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Daytona USA NewsReel - Breaking News for March 1, 2020
USA Economy Rebounding ~ Economy Improves under Trump Administration 2016-2020

Democrats  Primarys for Election
Will it be Sanders, Obinden or Bloomberg

Will voters vote for an upscale or down scale economy?

Daytona USA Newsreel, Just The Fact is comprised of Newsworthy current events.

Wall Street:
Just The Facts November 1, 2019
Stocks and Bonds:

Dow is set to open Monday September 30, 2019  a2nd is showing a "stronger" for the third quarter. The Federal Reserve Board is open to more interest rate cuts. The Fed's higher interest rates in 2017 a2nd 2018 and 2019 that were proposed by Janet Yellen (Democratic appointed) and the former and replaced Fed Chief.

Janet Yellen (Democrat) history of the Fed Funds Rate from the Yellen era is basis points = percent change: December 15, 2015 Up +.25 ; December, Dec. 16, 2016 Up +.25 ; March 16, 2017 Up +.25 ; June15, 2017 Up +.25 ; December 14, 2017 Up +.25 ; March 22, 2018 Up +.25 ; June 14, 2018 Up +.25 ; September 27, 2018 Up +.25 ; December 20,2018 Up +.25 which equals UP + 2.25% of a interest rate hike that hampered America's struggling economy.

The Fed Board under Trumps appointment of  the new Fed Chief Jerome Powell actions, are as follows recognizing a struggling American economy: August 1, 2019 DOWN -.25 ; and September 19, 2019 DOWN -.25 ; which equals  DOWN .50% within 30 days due to the down trending USA economy.

US Federal Reserve Bank:
Just The Facts November 1, 2019
FED: Prime Lending Rate Down 1/2% at 5.00%

USA Prime Interest Rate is Down to 5.00% as of September 19, 2019. The reason Prime Lending Rate is to high for the average American. The reduction in the Prime Rate moves rates back to June 24, 2018.  At this time rates need to be reduced to the March 16, 2017 level of 4%.
This is anticipation and before the USA economy dwindles back down to recessionary levels of 1.375% Average edging to  Depressionary, as experienced in the Obama (Democratic) administration.
To date Trump has experienced levels of  2.1% in 2017 and 2.4% in 2018 and has been hampered by the Democratic hierarchy in 2019 January through August showing a reduction for 8 months to 1.73% inflation rate. A inflation rate of 3.0% is moderate.
This is why America is seeing a drastic cut in its middle class of people. If the middle class does not use credit they can not buy now or in the future.

USA Economics:
Just The Facts November 1, 2019
Issues and Solutions:

A moving Forward economy. Being revised from Down trending.
Prime Rate 5.00%. Down -.50 lower, in September 2019
Federal Discount Rate 3.00%
Federal Funds Rate %. (Target 1.75% to 2.00%)
Note: The FED lowered the rate recently September 19, 2019.

The FED current target for an inflation rate is 2.0% unchanged.
This rate is not reasonable if the USA is to have growth. (IE) You cant grow people economics if commercial economics (cost of products such as food, energy, automobiles, homes and goods to names a few) are going up. The Consumer Price index was 2.0% in July 2009 and declined to 1.7% in September.

This will continue to be the trend if the consumer is not exceeding the cost of the annual Consumer Price index. A modest 3% inflation rate would be the minimum.

Trump Administration Successes
Just the Facts  November 1, 2019
Jobs, Foreign Relations & Gross Domestic Product:

Trump has brought the American people back into focus after 3years in office. Republican and the Democrat resistance alike. There would have been more progress to date if (100%) of the Democratic hierarchy was willing to put forth some effort. Instead of working on America's economic problems and making American's life better now and in the future.

The Democratic Party continues to run for election on false premises. Matter of fact it appears the reason the Democrat hierarchy is so well informed on certain Muller and Ukrainian affairs is because they pointing a finger at "Trump" for what they have done.

Real Estate: Just The Facts
November 1, 2019: The American,  USA economy  dips due to a continuing Democratic ploy. Now about a phone call?

When Trump "Democracy" tries to make a move for USA economic improvement he is opposed by the Democrat hierarchy"Socialists".  Even if Trump does something the Democrat hierarchy (Socialists) put on the table , he's wrong.
Is there something not right with this picture?

