: FED postpones Interest Rate Hike to survey poor USA performance and continuing depressionary Inflation Rate levels.

9-20 & 21-2016: US FED: At the Meeting FED Chair Janet Yellen set guaranteed Interest Rate Hike date.

9-6-2016: US Federal Reserve Board: Wall Street is convinced that the FED will increase the Prime Lending Rate(s) at the September meeting or in the Last Fiscal Quarter of 2016. This is despite a down trending US Economy. Currently the Stock Market has not Yield recovered for 2016. In addition, the most recent report in on Existing Homes Sales for July is down -3.2% for July. The average home sales for the USA for 2016 is Down -0.2% as of July 31, 2016.

9-6-2016: US FED: puts increase in Prime Lending Rates back on the agenda.

8-5-2016: Global Bond Schemes: on the Horizon, China Stimulus Scheme begins June 2016. The quick fix is on to attract capital to  down trending markets globally. UK, England Lowers Interest Rates from 0.50% to 0.25%, the first lowering since 2009. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics: "The unemployment rate held at 4.9 percent in July, and the number of unemployed persons was essentially unchanged at 7.8 million. Both measures have shown little movement, on net, since August of last year."

7-1-2016: BREXIT of EU: See Financial News Page for What is the EU and Critics concern Courtesy of BBC News. Link

7-1-2016: Overview of USA and EU: Economic concerns.See: Daytona USA Investment Economy News. Link

7-15-2016: Global Bonds Go Lower: The US Markets reaction to this is that Global Bond Investment will be lower for the long term. The best forecast as of this date is that Bond Markets "other than select corporate" with no negative yield will attract investors even if the yield is under 1%. China's GDP rose dramatically last month over the First 5 months of 2016. This is most likely due to China Government Stimulus Plan and the fact that today's China GDP production is better because of upcoming Christmas Orders. If China over produces now, it looks good, but the end game is that profits and production may be greatly diminished when you factor in anticipated standing inventory in the First Quarter(s) of 2017. Analyst indicate that new supplemental "Service Related Business" recovery is approximately 10 years away

6-30-2016: Germany: is the only remaining member of the EU in the Top 10 GDP Country's.

6-27-2016: Global Financial Market Crash resulting from the European Union and Euro Central Bank volatile, new negative interest rate market positions. The down market goes on.

6-25-2016: UK England Leaves Euro Union, EU: The UK popular vote of 51.9% to leave the European Union is the result of continuing Euroscepticism in Europe. The realty of the EU and
Euro is that it has always drained the assets of stronger non communist and free countries to the degree that democracy and the peoples financial freedom can be impaired in the free countries. The EU is a prerequisite to a one world system that time and time again has proved it is not always economically equal for the middle class people, especially in down trending world economics.

6-25-2016: UK Leaves EU by a voting majority.

6-15-2016: US Federal Reserve Board: met and decided not to increase Long Term or Short Term Prime Lending Rates for June and possibly July 2016. It was cited that the USA economy is volatile and preforming poorly and Wall Streets performance since the last FED increase is mostly, in the negative, both Nationally and in the Euro Markets.  NEWSWORTHY ARTICLE LINK  5-23-2016

6-15-2016: UK England: is again giving strong consideration to distancing itself to the EU Euro Union. This is due to the continued instability, devaluations and negative interest rates. The EU has other pending issues in addition to the above. See Newsworthy Events 4-15-2016.

6-15-2016: US Federal Reserve Board moves not to increase Prime Lending Rates at this time. 

6-15-2016: USA - Florida Real Estate continues to hold strong and has 2 of the top 5 Counties in the USA for Two consecutive Quarters. Ohio shares a similar ranking. See USA Real Estate World News below.

5-25-2016: Devaluation of Yuan: China after deliberation decides to lower the boom on the US Dollar. This is after the Euro and World Economy had already done so earlier in 2016. If  continued, the Yuan downward adjustments will benefit Chinese Companies with more than $20 BILLION of Interest Debt from current US Company's invested in China. China had shown that it was maintaining stability since 8/11/2015. (See 8/11/2015 News Archive this page)

5-25-2016: China Devalues Yuan
First Devaluation of 2016.

5-3-2016: USA is comprised of  3007 Counties: Daytona Beach has shown continued appreciation of approximately 11.24% for the past 3 years 2015, 2014, 2013. In the last quarter of 2015 the Top 5 counties in the nation for that, "1/4" October, November, December 2015, are Jacksonville FL,Toledo Ohio, Palm Bay, FL "Kennedy Space Center"areas, Punta Gorda FL and Topeka Kansas.

5-3-2016: USA Nationwide Home Sales are Up 5.1% for the Month of March 3-31-2016

4-18-2016: USA Nationwide Home Sales are Down 7.1% for the Month of February 2-29-2016.

3-29-2016: Inflation Rate Grid: Breaking News Top 10 GDP Countries current Inflation Rates and Expected Inflation Rate Average for 2016. Inflation projection for the USA is flat at 1.02% for 2016.

4-15-2016: UK England sees Euro
as a Volatile Market.

4-14-2016: USA Real Estate Market Daytona Beach, Florida posts a 11.24% to 14.7% Appreciation 2013-2016. Sales are Up 7.2% Annual. Story Link  See Top 5 of 3007 USA Counties below.

3-17-2016: Dollar Looses Value: Since March 1, 2016 against most currencies including -1.1% against Japans Yen. Japan tried to prop the Dollar up but it did not work out as expected.The Euro Bank, Japan and other Countries are looking at negative interest rates since year end 2015.

3-17-2016: US Economic Reactions: The US Federal Reserve Bank, move to increase the Prime Lending Rate on 12-16-2015 and conceal and monetize the US depressionary economy with a +0.73, 2015 Inflation Rate " +0.12 Inflation Rate for December 2015"  has received a negative response from the Euro-World Economy(s). In addition, US. Yields on World Investments are continuing to be lower as the overall Dollar devaluation accelerates at this time.

