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Daytona USA World News ~ November 5, 2021
Chip Crisis - Taiwan "Chips are Produced  for American Products from Toasters-Cars-Military
are being over seen by China War Planes (147+- a day) developing a "Chip" shortage.

 Afghanistan Crises - 3,960 Americans Trapped by Democrats poor planning. (Ongoing)

COVID 19 - Delta Virus spins out of control.  And the USA has had a "cure" for 6 months.

USA - No averaged semi-annual improvement on COVID 19 Cases and Death Count.

Immigration is out of Control and the Current Administration defies USA immigration law.
400,000-500,00 New COVID-19  Cases 25% of allowed, not vented properly illegals, of the 2 Million illegal immigrants inboud, let loose and transported to US Cities, in America by the current Democrtatic Administration.

Biden/Harris is fueling COVID 19-Delta Virus, as immigrants are not checked and disbursed in the USA by the Biden/Harris/Democrat Administration orders. 
"If we can't win with the voters or voting fraud in the USA lets bring more voters in any way we can."



Daytona USA Real Estate World News provides Newsworthy Events and Newsworthy Stories of current World events and economic data of USA 2020 Financial Markets and the Global economy.
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Newsworthy Brief: 11-5-2021:

G20 Summit - Biden - US
Climate Change - Proposed; Keep a 1.5 degree^ Celsius limit on global tempature rise. (inadaquate based on January 2050 needs)

Historic Global Minimum Tax - Proposed; Giant Corporations pay 15% mimimun Tax up from 0%. (unenforceable currently, as a Corporation can domicile in any counrty and negotiate tax on that basis)

COVID-19 Pandemic & Health Security - Agreement to establish G20 Finance and Health task force. Charge to Detect and Respond to emerging Health Threats. US costs are substantial.

9-23-2021 - 8 US Code 1325 - 1/17/2020 to date. Improper entry by an Alien. Unlawful entry, Failure to Depart, Fleeing Immigration Checkpoints, Marriage Fraud, Enterprise Fraud. Crime. Criminal Intent. Improper entry by an Alien is an offense. Under Title 18, Misleading Misrepresentation or Concealment of a material fact leads to 6 months in jail and as much as a 2 year imprisonment and or deportation. No immunity. There is no war at this time.

Noted: Aliens have Visa's to other countries or no Visa at all. They have been afforded to get from around the world to the USA border. But they will live off of the American taxpayer. Biden/Harris Democratic Administration. 

9-16-2021 - Biden/Harris in Office just over half a year.
USA is in distruction mode.
Afghanistan - 3,940 Americans left behind intentionally.
                      10,000+ Afgans with Visa's left behind.

8-21-2021 - The World watches as America spins from Number One to a Third World Country under the Biden/ Harris /Democrat Administrations. The USA is changing for the worst since January 20, 2021. America's Democracy and Capitalism first.

The Democrat supporters have given in to the ratical government (socialism or worse) it supported in the election. Without COVID 19 and ignoring the rule of law, even when reiterated in March 2020 by the Supreme Court, the Democrats overcame the election in "overtime".
Briefly the election is over now, how many votes do we need to win in overtime. Well that's the way Third World Countries play it. Are you wondering why America is burning, police defunded, your children are being taught their (Democrat) evil in schools, you are being controlled, virus is not going away etc, etc. Well its not socialism they seek it's an absolute monarchy. 
Right now its a constitutual monarchy, deminishing, as the Democrats view it.

Now after 250 years and America's continued erasure of prejudice and related issues over the years, everything that has been done, is wrong. 
That seems odd. Really this is something the Democratic Party has been trying to do since the 1960's. It emerged again in 1979 when Carter, Democrat trashed the economy and had American's held hostage abroad.

Then William Clinton, Democrat, nice guy, ran a flat economy, admended quietly policies and association that we "Americans" suffer from today, daily. Like let a Defector to China with USA Military Secrets, NAFTA, Loss of America Industry and Jobs, ect., ect.  Clinton was rightfully Impeached in 1998 for "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" and lying to everyone in the USA about his affair(s). Today, he is a leader in the Democrat Party.