Does the Democrat hierarchy just want to be a future Communist leader and elect/appoint a dictator of America. Their involvement actions to date are seemingly so and scary, to say the least. We are now looking at 4 years of false contentions up to the 2020 election. These time consuming contention has resulted in less accomplishments for the USA and American's. When Trump tries to improve, overall, such as increase wages, that would result from a developing America he is confronted with a Filibuster by the Democratic "Socialist advocates in their own terms"  hierarchy.

FED Decrease Prime Rate
to 5.0%. Is this enough?

USA Economic News
2018 Annual Report
(2020 Update Pending)
Trump's Accomplishments
January 2017- October 2019.

Probably not, under the current existing circumstances and the fact that it has been let go the past 2 1/2 years and allowed to continue to rise. Leading economic indicators for the USA have not improved to the extent they are stable and the economy is on a continuing upturn.

Dow and other major indexes take a downturn on the unsupported efforts of the Democratic hierarchy to win a election scheduled for November 2020.

Bond Yield    2.25%           
3 or 6  Month / Best 
Risk Based Bonds have a higher yield 7.50%+              

Bank Interest Rate
2.00% State Farm
1.90% Capital One
1.90% Marcus Goldman Sachs
1.90% American Express   

1 Yr. CD Rate         
Marcus        Brie Direct           Capital One   
2.25%          2.25%                    2.30%                  500.00         $500.00                   Open              

Savings Rates: 2.00%  Rates available

Note: Savings rates on CD have leveled. Deposits have lowered. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

e-RETV News in Brief:  11-1-2019
Research and Development

The FED has lowered Interest rates two times in the last month. Will it be enough after the major influences such as Home Sales and Auto Sales have been struggling since the beginning of 2019. It is even more so as of this date moving into November 2019.

RETV.News 10-22-2019
When we American's, look less than the best, it is news, not only to the Financial World but in the World. The events occurring in America held shape the World. The USA is known for a very stable government and good and fair support from its political officials.

This is because we are a Democracy.

Simply put, at a time when 100% of one or the other major Political Party goes against the elected President of the United States of America there are issues. In this case the Democrat hierarchy  is promoting Socialism the forefront of with a communist influence similar to that of China.

This obfucatory (to render indistinct, dim or darken) has continued since Trump has become President. The Democrats have made their efforts to gain the Presidency instead of working with the President to make "America Great Again".  Instead they have engaged in "eschew obfuscation" (means to seal the truth by confusion), ridicule.

In 2016, America was in the midst of going into a depression worse than 2009-2016 depression it had just barely survived. If this continued, which it did not because Trump was elected, America would have been or the verge or over the edge to socialism which the Democrat hierarchy appears to have wanted to happen.

Trump promotes Democracy and the economy is on the upturn under his command. 

Four (4) new War conflicts were started by the previous Democratic administration (2009-2016) which increased USA Wars from 4 countries to 8 countries.

This resulted  President Trump  is handed a Military budget of -$600,00 Billion a year in 2016 with the forecast it will become -$750,000 Billion a year  as of today, how is that his fault? The forecast was in place before he was President in office January 20, 2017.

As of today Trump has only improved on our Economy and World position. The Military debt is still increasing. The only way to slow the increase is have less war. The former Democratic administration started 4 new wars during 2009-2016.
REAL ESTATE as of 11-1-2019 (most recent)
  USA HOME SALES Down in 2019-2018
  MEDIAN PRICE - Month to Month
   Most Recent                                Home Sales
   9-30-2019                                      -2.2%
   8-30-2019           $278.200           +1.3%
   4-30-2019           $264,800
Note* The economy was 2.5% Higher in April 2019 but -1.1% lower than 4-30-2018  the preceding year.
   1-30-2019           $249,300

  1/31/2018            $240,800
  1/31/2017            $227,300  
Editor's Viewpoint:   October 15, 2019

With all other major Sales figures down, such as Retail Sales are at -0.3% in September 2019.
(5 months preceding the were at +0.5% average) This is about 3.5%-4.5% less than what is needed for America.
And wages must be higher to increase purchasing power. We need our stepping stones up the latter back. The Democrats in the past administration 2009-2016 disregarded Americans need as they continued to allow more American Companies to go to China. The benefit is/was sweat shops. China is a Communist Country.

Auto/Car Sales decline  is estimated -3.4%  or more through December 2019. The above is compared to 2018.

Forecast: 9/15/2019 may continues or worsen through 12/31/2019 (last Quarter) possibly down to -.15% in different areas of the economy.

Editorial Speculation:  November 1, 2019
Prime Rate 5.0%
Federal Funds Rate Target 1.75%-2.00%
Fed Discount Rate 2.50%
Result: Down slightly or Easing at this time.
This is a plus for American's and America.

