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    Just The Facts           April 30, 2015
First Time Home Buyers Not Buying in 2015 Jumbo Loans are up in volume in the First Quarter of 2015

The young adults can't make it happen. Student Loans are in the Tens of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars. And what do you get for that B.A, M.A., or Phd., a minimum wage of about $7.50 an hour and a job at Taco Bell if your lucky.

The US economy has been Depressed since 2009, today is 2015 and it's not improving.

The big dollar people are buying big dollar real estate to get ahead of the anticipated upcoming US Dollar devaluation over the next 5 years expected between 2015-2020.

Your Buck is going to be worth 25 cents in todays dollars by 2020.

Obama math, let's get minumum wage up to $10.00 per hour if you work for the Government or a goverment contractor.

The best decision a young adult can make is get married and then you have $15.00 an hour. That's a wopping $31,200 Gross income, after taxes $25,000.  You can probably afford Rent $800.,  Cell Phones $100, Pay off those Student Loans $300. for the next 10 years and drive New Cars $500. Total Expense $1700 a month. How about Food and the other importantant necessities of life, can they do it with the $800. a month that is remaining.


Why is the First Time Home Buyer not Buying?

The young adults aren't buying because they are smart enough to know they can't make it in America anymore. And the kids aren't submitting to the goverment brainwashing yet! 

They see through it folks! They don't want to be poitically correct they just want the furture that was promised them as Amercians.


What's the bottom line?       No can do.The National Association Of Realtors addressed this question back in 2010 and it landed on the current administrations death ears.

Our current economy is spining out of control. The budget in 2009 was 800 Billion. In 2014 the Budget was 1.1 Trillion and the Goverment overspent that by 500 Billion.

Government spending has DOUBLED in 6 years and Americans haven't been given a cent.

Interest Rates are up for the month of April.

The Mortgage Bankers Association has revised their interst rate forecast that rate will be at 5.5% to 5.75% by the end of 2015.

MBA now indicates theat they think rates will be at 4.75% by the end of 2015 and in all probabliity 5.75% by 2016 year end.

 Residential Fixed Rate 30/30 Yr.
30/30 Yr 3.99% Up from 4/4/2015
Commercial Fixed Rate 7/25 Yr.
7Yr.Fix / 25Yr. 6.075% Up from 4/4/2015
AgencySpeculative  Forecast for 2015 Interest Rates



Mortgage Applications
•Nationwide were down a huge 4.6% in April 2015
• Interest Rates are Trending Up in April 2015.

Reasoning For Downturn in Mortgage Application
•Lack First Time Home Buyers
•Interest Rates Going Up ^


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