Obama was surrounded with circumstances to much to cope with. He took credit for everything and did nothing and did leave America in financial despair. If he had of taken the Democratic Party charge of abomination, he may have met his fate like the Democrat politicians of the 1960's. Ultimately, he did a good job of holding the United States of America down and leaving it down.

6-25-2021 - Biden warned Russia and others no more cyber attacks on  the US or there will be further action.

6-15-2021 - Biden at the G7 Summit. Is Biden going to give away the Middle Class American taxpayers to the World concerns. Harris appears to be promising Foreign Aid to the migrants homeland.
Is there anything in the deal for Americans except being the payor?
Editorial: We propose a new Bill by all Americans: "America, American's must profit immediately, from any Appropriations or other Bill proposed, before passing Congress or the Senate", and the subject bill also reduces the National Debt immediately.

USA, COVID 19 Cases have started to go down. COVID is a work in progress. Results of vaccinations will be more apparent about October 2021.
World Events: Mid East attack has a cease fire in place for now.
The Mexican Border has worsened. Daily, it gets worse and the current Biden Administration appears to ignor it. The numbers are increasing dramatically 10's of Thousands Migrants. No other Country in the World would accomodate this migrant action. What don't we know about this and the covert activity of human traffic groups and their relationship with the Administration?

5-15-2021 - Masking is being eased by the CDC. Outside and in general places indoors. When you are amoung large groups of people or in a department, or grocery store or close group of unknowns, masking is still a good idea. The reason is "You" could be exposed, if another had or was a carrier of COVID-19. Safety First, check out the crowd and then decide. Use common sense. The vaccination is still under long term testing.

5-6-2021  The Biden Administration continues to turn back the clock with Executive Orders and the logic that emerged in 2012 through 2016. Biden did step in on several measures of the Trump Administration that was in the forefront with COVID 19. The COVID 19 vaccinations are going well, with the expectation that they will curtail the amount of cases of the virus by the end of  2021 is promising. Worldwide COVID 19 (2) is emerging in  Brazil and seveal other Countries. This has not been addressed by Biden as of this date.

Archive Data
1-5-2021 The election of 2 Senate seats are in a runnoff today in the State of Georgia. The results are pending.

The Presidential Election; Tump the President of USA, indicates he has solid evidence that the Presidential Election "mail in votes" were tampered with, which resulted in the votes being cast on November 3, 2020 and the election results. 

11-23-2020 USA Presdential Election is still in question. Simply put the US Supreme Court ruled on April 6, 2020 that Ballots after November 1, 2020 "fundamenalty altered the nature of the election." Included specifically, mail in Ballots, during and after the election. There have been fraudlent Ballots recovered before and after the election as mail in Ballots were not audited properly and in some cases not at all. This is a close election and it may make a difference in the outcome. The Election is being contested by the exisiting President who was apparently ahead at the close of the election date and time but came up short when Ballots were counted in after the Election November 3, 2020.
See Page One- Daytona US News for more up to date information. click

11-3-2020 USA Presidential Election and a partial Senate and Congressional election.

10-5-2020 - USA, Trump released from Walter Reed Hosiptal from a "Mild" bout with COVID-19. The 10-15-2020 debate between Trump-Biden will in all probability will be held via television at different locations. Date-Time-Postponement?- to be determined.

10-7-20  Current V.P Pence and Harris Canadate will hold a debate Wednesday October 7, 2020 at 9PM EST - 6:00PM PST, see your local listing. Will Harris continue the interruption of the opponent.

Biden interruped Trump 49 times and the Moderator 18 times making it difficult for the opponent to get their point across.

9-21-2020 USA-Trump brokered a peace deal with Israel, Bahrain and UAE United Arab Emirates. Will more join? Peace in the Mid-East?

Trump vs. Biden  Debate  September 29, 2020
Topics for discussion Record(s) of Both, COVID-19, USA Economy, 
Violence in our Cities, Integeity of the Election, Supreme Court Appointment.