The economy is not growing as expected in 2019.  Still, more than aapproximately 51% of Americans can't afford a home, or  live at a poverty level. Never before 2008 has this been the case, except during the Great Depression.

Also there is no foreseeable upward push in wages or stepping stones in place, for higher income, for Americans.

Current poverty rate in America is 12.3% or 39.7 million people as of 2017. Poverty level could be as high as 13.9%. But the reality is more than 51% can not afford the average family home based on the recent median income figure of an estimated $65,000 or less, annual family household income.

When you crush the Inflation Rate to Recessionary Numbers of 1.71% this year 11/2019, (1.5% is recessionary) from the preceeding years of 2017- 2.0%, 2018 - 2.44%, now we are falling backward.

Currently Democrats in Congress are not working on the current situation mentioned above and appear not to want to work on it.

Instead they continue to run for election rather than working on improving the average Americans economic picture. Trump is trying to move forward with the USA economy but is being blocked by a " Democratic no action Congress".

Trump has  indicated he felt interest rates were to high in 2018. The Fed now in 2019 about a year later, sees the USA economy in a downward spiral and is easing interest rates.

As of June 2019 household  income for the average American (family) income is $64,430, estimated. Household income needs to be approximately $95,000 (husband and wife working) for a family of 2 adults and 1 or 2 children. A home is at $278,000 medium priced or about $1,150.00 per month plus taxes, insurance, automobiles at $20,000-$50,000, with payments estimated $500.00-$750.00 (moderate estimated payments monthly for 2 cars), Child Care _?_ and + necessities. Total $5,500.00+.

Therefore it is estimated that 40 million people need to step up approximately $30,000. a year, for a 4 person family 
to reach a level where the USA economy is supporting them  again. FYI: New home would be estimated at $316,785 as of 10-22-2019.

Therefore we need 40 million jobs (12.5%) with the increased income of approximately$30,000.00+ or " $95,000" gross family income . That's $47,500 per person estimated or $4,000.00 each monthly.

We have to move the higher paying jobs back home from overseas and have more development in America.

This is what should be worked out at  this time by our government, not the past 2016 election.

Note: Marxist theory:
Socialism transforms a society to Communism.
Communist believe that  the government should be made up of one political party. They are then in control of the economy and people.

Let's look at a snapshot American 2019 income:
10.7% make under $15,000 annual,
  9.6% under   $24,999
  8.2% under   $34,999
12.3% under   $49,999
16.7% under   $74,999 
49.1% Americans(8.3% of the 16.7%) non affordability of a home)

12.5% under   $99,999
From $100,000 +
14.5% under   $149,999
   7.0% under  $199,999
   7.7%  at       $200,000+
Therefore economically speaking approximately
50% of Americans can not by the average home under the normal cost of goods today.

Average wages are short of a home purchase by at least $10,000. or more, a year in all reality. The shortage for a family is $30,000.

This then extends and includes  Homes, Automobiles, Child Care, Food  and necessities. 

To own the average family home you need approximately $60,000-$65,000 income, at least, with only $533.33 of other debt.

Also the less money there is at the peoples bottom 49.1% the more there is for the top. 11-7-2019

Update Pending:
Based on release of new information.
9-15-2019  Unemployment 3.8%

Semi Annual Archive from May 2018 article:
Individual Workers Averaged Income Annual
USA Median Income:
Source: US Census Bureau

2019 - $33,446        October 22,2019
2019                        (  Up $1.12 per hour )
2019                        (  Up $9.02 Dollars per day)
2018 - $31,364        (Up +$0.72 Cents a day)
2016 - $31,099        Trump start of term
2 Year Wage increase (2016-2019) 
Up +$ 2,347.00 Annual

2018-2019   + 2.0%
2017            + 2.0%
2016            + 1.3%
Current Increase on Income (+1,576.99) 2019
Income increased over Prices

2 Year Price increase $1,035.01
                                     ( Up -$2.83 cents a day)

Shortfall on income  (- $   770.01 Annual) 2016
Prices increased more than income.

Just The Facts: Archive Date

January 8, 2015

Changing the ACA's Definition of Full-Time Work. ... Employers may also opt to avoid the mandate by reducing hours and substituting part-time workers for full-time workers. However, contrary to the conventional 40 hour definition of full-time work, the law defines full-time employment as working at least 30 hours per week.Jan 8, 2015



A part-time contract is a form of employment that carries fewer hours per week than a full-time job. They work in shifts. The shifts are often rotational. Workers are considered to be part-time if they commonly work "1 hour" or fewer than 30 hours per week.
Numbers in Hundred of  Millions.

