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Published on Feb 13, 2014

http://www.DaytonaRealEstateInvestmen... Daytona Real Estate Investment Rental Income Property, "ROI" on our property that provides an average return of 10-15% on the investment" or more and future value.

The formula is simple. 15% "ROI" Example: The Investment Amount purchase price is: $60,000.
divided by Annual Rental Income: $9,000.
Rents calculated at $750. Monthly: 15.00% "ROI"
November 22, 2013 Excerpt: CNBC 11/26/2013
Despite strong rally, dividend yields still attractive
Thirteen of the 30 companies in the Dow have dividend yields greater than the 10-year U.S. Treasury, which was yielding around 2.7 percent Tuesday. The current average dividend yield of the Dow stands at 2.52 percent as companies kept pace with stock prices by raising dividends, but the average is down about 40 basis points from the beginning of the year.
Simple Comaprison:
From 2009-2013 USA Inflation Rate 5 year average 1.60%
From 2004-2008 USA Inflation Rate 5 year average 3.18%
From 1978-2004 USA Inflation Rate 25 year average 4.01%
(also known as the Consumer Price Index)
A 3.0 average is basiclly required for growth in the USA
Real Estate out preformed the Inflation Rate and
Average unsecured Stock Market Yield from 1900-2011 of 4.8%.
with Blue Chips currently averaging 2.7%. (11/26/2013)
Compared to:
Average Residential Real Estate Yield from 1978-2008 is 5.68%.
Average Commercial Real EstateYield from 1978-2008 is 9.99%

A Note*
As I am always confronted with the super high yield stock market investments "Ride the Wave" Growth and Small Cap funds "Blue Sky" PE's (price to earnings). Remember 2008, here today gone tomorrow. I realize Real Estate was in the tumbler too but if you were free and clear you still had the property as security and rental income. Therefore no change in yield with real estate holdings.

How do you and your money keep up with inflation?
Turn Key leverage of wholesale rental property that is an asset that provides you monthly cash in hand, in this example 625.00 monthly, net estimated. This is the secured rate of return from rental income on the real estate investment, plus tax benefits.

In addition, our investments have a equity postion at time of purchase and future appreciation is not calculated.

Link:(Click link below, to do a simple annualized calculation spread over years desired)