COVID-19 still a threat. Antidote by April 2021?

COVID-19 USA - World Comparison
25,590,753 Worldwide Cases
      853,415 Worldwide Deaths

of that the USA has:
5,972,356  USA Cases       (23.3%)
   182,622     USA Deaths   (21.3%)

8-14-2020 COVID cases still going up. Weekly Death count still remains the same. Governors who are in control continue efforts to stem the tide of Cases and surrounding factors that result.

7-21-2020 COVID-19 Worldwide Statistics compared to USA are as follows:
14,978,563    Worldwide Cases Known
     616,007    Deaths  3.94%
  8,994,994    Recovered
5,567.562      Active Cases
5,303,911      Mild Cases
     63,651     Serious or Critical
                     Estimated 7-21-2020

USA 7-21-2020 
3,819,137         Cases - CDC                        57,777 New Cases
    140,630        Deaths -CDC   1.93%               743  New Deaths
On a percentile basis the USA is ( - 2.01% Less )  than the World Average in Death Cases. Good Medical Care.

11-14-2019 Filibuster Defined-
The informal term to attempt or block or delay the USA Senate on a bill or other matter by debating it at length, by offering numerous procedural motions, or by any other delaying or obstructive actions. act.
The Democratic Party heirarchy continues its 3-4 year delay in enacting progress in America and the American people to better their life and livelyhood of their families in America.

Trump year to date 2016-2019 has, factually, improved America, Americans lifestyle while prior administrations have benefited themselves, their Party, or Individual Interest, by election, and their office and not benefited America, in part or as a whole. The middle class ($50,000 a year individual income and up) is almost extinct in America except for debt. USA profitable industries are spread all over the world and in Communist China where products are produced in sweat shops by people who are being surpressed today. That is currently changing but the Democrat Socialists, by appearance don't like Democracy.

 new of concern is the Military Budget whish is 10 x plus any other Countrys Military Budget (including the Soviet Union). Briefly the preceeding administration "Obama Democrats  2009-2016" expananded the USA war efforts during his administration. It was 4 Countries whreras we had a war effort the expaned to 8 countries before the end of his term in 2016.

6-13-2019 Trump
has made admends to Tarriffs to China (Imports) and to Mexico for control of the southern border to Mexico.

Trump finds out that North Korea is probably not going to stop their Neclear Wepons building program. Trump has also moved closer to an agreement with China. Will the same results prevail. The question is, is North Korea and China just playing Trump and the USA?

2-1-2019 US
government employees return to work to February 15, 2019 or as normal if a arrangement is made with the Congress (primarily the Demcocrats) and the Administration. Currently the Democrats as a whole are showing a disreguard for the "Democracy government" and its tasks a hand. It may be part of the democratic parties or certain persons transition to become in part "the socialist party" of the USA. Do Americans really want socialism? A Socialist system is a one party system. Basically the government tells you what to do and how much you will make. One of the barries in this move by the Democratic Party is the seperation wall that is being constructed to keep illegal immigrants out. The basic question is should you have to apply and be accepted to the USA.

1-10-2019 Trump faces resistence
 on the spending issue on the barrier from Mexico to the United States. "Democrats" as a "resistance party" opposes a barrier on the border.The Trump administrations position is one that indicates if you are to come to America you must have a Visa or have done the process to become a citizen. This is the position of America and always has been.

10-15-2018 The Election ahead of the Congress and in part the 
Senate. This is an important election for America. It will basically deceide will America go forward as a Democracy with the current President leading the way. Or will it become Socialist type country under the new Democratic way. It seems that a simple fix to the Democracy like we have been seeing is more what we need.

8-28-2018 Trump Success
since January 20, 2017 according to the Washington Examiner Newspaper June 4, 2018 article. This is just several snip-its from the article. A Link will be provided at the end of the snip-its so you may review the details of each assertion. No News Media Talking Head drama here Just The Facts. 
Washington Examiner June 4, 2018
In his first 500 days in office President Donald J. Trump has achieved results domestically and internationally for the American people.

Since taking office, President Trump has strengthened American leadership, security, prosperity, and accountability.