USA Work Force: 10-22-2019
131,226,011 - 40 Hours Full Time ^
  27,093,554   - 35-(Less) Hours per week ^
158,018,550 - Total ^

$33,446.Medium Income ^

USA Work Force: 6-12-2019
130,298,463  - 40 Hours Full Time
  26,583,519 -  35- (Less) Hours per week
156,976,472 - Total

$33,036 Medium Income
  37,665,669  - People Living in Poverty
Family of 4 Income Level $25,100 or less.
  35,155,118  - Living off of Food Stamps

USA Government
$533,442,959 Billion added to currency circulation 2019. M2 About 1/2 a Trillion Dollars.



USA ECONOMIC NEWS as of Trump continues to move ahead with the issue.
  April 12, 2018
Annual Report and Comparison

April 4, 2017
The TRUMP Trek begins to Restore America.
Obama leaves a trail of Debt for Americans.

US NATIONAL DEBT: As Of: 4-4-2018
            -$21 TRILLION 115 BILLION Up from
-$19 TRILLION 963 BILLION  1/20/17
National Debt:  Notes
In 2008 the National Debt as of January 9, 2008, was 9 Trillion 719 Billion. The National Debt has more than Doubled in the last nine years. -1 Trillion went to the Mortgage Crisis 2008-2009 from the G.W. Bush Administration. An additional 9 Trillion was added to the US National Debt by the Obama Administration. From 2009-2016 the National Debt more than doubled the amount that has been accruing since the 1960's

               +$19 TRILLION 865 BILLION

(-106.29) ^
             Up From 4/2017      -104.49%
Worse in last 12 Months        -1.88% ^
This is due to USA Debt exceeds USA Gross Domestic Product. Current Debt is increasing more than the Gross Domestic Product increase year to date.

Obama has increased the USA Dollar Supply
-963 Billion in 12/31/2016
-536 Billion       4/4/2018 Improved
427 Billion fewer dollars printed compared to 12/31/2016 IMPROVED 55%. Result a Lowered USA Debt and public tax burden to date.

Cost to each Taxpayer 12/31/2017
an additional -$2,962.00  Annual.
Down to         -$1,629.00  4/4/2018 est.
With no apparent Benefit to the USA Taxpayer.

As of 4/4/2018 - - - - -
The above negative ratio indicates that the USA is spending more money than produces.

In 2018 Congress and President Trump passed 1 Trillion 300 Billion USA Budget.
This is the first realistic US Government increase since 9/11.
Budget Deficit listed below are for each year shown with a similar amount increasing annually for years not shown. Milestones.
Year        Deficit Amount
2002 -      -$158 Billion - G.W. Bush
2008 -      -$459 Billion - G.W. Bush
2012 -      -$1 Trillion 87 Billion - Obama
2016 -      -$767 Billion - Obama
2017 -      -$812 Billion - Obama >Trump
2018 est  -$633 Billion - Trump
The increasing Debt of the war effort is approaching 1 Trillion Dollars Annually.

This amount is approximately the same amount that is being added to our National Debt annually.  -$1 Trillion Dollars of Taxpayer Liability proposed for 2019.
Approximately -$1 Trillion Dollars of War Debt over the existing 1 Trillion 200 Billion 2018 Budget.

Without the expanding World War effort the USA in a very stretched sense would be within the proposed budget set for 2018.
The USA War Chest is approaching $700 Billion. This is more than 10x that of any other Country in the World.
In comparison, FDR Debt of World War II was -$21 Billion Dollars in 1942 and -$55 Billion in 1943 estimated Annual.

The Obama Administration and Congress is -$592 BILLION OVER THE 1 TRILLION 100 BILLION US 2016 BUDGET. Expressed as a percentage that is 53.81% ^
over budget. The Obama, US War chest is 548 Billion. The USA is not a healthy economy at this time.

AAmericans Living in Poverty exceed 42 Million or 12.96% 1/2017. This number has improved as of 4/2018 to just over 39 Million. 2017: Americans Living off Food Stamps is 41 Million1/2017. 4/2018: This number has improved to just under 41 Million. Both sets of numbers encompass different Americans with some duplication.

December 31, 2008, Comparison (year-end)






The above positive GDP Ratio reflects a USA economy that has produced more than it has spent.    