3-17-2016: Global & US Markets Analysis Unchanged/Down Trending

3-1-2016: EURO Markets 
Not improving. Investment is at risk.

3-1-2016: USA Financial MARKETS:  Volatile and down 1.5 Trillion



WALL STREET 30 Day Losses News: 2-1-2016: As of Mid January 2016 the Stock market indicates losses over of 1 Trillion 350 Billion US Dollars of investors money. This is the result of  a FED .25% increase in the Prime Lending Rate, devaluation of the China Yuan (Dollar) and the Euro Central Bank lowering their lending rate.
Analyst and experts say the Global investment economy is a risky investment and the outlook for 2016 is unfavorable. Crude Oil is down to under $30 Dollars a barrel, which is good for the consumer, but negatively impacts the hedge fund on oil futures held by US Banks.

Your US Investment News: 1-04-2016: US Financial Markets Open with the worst New Year start since 2001.
If this market continues throughout January 2016 it is likely the market may not improve in 2016.
Your Euro Investment News: 12-3 2015: The Euro Central Bank devalues the US Dollar. Your Euro Investment return is spiraling downward and that will probably begin to show on your next quarterly investment statement.

Your China Investment News: 
12-4-2015: In China will likely show a Principal reduction for each US $1.00 to .98 cents. Generally interest and dividends are reduced the same or more.

As of 12/16/2015: US Federal Reserve Bank raises interest rates. The Prime Rate increased from 3.25% to 3.50%. Stock Market dives on 12/18/2015. All other interest rates are expected to begin to increase before 2015 year end.  

As of 12/3/2015: The Euro Dollar is Adjusted that results in Lowering the value of the US Dollar against the Euro Dollar.

The Result is: Your US $1.00 Investment is worth .92 cents today 12/4/2015 on the Euro Market.
Expect to see any losses of Principal on any Euro Dollar Investments in the First Quarter of 2016, March.
As of 11/30/2015: The Euro Central Bank is in the process of reducing Interest Rates to 0%, or less. As of 08/11/2015: Number 1 China, Devalues the Yuan (China's Dollar) 1.9%.
Euro Analysts indicate other Devaluation(s) may occur in 2016.

5-1-2016: In the US the Federal Reserve Board is unclear on why the US inflation rate is to low and not responding. 
Speculation and History: When you have decreasing nationwide productivity, a lowering of overall wages with increasing actual unemployment (not to be confused with the Unemployment Insurance Benefit Rate) these features can result in a low inflation rate.

The GDP "Gross Domestic Product" is the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country during one year.
The GDP drives a Country's economy. As of April 30, 2016, the Top 10 Countries are listed below. 
4.5% HIGH IR ~ 3.5% is MODERATE IR ~  2.5% is LOW IR ~ 1.5% is Recessionary IR ~ 1.0 is Depressionary IR
DEFINED: Inflation as measured by the consumer price index reflects the annual percentage change in the cost to the average consumer of acquiring a basket of goods and services that may be fixed or changed at specified intervals, such as yearly. Courtesy of The World Bank*
Purchasing power parity (PPP)
US Dollar for Foreign Currency Evaluation
"Dollar for Dollar"
US dollar (US$) most commonly used as the base or “numeraire” currency"
Rounded Down to nearest 100 Billion

The Grid

Inflation Rate
Feb. 2016
Forecast Dec. 2016






















As of:
2016* Forecast


19.5 B
+1.3 B

 17.9 B
+0.6 B

  8.0 B
+0.7 B

  4.8 B
+0.1 B

3.8 B

+0.1 B

3.4 B
+0.03 B
3.2 B
-0.09 B
2.8 B
+0.16 B

 2.6 B

 2.6 B
+0.05 B

12-31-2016 4th Quarter RETV.News
Property Data Provided by:, a leading USA Real Estate Lender.

USA Home Sales of Single Family Homes are up+0.44% from January to November 2016.  RETV.News

Palm Bay-Melbourn-Titusville-Florida

Rockford, IL
Jacksonville Florida

Median Price Up 18.7% 3rd Qtr. 2016

Median Price Up 21.9% 1st Qtr. 2016
Median Price Up 25.2% 4th Qtr. 2015

Median Price $197,000

Median Price $95,800  
Median Price $139,900
Listing Price 3/31/2016 
Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater-Florida

Toledo Ohio

Median Price Up 15.2% 3rd Qtr. 2016

Median Price Up 20.5% 1st Qtr. 2016

Median Price Up 21.2% 4th Qtr. 2015

Median price $205,000

Median Price $77,500  

Median Price $105,600

Boulder Colorado

Palm Bay, Melborne, Titusville

"Kennedy Space Center" Florida

Median Price Up 14.7% 3rd Qtr. 2016

Median Price Up 16.4% 1st Qtr. 2016
Median Price Up 18.7% 4th Qtr. 2015

Median Price $515,200

Median Price $169,000
Median Price $165,000

Wichita Falls, Texas

Port St. Lucie, Florida
Punta Gorda, Florida

Median Price Up 14.7% 3rd Qtr. 2016

Median Price Up 18.2% 1st Qtr. 2016
Median Price Up 20.7% 4th Qtr. 2015

Median Price $114,500

Median Price $195,000
Median Price $178,000

Cumberland Maryland

Kennewick/Richland/Pasco Washington
Topeka Kansas

Median Price Up 14.6% 3rd Qtr. 2016

Median Price Up 16.7% 1st Qtr. 2016
Median Price Up 18.5% 4th Qtr. 2015

Median Price   $94,400

Median Price $211,000
Median Price $127.700