The American economy is stronger today and American workers are better off thanks to President Trump’s pro-growth agenda.

President Trump has re-asserted American leadership on the world stage and is achieving results for the American people.

President Trump has worked to secure our borders, enforce our immigration laws, and protect the safety and security of American communities.

Since taking office, President Trump has worked to ensure government is more accountable to the American people.

7-20-2018 FED
continues its pre-planned December 2016 rate hike plan. In 2008 the Federal Debt Held By the Federal Reserve Board was (-$475.9 Billion). This was the end result of FED Chair Alan Greenspan, tenure of 20 years from August 11,1987 to January 31, 2006. During that time America averaged approximately a 2.5%+ Inflation Rate. Greenspan is credited as the FED Chair of the USA's longest economic expansion and a master at realigning policy issues to fit the USA economic growth expectations under 4 Presidents. Since, in 2010 under a new FED Chair Bernanke, the Obama Administration in just 2 years increased the FED negative debt to (-$776.7 Billion) up, about 39%. By 2016 the FED debt had increased to (-$2 Trillion 843 Billion) or up, about 6 times. Since Greenspans exit in 2006 there has been 2 FED Chairs. Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen, Washington Bureaucrats who are primarily responsible for the added debt of (-$2 Trillion 368 Billion).  iThis as done in just 10 years from 2006-2016. The newly appointed FED Chair as of January 2018, Jerome Powell is proving to be another Bureaucrat. The FED indicates today that "as the Central Bank Of The United States of America the FED wants to maintain a separate position from America, in its decision and policy making."

6-12-2018 Trump
visits North Korea in an effort for World Peace. This is a notable event. What was accomplished is that both leaders set out their expectations, desires and goals for the future.

5-15-2018 Trump is making progress despite many negative influences at home and abroad. The USA Banking Industry from January 2017 to today
has strengthened. Diplomatic relations are improving at this time. International relationships are viable and subject to abrupt changes due to Terrorist influences at this time. Economically, Americans are beginning to see a dim light at the end of the last eight years of a dark tunnel. The current adverse influence of the Federal Reserve Board and their unwillingness to look at Americas and Americans First immediate and distant future is a big stumbling block for the new administration. Income level and economic standards have not returned to the 2007 level  yet, and poverty and food stamps are still at their highest level in history. Real Estate has not shown any overall Nationwide Grow, the in the last two years and year to date. Retail Sales have been hovering at Zero for the last twelve months.  Auto Sales are down and not showing any rebound over year end prices, discounts and sales. American Peoples Purchasing Power is at a all time low.

4-11-2018 SDG's Sustainable Development Goals
and how far of a reach is it now for America to attain these world wide acclaimed goals for any country. Discussed at the French accord here are 8 of the 17 goals that may or may not be achievable today in America, more or less anywhere else in the world. No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Gender Equality,
Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy,
Decent Work and Economic Growth. These ideals are ones American have enjoyed and were the indirect and unknown focus of The Declaration Of Independence 1776 and Constitution of the United States 1789. Today with the continued USA expansion directed toward these optimum goals we can experience uplifting financial freedom and security to our futures somewhat abroad and especially here at home.

3-19-2018 USA World wide war efforts continue as Trump attempts negotiations for the peoples of other countries and to prevent the USA from new terrorism in doing so. In addition the American people continue to struggle as over 70,000 of USA business have been move to Communist and other countries under NAFTA, approved during the 1992-2000 political administration. The result of these actions by the US government has had a critical and adverse effect on American's and US citizens in the reduction of 10's of millions of good paying jobs at $19.00 to $50.00 dollars per hour. These jobs, via NAFTA have been transferred to Communist Countries  and governments that  run sweet shops. In America during the early 1900's sweet shops met their match with the emergence of Unions. Currently the only Unions with influence in Americans work place are Unions that are affiliated with government employees.