BOTTOM LINE:    1/31/2017

WORSE   2008 TO 12/31/2016      -41.83%
January 31, 2017                           -41.15%

IT WAS IN DECEMBER 31, 2008. Improving
This does not include random Money printing.


2017 TO 2018              1.8%    Moderate Low
2009 TO 2016              1.4%      Recession

2000 TO 2008              2.9%      Moderate

America as a Democracy powered by Capitalism should have a positive "Growth at a Rate." This includes Real Estate and Retail Sales as a Country.
In order to do so a 2.5% Inflation Rate is Low and a 3.5% Inflation Rate is Moderate High when compared to USA history and the current Global Economy.
See World News page grid.

USA Full Time Employment Needed:
1 Million 215 Thousand Americans
To get back to 2008 Actual Unemployed Level
USA Overall Debt
As of 1/10/2017: Obama EXIT BENCHMARK
As of 4/04/2018: Trump Current Performance 

US Budget Deficit: -$5 Trillion 645 Billion
US Budget Deficit: -$6 Trillion 001 Billion

Social Security:   -$15 Trillion 619 Billion
Social Security:    -$16 Trillion 877 Billion

Medicare:              -$27 Trillion 720 Billion
Medicare:              -$27 Trillion 879 Billion
Total 1/10/2017:     -$48 Trillion 984 Billion
Total 4/04/2018:    - $50 Trillion 757 Billion

USA Overall Debt Continued:
Total 1/10/2017:

Total 4/12/2018:

Unfunded Liabilities :  -$55 Trillion 777 Billion
Unfunded Liabilities:   -$62 Trillion 008 Billion
National Debt:              -$19 Trillion 954 Billion
National Debt:              -$21 Trillion 931 Billion
Federal Reserve Deficit -$3 Trillion 200 Billion
Federal Reserve Deficit -$3 Trillion 200 Billion

Liability Per USA Taxpayer

$875 Thousand 156 Dollars as of 1/10/2017
$929 Thousand 559 Dollars as of 4/12/2018

Real time analysis: 4/2018

Not counted above:
US Government IOU's to the American Public +2 Trillion 600 Billion + Yield for all Monies Removed from the Social Security Trust Fund completed without voter approval.
US Government War Chest:     +$633 Billion
National Debt Annual Interest: +$225 Billion
USA Budget 2018       $1 Trillion   300 Billion


US Budget Deficit: -$6 Trillion 001 Billion
Social Security:    -$16 Trillion 879 Billion
Medicare:              -$27 Trillion 879 Billion
Additional Unfunded Liabilities+ National Debt                       -$61 Trillion 917 Billion
Liability Per USA Taxpayer
$875 Thousand 156 Dollars as of 1/10/2017
$929 Thousand 014 Dollars as of 4/04/2018


Editor Noted: War Funding is approximately -$633 Billion going up to 1 Trillion annually.
In 2015 it was $736 and 2016 $767 Billion.

USA Budget 1 Trillion 300 Billion "estimated"
Defense Spending     - Non defense spending
2018 -  $633 Billion    -   $539 Billion USA
2019 -  $700 Billion    -   $590 Billion  USA
2020 -  $715 Billion    -   $605 Billion  USA
Further USA Economic News may be found on the Daytona USA Financial News and Daytona USA World News pages.


Trump ignites historic economic boom 2017 after Americans has been left in poverty, an extinguished middle class and terror. After the preceding Democratic Administration is leaving America, Americans in despair, depressionary figures, and in more wars.

Is an economic boom the answer.

Yes, or Democracy all but quits to live on in America.

The Democrats self named " The Socialist Party" continue to try anything to take over again. It's about Power over the People, Taking Money from the People and adding it to the National Debt and more War.

Trumps accomplishments 1/2017-11/2019
1) Gross Domestic Product continues to increase 2.0% in 2nd Quarter 2019 and 1.9% in the last quarter July-September 2019.

2) More than 5 million Jobs created since 2017.

3) Unemployment Rate 3.7% (under 4.0% all of 2019) It has only been under 4.0%, 5 times since 1970.

4) Jobless Claims are at a 50 year low.

5) Overall Americans have more cash to spend. (Note: Income is still under what is needed for average home ownership.)

6) Largest year over year wage increase for Americans in decade.

7) African and Hispanic American have reach record low poverty rate and they continue to go down.

8) Since 2017 4.6 Million Americans are off Food Stamps.

