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JUST THE FACTS                                      USA HOUSING NEWS                            11-30-2015


Democratic appointed Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen, a Bureaucrat is still petitioning the Federal Reserve Boanrd for a Interest Rate hike.

Chairperson Yellen, indicates the US housing market is up. The question then becomes "up from what?"

In brief, the Housing Market is only up from the current Administrations 2009 - 2015 forward, figures and presence in the White House.

The Housing Market from a normal USA Housing Market perspective, hasn't even reached a 50% recovery level when compared to 2003-2004-2005 Non Bubble Housing Bubble years and numbers of New Home Sales and Resale's.

The year 2009 is not a comparison nor are years from 2009-2015 or until you reach the benchmark of a normal functioning US Economy.

A sample would be: the most recent "Normal" economic figures say from 2004. A stabilized 2004 economic snap shot, plus a normal inflation rate of 3.0% to 3.5% on Currency/Cost Of Living and a 7.5%+ appreciation factor on Housing annually for at least 3 to 5 years above the 2004 level. This type of report would show economic stability.

In addition, Foreclosures have more than doubled since 2004. The 2015 year to date Foreclosures and New Home Sales numbers, appear to be little or no different from 2014.

OBAMA MATH ~ Devaluation
How does the current Administration count a Home Sale? Apples and Lemons.

A New Home Sale are counted a SALE when the Purchase Agreement is written and a $1.00 or more deposit is made.

A Resale of an Existing Home is Counted a SALE when it goes PENDING.

Then if the Sale CLOSED it is counted again!
Noted* Approximately only 50% of the Purchase Agreement and Pending Sales Close.

Simply put, until all the Closed Sales are Recorded and counted you really do not have a Actual Number of  Real Home Sales.

Any Interest Rate Hike always has a overall Down Effect on the US Housing Market.

Yellen's overall premise for the Rate Hike is to strengthen the Dollar by Montization of Treasury's Securities without strengthing the USA economy first. This is not a recognized method of Monetary Policy. Basically it indicates your Treasury Securities are worth more than the Economic Support Figures really show. Then the US may be subject to a devaluation.

The Euro Central Bank as of 11/30/2015 is currently in the process of Lowering their Interest Rates. Probably into negative interest because of World economics.

Foreclosure Filings
2014 1,117,426
                             Foreclosure Filings
2004 640,000 Benchmark
Benchmark defined: a standard or point of reference against which things may be compared or assessed.
2004 and 2014
Non Bubble US Economy Comparison
2014 is Worse~477,426 More Forclosures
Courtesy of:
Statistic Brain Research Institute
Term FreddieMac RetailRate
30/30-$417K 3.95% 4.50%
 5/25 -$417K 3.01% 3.50%
15/15-$418K 3.18% 3.625%
Jumbo-MBA 3.98% 4.375%
Prime Rate 3.25% Fed Rate
7/23 to 6M 6.025%
0 PointCost Wholesale Estimated


Provided by: US Census Bureau
2015 - 468,000 - 11/30/2015
2004 when compared 2014

New Home Sales are:  DOWN 61%

2008 485,000
2009 375,000
2010 323,000
2011 306,000
2012 368,000
2013 429,000
2014 437,000

Courtesy of:
US Central Bank
2015 Debt
-4 Trillion 400 Billion Dollars
up from
2008       -
800 Billion Dollars

Fed Debt needs to be Lowered

2015 Debt is up 3 Trillion 600 Billion Dollars

National Debt
- 7.7 Trillion
National Debt
- 18.7 Trillion
2003 1,086,000
2004 1,203,000
2005 1,283,000

New Home Sales History
2015 is 60% Worse than 2004
735,000 Less New Home Sales

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