12-27-2017 USA celebrates a New Year 2018
as Real Estate sales emerge slightly in the last 3 months of September, October and November. This may be the result of the replacement of the existing FED Chair for 2018. The existing FED Chair from the prior administration did deliver one more blow to America and Americans as promised 4th Prime Rate increase on December 14, 2017. The current Prime Rate is 4.50%. The Prime Rate has not been 4.50% since October 8, 2008  two months after the onset of the mortgage crisis.

is on a down trend for 2017 at (-0.51%) from January to October 1, 2017. This is in all probability is due to the fact that the Federal Reserve Board has destroyed the Consumer Confidence due to a foretasted Prime Rate increases. A contributing factor is that mortgage interest rates are being manipulated at a lower Teaser Rate level that appears to be unacceptable to buyers and  refinancing, due to tighter underwriting guidelines and the potential of accelerating interest rates.There are several Cities in the USA that are showing an appreciation of value for one reason or another. See the update at the base of this page for home values and percentage of increase for 2017 of these select areas. Most recent survey as of 10-31-2017.

10-4-2017-USA and North Korea:
USA's position on North Korea and their unresponsiveness's to the Nuclear Ban issue requests by the USA, could have an effect on worldwide economics and trade in 2018. Japan's primary concern is that North Korean Tests are in direct line with Japan as a target of a potential attack. Japan and North Korea have never had any friendly relationships. China's influence on North Korea is only from a position of international strength that favors North Korea. China " he who acts first is the adversary."

9-7-2017-USA Jobs
have been increasing in 2017 at approximately at about 160,000 per month, per the FED and US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Then the question becomes what is a job? It used to be 40 hours a week. But that number of full time work hours has been reduced by 12.5% or more to 35 hours. What is the Wage? In most cases that has been reduced approximately 30% from historic standards. In October 2016 there were 43 Million plus Americans Living in Poverty and almost 43 Million on Food Stamps. Today in September 2017 there are 42 Million Americans Living in Poverty and 41 Million on Food Stamps. The USA work force today is comprised of 153 Million Americans. So basically 25% of Americans are in Poverty earning less than $20,000 annual and/or on Food Stamps. In the year 2000 there were 156 Million Americans in the Work force at 40 hours a week and higher wages than today. These are recessionary numbers.

7-25-2017-USA Home Sales:
fall to just above Zero for the first 6 months of 2017.The Federal Reserve Bank has successfully put the USA economy back into a recession/depression mode in 2017. The 6 month average for Home Sales in the USA is 0.16%. Retail sales are just above Zero also for the first 6 months of 2017, coming in at -0.2% for June 2017. The 6 month average for USA Retail Sales is 0.03%. Retail Sales reflect about 65% of the USA consumer economy. New Housing Sales are just up 1.71% from January to June 2017 with unconfirmed closings.This figure will go down. Housing Starts are at -2.06 for the same period.

The following is an excerpt from the Democratic appointee Janet Yellen Fed Chair in her opening statement on June 14, 2017 at the Fed Open Market Committee meeting. Yellen read into the record " this reflects the progress the economy has made and is expected to make to maximize job employment and price stability objectives." The statement is constructed to support of the last three FED Interest Rate Hikes in 11 months of 0.75% including the June 14, 2017 Prime Rate Increase of 0.25%.

7-1-2017-USA Economy:
is headed for a recessionary level again as experienced in the last 8 years, 2009 to 2016 orchestrated by the preceding 2008 and 2009-2016 administrations. Retail Sales are a zero, auto sales are lower than 2016 with dealers offering up to a -20% discount on or all some models in their inventory to move them for the 2018 models. Real Estate values and Sales are at a lower value and level for the last 12 months.

6-14-2017-US FED: Raised Prime Lending Rates for the third time in 10 months. These raises were forcasted by the FED in December 2016 without any consideration of the USA Economy and its down trending results from the FED actions. It has also been predicted that the USA Gross Domestic Product will result in a -0.10% for year end 2017 by International Banking sources..

for 2017 is estimated to be a negative zero point one tenth percent -0.1% in world speculation, at this time. The  Federal Reserve Board announced their anticipated Interest Rate increases in December 2016. This was done without current, appropriate data to support the FED's outlook of the USA, under its new administration. The FED's agenda has been adverse to the TRUMP Administration efforts, since Trump took office in 2017. The preliminary adverse results of the FED's actions are showing in USA Retail Sales, Auto Sales and Real Estate, all of which are at Zero or less for 2017 in comparison to 2016 and year to date for 2017.