9) Trump is bringing back American Manufacturing. (Higher paying move up jobs)

10) Small Bushiness is up. (NFIB data)

11) Tax Cuts and initiated the Job Act largest tax cut and Job Reform in American History.

12) and more..
Utility Company, Lower Rates
Career Training for the Worker
SBA Capital 500 Million+, Women Owned Businesses 2017.
Women Entrepreneurs Financial Initiative, 1 Billion.
to name a few.

Trump continues with Democracy and the American way.

Trump Speculation per Thousand Dollars:
Trumps Initial Personal Income Plan Per from 1/20/2017:
$1000.00  Earnings
  +280.00. Inflation at 3.5% over 8 years
$1280.00   Earnings in 8 year
$1172.41 Earnings increase since 2016-2019
   $500.00   Expenses for the $1000. Earnings
   +140.00    Inflation at 3.5% over 8 years
   $640.00    Expenses in 8 years
   +$13,440. End Game per $1000.00 of Income
                    Benchmark for         
     Real Estate Appreciation 7.5% Annual
                  Improved 2016-2019
1/2016 - 11/2019
15% Gain from 12/2016-11/2019
Appreciation is at 5% Per Year Average
Higher gains depending on the area nationwide.                                   

$278,000     Home Value 11/1/2019
$234,400     Estimated Value 12/31/2016
+$43,600     Increase in Value    11/1/2019
                    Real Estate Invested
$100,000     Stock Market Investment
$152,308      Yield Estimated at 5.4% Annual
+$52,308      Per $100,000 Invested in the market.
+   $5,230      Per $10,000 Invested in the market.

Mutual Funds
+ 6.92%  Actual Average over the last 5 years.

Stock Market
+10.00% Average Return less 2%-3% Annual Inflation + any Taxable amount.
Roughly 5%-6% net.

    USA Economic Advancement  Up in 2019
                     3rd Straight Year ^


2nd Quarter 2019 GDP Growth was 2.0%. It was lower than the 1st Quarter of 3.1.

Gross Domestic Product
GDP growth for

2019   1.71%
2018   2.90%
2017   2.40%
2016   1.60%

Steady Increase Since 2017

FED indicates Unemployment Benefit Rate  up from 3.8% in May to 4.0 %in June 2018 to 3.7% in Sept. Most jobs to existing employed under 40 hours.

Current rate of Unemployment 
September 2019 is: 3.5%.
Lowest in 50 years Payrolls up 135,000.

Hourly Compensation up 2.7%.

Salary Up 2.7%

Benefits Up 2.3

Unemployment in   August 2019 is 3.7%.

Down from 4.0% in January 2019.

Actual Unemployment  7.7%
September 2019
Looking and not Looking for work over 4 weeks.
7.1 Million Jobs available as of  9/2019

U.S. Department of Labor
Above Averages Courtesy of RETV.News

Note: Preceding Democrat Administration 2008-2016
1.9375% GDP
Only 2011-12 Election year increase.
Otherwise 7 years at the recession level.
   Archive / History
Trump Target  2.5% - 3.5%

Economic Inflation Range Benchmarks
  +2.0% Low to Moderate
+2.5%    Moderate Low
+3.0%             Moderate
+3.5%     Moderate High

A Moderate level is necessary to
"Make America Great Again".
Inflation is needed for growth.

1.5% is a Top 10 Country Recession Level
2.5% is a Top 10 Country Moderate Level 
2019 Quarterly Averages
Trump Administration 
As of  December 31, 2018
 Down from 1 st Quarter
January - March     3.1%
10-31-2019 Current 1.7%

2018 +2.9%* Moderate (Trump)
2017 +2.4%* Low to Moderate                             (Trump)
2016 +1.6%* Recession        (Obama)
2015 +0.1%* Recession        (Obama)

2.5% Average for 2019
RETV News Alert ~ USA First 6 Months 2019

Fluctuating Inflation Rates as shown indicate economic instability.
Upward Inflation Rates show stable growth.