6-2-2017: WORLD CLIMATE CONTROL: The TRUMP administration position is clear. The USA is over 12 years ahead in decreasing Carbon and other omissions into the Climate than all or almost all other Country(s). To be part of an accord that would limit America's production future would be a giant step backwards.Other World Country(s) that have Ignored The Climate Issues for the last 20 years to Date. America did not. America has already reached the target level of the accord that is set for 2030. Participation would severely limit the future of a rebirth of American Business and Jobs that have been eroded in the last 20 years by the same countries. Another words, the Banner of Climate has been an issue, as detailed, since the mid 1990's by the then Vice President Al Gore and America has done something about it. It appears the rest of the World has not. America needs to move forward again and continue to be a leader in Climate Control as we re-establish American Business..

5-18-2017: US FED AGENDA:
appears to be prioritizing the prior administrations agenda from 2008-2016 over the current administrations goals for America. The FED's basis for its decision making process ignores the results of their past actions. For example Retail Sales at just above zero "0.2%" average for 2017, which in all probability is a result of a negatively impacted American consumer purchasing power from the prior administration 2008-2016. Instead the FED focuses on the Unemployment Insurance Benefit Rate, the "U3" decreasing. Yet about 1.5 million workers from 2008 have not re-entered the employment ranks. When your benefits expire you are not counted on the U3 but are still unemployed.

4-29-2017: How can Trumps Tax Plan:
work to help America rebound from a failing economy that began 9 years ago with the Mortgage Crises. In all probability, it could help America kick start "Make America Great Again" from the corporate perspective. More investment in American businesses resulting in jobs and growth. This is a good long term idea if the large corporations actually do reinvest in America.

4-6-2017: China vs. USA Currency Valuation: China indicates that its currency the Yuan may now, as of today's date, be more valuable than the USA Dollar. Yet Analysts in July 2016 indicated that the reality was years down the road because of the China Government Stimulus Plan. Has the China Government Stimulus Plan of 7-2016 been reimbursed? If not, how can one calculate current results. This assertion is suspect of currency manipulation on a international level.

3-16-2017: USA FED: raises the Prime Lending Rate to 4.0%. Next Rate Hike may be as early as May 3, 2017. USA National Real Estate Economy is flat and stumbling and in the negative Sales category for January and February 2017 and over the last 14 months primarily due to FED interest rate increases.

3-10-2017: The 1 through 10 GDP Countries: are in order, China, USA, India, Japan, Germany, USSR, Brazil, Indonesia, UK, France. The Countries contribute between 61.21% and 67.44% of the Worlds wealth. Countries ranking 11 through 20 are, Mexico, Italy, Korea,Saudia Arabia, Spain, Canada,Turkey, Islam Republic Iran, Australia, Thailand, ppp 14.29% of the Worlds wealth.

2-24-2017: Home Sales
in the USA were up for January 2017, +3.3% over January 2016. The Median Price for a USA Home is $228,000. This is coming off a -6.0% decrease in the last quarter of 2016.

2-7-2017: USA
Real Estate growth for the October, November and December measured -6.0%. In all probability due to interest rate hikes by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Prime Lending Rate increase by the Federal Reserve Board on December 14, 2016.

1-20-2017: USA  Inauguration of Donald Trump, President.

1-10-2017: The Federal Reserve Board: despite indications going back as far as July 2016, raises Interest Rates across the USA. The Real Estate Market had already slowed in the last quarter of 2016. The Stock Market rallied through the Hike based on Wall Streets confidence of the Trump Stimulus Plan. The FED chose to ignore the Election and new direction of the American economy and the wishes of the American people.

Newsworthy Events 2021:

11-5-2021 - G20 Summit
Biden outreach.

9-23-2021 - 8 US Code 1325 Improper entry (entering without going through all procedures)

9-16-2021 - USA - Left Behind in Afghanistan - Americans

8-21-2021 - Biden Afghanistan Crisis and Brief History thereof.

6-25-2021 - Biden No Gain at Summit.

6-15-2021 - Biden is at G7 summit
Harris - Immigration

6-5-2021 - COVID 19 Slightly improving. Worldwide affairs complexing.

5-15-2021 - COVID 19 Masking eased by CDC

5-6-2021 New Adiminstration

Executive Orders

1-5-2021 Election of 2 Senators from Georgia. November 3, election.
11-23-2020 Election for President is contested based on Fraudlent Ballots in the Electorial count.

11-3-2020 Election for President and some of the Senate and Congress

10-5-2020 - USA, Trump released from Walter Reed. Vice Presidential debate Oct 7, 2020.

9-21-2020 - USA-Trump Brokered
Peace Accord with 3 Mid East Countries. Peace on the horizon?
9-1-2020 COVID-19 Comparision
USA vs. World

8-14-2020 COVID-19
USA Cases still rising.

7-21-2020 - COVID 19 World Wide

11-14-2019 - Democratic Filibuster
New meaning  "Runing for Election"

9-20-2019- Budget and Military Budget

6-13-2019 USA, Trump and Tarriffs

3-7-2019 Trump 
visits North Korea

2-1-2019 US
government employees return to work.

1-10-2019 continiued Democrat Hold out on National Debt spending.

10-15-2018 The Election ahead. November 6, 2018.

8-28-2018 Trump Success
since January 20,2017.

7-20-2018 Federal Reserve Board
America's Flim Flam FED Chairmen, Chairwoman and Governors from 2006-2018.


6-12-2018 Trump
visits North Korea

5-15-2018 - Trump
progress report

4-11-2018 - SDG's Respect
for Political leaders abroad and at home. "SDG's" Sustainable Development Goals

3-19-2018 - USA and World wide war efforts:
Can Trump shut it down.

12-27-2017- USA celebrates a New Year:
as Real Estate emerges. January to December 2017  +0.57%



11-1-2017-USA Real Estate : 
is underwater from January to October 1, 2017 (-0.51%).





10-4-2017- USA and North Korea:
issues may affect economic growth worldwide.



9-7-2017- USA Jobs: Living in Poverty and Food Stamp Recipients 2016 -2017




7-25-2017: USA Home Sales: drop down -1.8% in June 2017.




7-1-2017: USA Economy: faulters  dramatically in first 6 months of  2017.




6-14-2017: US FED:
raises Prime  Lending Rates .25% to 4.25%. Euro  Bank Rates are between -0% and  +0%.



6-6-2017: GDP FORECAST : for  the USA 2017 is a minus -0.1%.





6-2-2017: WORLD CLIMATE  CONTROL: USA leads the way.





5-18-2017: US FED AGENDA:
 Look the other way when it doesn't  work out.





4-29-2017: USA: Trump unveils  major tax reform plan for Corporate  America.



4-6-2017: China's vs. USA Currency Valuation: 7-15-2016   China's Government Stimulus Plan.



3-16-2017: USA: Federal Reserve  Bank.



 3-10-2017: USA: is #2 in ppp-GDP  worldwide. See grid below for past  performance.



  2-24-2017: USA Existing Home  Sales: up for January 2017


 2-7-2017: US FED: Diminishes USA  Real Estate Growth to 0.17% for  2016.

 1 -20-2017: USA: President Trump  takes office.

 1-10-2017: US FED: Increases the  Prime Lending Rates on December  14, 2016.






WALL STREET 30 Day Losses News: As of Mid January 2016 the Stock market indicates losses over of 1 Trillion 350 Billion US Dollars of investors money. This is the result of  a FED .25% increase in the Prime Lending Rate, devaluation of the China Yuan (Dollar) and the Euro Central Bank lowering their lending rate.
Analyst and experts say the Global investment economy is a risky investment and the outlook for 2016 is unfavorable. Crude Oil is down to under $30 Dollars a barrel, which is good for the consumer, but negatively impacts the hedge fund on oil futures held by US Banks.