A 3.5%+ Inflation Rate is the rate or value of a economy that is beginning to overheat, less than 2.5 Recessionary.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
USA Inflation Rate 2019 by the Month
Inflation Rate is  1.7% 1-2019 thru 9-30-2019

January 2019 1.6% Feb.         2019 1.5%
March   19 1.9%
April     19     
May       19 1.8%  June     19     1.6%
July       19 1.8%  Aug.      19 1.7%
Sept.     19 1.7% Oct.    2019
Nov.   2018 2.2% Dec.   2018 1.9%
USA Inflation Rate
Down Estimated  -1.0%  1/2019 thru 9/19
Down, to Democratic Opposition 2019
to a above  -0-  USA Economy
All items less food and energy in U.S. city average, all urban consumers, not seasonally adjusted.
Moderate Inflation Rate is 3.0
Recessionary 1.5%

Revisions Courtesy of:

US Bureau Of Labor Statistics
Niovember 1, 2019
Inflation Rates adjusted as Reported by 
US Bureau of Labor Statistics
all items less food and energy




US Budget Deficit: -$4 Trillion 984 Billion 
Social Security:     -$22 Trillion 765 Billion 
Medicare:               -$28 Trillion 311 Billion 
Total 7/8/2021:       -$56 Trillion 060 Billion 
Unfunded Liabilities:   -$49 Trillion 416 Billion 
National Debt 2021:      -$22 Trillion 734 Billion 
~~2021 estimates are Subject to Revision~~ 
National Debt: 4/2028:-$21 Trillion 119 Billion 
Actual National Debt as of : 1/2017:
-$19 Trillion 540 Billion
Actual National Debt as of 6/12/2019:
-$22 Trillion 370 Billion, 594 Million, 800  

Editorial: 11-1-2019
Democrats in their last rein 2008- 2016 raised the national debt  and additional amount of $6 Trillion divided by the appropriate amount for each year(s)  cumulative, over budget.

In addition the Democratic hierarchy increased the Federal Reserve Debt approximately  from 800 Billion 2010 to $3.2 Trillion ($2,380 Trillion actually)  by the end of 2016. This debt is not being repaid, it is being (now) a "write off", from the preceding Obama Democratic Administration, more or less.  

1/2017 - 11/2019   Federal Reserve Debt
Change in Administrations
              492 Billion- as of January  2009
2 Trillion 859 Billion - as of January 2017
2 Trillion 452 Billion- as of June 2019
Down    -407 Billion - as of June 2019

Noted: Therefore some body(s) between 2009-2016 has received $2.5+ Trillion Dollars at no cost non repayment during 2010 to 2016. This is in addition to the $6+ Trillion added to the National debt.
The difference being (National Debt should be -$16 Trillion not -$22 Trillion (6 Trillion) on the National Debt during 2010- 2016. 

The Mortgage Crisis from 2008 was cured  by September 2009 according to the Federal Reserve Chairman.

 Federal Reserve Debt -$2,380 Trillion which is (Total Federal Reserve Debt of $4.5 Trillion
- $2.380 Trillion leaving -$2,120 Trillion estimated. For What?

Well $298 Billion was the increased Military budget annual, at a average for the period 2010-2016..

The Mortgage Crisis was paid in full through the USA debt as noted by the Federal Reserve Bank in September 2009 . So that is not a concern for the aforementioned calculation.

What was done by the preceding administration 2008-2016 was an expansion of the war. About 4 Countries to 8 Countries. None of which we can win in all probability. Plus we have the initial 4 countries that resulted in a increase  budget for  protection of that country, to our War budget. This is closing in on about 1 Trillion dollars a Year as of 2020. Currently $940.0 Billion, up from $859.6 Billion in 2018  and going to be 1 Trillion by 2020.

That is why the National Debt has exceeded the USA Debt Implosion level now in 2019 instead of 2021-2023 as originally estimated bu USA government offices. That is why the Federal Reserve Bank (acting as bankrupt on the -$2.5 Trillion debt), (being ignored) is in a write off the debt mode. This, almost all increased during the Democratic  Obama Administration.
Plus another $6 Trillion Dollars add to your National Debt over and above the USA Budget.

The Federal Reserve should only have a negative balance at the end of each year for the balance of the spending debt allowed for the following year. We are looking at a $4.76 Trillion Dollar annual budget for 2020, up from the  2010 Budget of $1.171 Trillion Dollars that led to  the 2016 Budget of $3.525 Trillion Dollars?

Due to this spending we reached the implosion level early. Trump is just the beneficiary.



Market News



Just The Facts
FED Talks over
USA Prime Rate 4.75%
Real Estate
September 30, 2019 - Down (-2.2%)
Median Home Sales Price $272,100-$299,400
Average Home Sales Price $362,700
Inventory 4.1 to 5.5 Months

HOME SALES  DOWN  -0.07% from August

Annual Housing Sales for 2018 (-0.58%)

November 1, 2019
USA compared to EURO BANK
$1.00 Dollar is worth $0.91 to Euro

Dollar Up +$0.04

October 2019 the US Dollar had gained +$0.02

USA Dollar is gaining strength.

Savings Account
Up to 2.00% ~ 2.46% Average
Up 0.75 % since October 2018^

                            November 1, 2019
4.75%  as of October 31, 2019

Higher Home Prices, Retail Prices and Auto Prices drive Higher Wages and more higher paying jobs. America is on the rebound. Now if the Democrats (100%) would get on board.
No, they just rather take over.

Jerome Powell lead the Federal Reserve Board to lower interest rate for the American People.

The FED is moving to see the USA economy will grow as anticipated. How close is the FED? A spur  will occur when rates are approximately 3.75% - 4.25% at a 680+ Credit Score. Also there needs to be emerging programs for acquisition at the lower scores.

This will embrace the middle class and thwart ( which prevents someone (middle class, from accompliching something) the existing Democrat negative economic scheme. "More debt more poverty"

To regain the American public interest, rates will need to lower  early next year. Home prices have eased up about $30,000 and Wages have not rose to accommodate Home, Automobile and Retail goods such a Food, Child Care and other necessities. Not to mention the Down payments involved with the above.

    Rates Posted are as of November 1, 2019
    Down from  ( -0.06% to -0.25%) 3rd Quarter
                      Real Estate Growth 
    5% Average  Growth over 3 Years 2016-2019

                               November 1, 2019
September         -2.2 %        
August    2019   +1.3%                Neutral 0.00% 
July         2019    -1.3 %               Down    -2.7%
June        2019                             Down    -0.6%
May         2019                             Down    -0.4%
April        2019  ( -0.4% Down)   Down    -2.5%
March      2019  (-4.9% Down)    UP +1.1%
February 2019  +11.8                  UP +3.0%
January   2019  +1.2                   Down    

Jan-April  2019 +1.9  Up           
Total Up   2019  +1.5% 

USA Real Estate Growth           2018  (-0.58%)

USA Real Estate Growth Non-Existent in 2017
Retail Sales Growth         Non-Existent in 2016




most recent releases
Median Individual's Income
  November 1, 2019
Estimated Average Family Income
$63,179 ^ Up as of November 1, 2019
Census Bureau or +0.9% (nine tenths)

May increase to $60,000 this year
Census Bureau most Recent Release
Split between Census Bureau and National Association Realtors estimates
(up about $40,000 in last 11 months)

Loan Amount $230,400
Qualify with 20% Down $57,600.

Qualify with $61,589. Annual $5132.45. Mo
Loan Rate 4.00% 30 due in 30 Yrs.
Payment $1100.00 a Month
Taxes and Insurance $249.00
Other Debt $533.33
$1882.33 PITI and Debt per Month
26.28 / 30.31

33.00 / 38.00

A Cash Down Payment of 20% is
estimated at $57,600. Plus closing cost and cash reserves of approximately $12,000.00. Total cash required $69,600. -+ to close escrow.

Average USA Family has 49.1%+ is exited to the home ownership market based on closing cost, down payment or ratios.

Home Loan Point Cost Est Retail Rate
30/30 - 417K 0%   3.97% v
5/25 - 417K 0%   3.43% v
15/15 - 417K 0%   3.38% v
30/30 + 418K 0%

  3.97% v

Point Cost Lowers Rate
Averaged Rate
Commercial 7 Yr. Fixed Due in 20 $6,000,000. 0%
6.875%  v

Prime Rate

      4.75% v  
    5.00% v
    5.50% ^



Fannie Mae
60 Day Rate Delivery 30/30 YR.
    3.35 %  
    3.34% v

Foreclosure Filings 2019 - Unknown
Foreclosure Filings in 2018 -602,827 10/12/2018
Foreclosure Filings in 2017 -676,535 12/31/2017
Foreclosure Filings in 2016 -933,045 12/31/2016
RETV.News Research and Development
Foreclosures Filings~ Oct 2019   404,345   V
Foreclosure Filings ~ June 2019    413,866   V

Foreclosure Filings ~Sept. 2018     602,827   v
Foreclosure Filings ~ Aug. 2018     617,547   v
Foreclosure Filings ~ July 2018      625,439   v
Foreclosure Filings ~ June 2018     633,332   v
Foreclosure Filings ~ May   2018    640,952   v  
Foreclosure Filings ~ April. 2018    651,979   v


Note: The above figure does not include defaults, auctions and repositions as shown in the annual figures below. These numbers are the best representation of the activity on the banking market

     Courtesy of RETV.News 11/1/2019 Update



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