Your US Investment News: 

1-04-2016: US Financial Markets Open with the worst New Year start since 2001.
If this market continues throughout January 2016 it is likely the market may not improve in 2016.

Your Euro Investment News: 

12-3 2015: The Euro Central Bank devalues the US Dollar. Your Euro Investment return is spiraling downward and that will probably begin to show on your next quarterly investment statement.

Your China Investment News: 
12-4-2015: In China will likely show a Principal reduction for each US $1.00 to .98 cents. Generally interest and dividends are reduced the same or more.

As of 12/16/2015: US Federal Reserve Bank raises interest rates. The Prime Rate increased from 3.25% to 3.50%. Stock Market dives on 12/18/2015. All other interest rates are expected to begin to increase before 2015 year end.  

As of 12/3/2015: The Euro Dollar is Adjusted that results in Lowering the value of the US Dollar against the Euro Dollar.

The Result is: Your US $1.00 Investment is worth .92 cents today 12/4/2015 on the Euro Market.
Expect to see any losses of Principal on any Euro Dollar Investments in the First Quarter of 2016, March.
As of 11/30/2015: The Euro Central Bank is in the process of reducing Interest Rates to 0%, or less. As of 08/11/2015: Number 1 China, Devalues the Yuan (China's Dollar) 1.9%.
Euro Analysts indicate other Devaluation(s) may occur in 2016.

5-1-2016: In the US the Federal Reserve Board is unclear on why the US inflation rate is to low and not responding. 
Speculation and History: When you have decreasing nationwide productivity, a lowering of overall wages with the Actual Unemployment almost double, or more, the U3 Unemployment Insurance 12 month Benefit Period Rate, these features can result in a low inflation rate. Re: U3 Unemployment Rate does not count individuals who have  exceeded the U3 12 month benefit period, even though they are still unemployed.

June 1 , 2017
The GDP "Gross Domestic Product" is the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country during one year.
The GDP drives a Country's economy.The Top 10 Countries are listed below. 
4.5% HIGH IR ~ 3.5% is MODERATE IR ~  2.5% is LOW IR ~ 1.5% is Recessionary IR ~ 1.0 is Depression IR
DEFINED: Inflation as measured by the consumer price index reflects the annual percentage change in the cost to the average consumer of acquiring a basket of goods and services that may be fixed or changed at specified intervals, such as yearly. Courtesy of The World Bank*
Purchasing power parity (PPP)
US Dollar for Foreign Currency Evaluation
"Dollar for Dollar"
US dollar (US$) most commonly used as the base or “numerate” currency"
Rounded Down to nearest 100 Billion


The Grid


 1/2017 to
Inflation Rate







12/31 /2015 RANK Inflation Rate History







12/31/ 2014 RANK Inflation Rate History








As of:

2017* Forecast


21.2 B
 0.0 B

 18.5 B 
-0.1 B

  8.7 B
 0.0 B

   4.9 B
   0.4 B

3.9 B


 3.7 B
 0.1 B
 3.1 B
 0.7 B
3.0 B
 0.0 B

 2.7 B

 2.7 B

Top appreciating Real Estate Markets in the USA
from May to October 2017.
Updates coming soon as they are available:

11-1-2016 2nd Quarter Review for 2017
Property Data Provided by:,
a leading USA Real Estate Lender.

USA Home Sales of Single Family Homes are 
Down (-0.51) Nationally from January to September 2017. 

Sherman-Denison Texas

Median Priice Up 18.4% 2nd Qtr. 2017

Median Price $166,800


Median Price Up 16.4% 2nd Qtr. 2017

Median price $149,000


Median Price Up 14.8% 2nd Qtr. 2017

Median Price $215,000

Palm Bay-Melborne-Titusville

Median Price Up 14.1% 2nd Qtr. 2017

Median Price $211,500

Grand Rapid Wyoming Michigan

Median Price Up 13.7% 2nd Qtr. 2017

Median Price   $182,700