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Daytona USA Financial News ~ April 6, 2017

Daytona USA Financial News is a composite of US Government reporting and the
Real Estate and Stock Markets financial outlook.

Real Estate Financial News

Just The Facts
Daytona Real Estate Investment News is a good quick way to get up to date with the real estate industry's present and future strategy.

Daytona Real Estate Investment News reports encompass the current market reaction so you may make an informed decision regarding a buy hold, sell, trade Real Estate Investments and review the Newsworthy Topics of the competitive Wall Street Financial Markets.

We take a close look at the accurate information, current events despite the political rhetoric and propaganda already in circulation. We know your investment future depends on the facts, ROBINSON REPORTER

Tracking America's Future.

April 6, 2017
TRUMP Administration
How good is 00% a ___?
1st Report Card 2-1-2018
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April 6, 2017  ~ Breaking News~Top Story
National Debt Goes Down in March 2017
National Debt goes Down in February 2017
US Money Printing goes Down
in February and March  2017

February 2017 Home Sales Down  -3.7%
January and February 2017 Down -0.4%

USA Home Sales Average For 2016
Up +0.17%  ~ No Real Estate Growth for 2016

Mortgage Rates Up ~ Stop USA Home Sales

April 6, 2017
Federal Reserves Raises Prime Lending Rate on March 16, 2017 +.25%
Federal Reserve Raises Prime
Lending Rate .25% on 12/16/2016
Real Estate Market on the Down Turn
Federal Funds Rate 0.75%   ^
Prime Lending Rate 4.0%    ^
Mortgage Rates      4.375%  ^
Real Estate Sales -0.4%      v

Wall Street Financial Markets Downturn 12/18/2015 Following FED Interest Rate Hike.
Wall Street Reports 1.35 Trillion Dollar Deficit/Loss about
January 15, 2016 resulting  from FED Rate Hike
Wall Street Appears to Rebound March 1 but reports about a -1%
loss at the end of March 2016.



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USA Financial News
As of April
US Housing Starts
Dec. 2016
Nov. 2016
October 2016
Sept. 2016
August 2016
July 2016
June 2016
May 2016
April 2016
March 2016


Jan. 2017

Stats - Monthly

Up 11.3%
Down -18.7%
Up +10.7%
Down -9.0%
Down -5.8%
Up +2.1%
Up +4.8%
Down -0.3%
Up +6.6%
Down -8.8%




New Home Sales
Nov. 2016
October 2016
Sept. 2016
August 2016
July 2016
June 2016
May 2016
April 2016
March 2016
Feb 2017
Jan.       2017
4.7 Mo. Inventory
Up +5.2%
Down -1.9%
Up +3.1%
Down -7.6%
Up +12.4%
Up +8.6%
Down -6.0%
Up +16.6%
Down -1.5%




New Home Sales Accounts for about 10% of the Housing Market and are projected  sales to be confirmed at a future date.
New Home Sales exceeded Existing Home Sales for January 2017 of +3.3%.


RETAIL SALES ~ March 10, 2017

February 2017
US Retail Sales +0.1%
January 2017
US Retail Sales +0.4%
December 2016
US Retail Sales


November 2016
US Retail Sales +0.1%
October 2016
US Retail Sales +0.6%
September 2016
US Retail Sales +0.6%
August 2016
US Retail Sales -0.3%
July 2016
US Retail Sales +0.0%
June 2016
US Retail Sales +0.6%
May 2016
US Retail Sales +0.4%
April 2016
US Retail Sales +1.0%
March 2016
US Retail Sales
- 0.4%

A Correction was made by the Census Bureau for February, March and April 2016 Sales of +0.01%.

Note: A +5.0% Benchmark in Retail Sales is a good average.

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Wholesale Rates Market Trend - Flat
Trending Up
-417,000 Conforming

30/30 4.34%  =
15/15 3.57%  =
5/25 3.33%  v

Fannie Mae
Wholesale Rates
0 Point Cost

+$418,000 Jumbo
Market Trend Flat

30/30 4.24%  =

0 Point Cost

Commercial Retail
7 Yr. Fix due in 20 5.95%  
0 Point to 6 Million

Daytona Real Estate Investment News:

Newsworthy Story:

For current Stories for 2017 see Daytona USA Financial News.
                                  ARCHIVE 2016

                                December 9, 2016
The USA National Debt will probably exceed 20 Trillion dollars before the end of 2016. In 2008 when Obama and the Democratic Party disembarked on their Socialist "change" the national Debt was almost 11 Trillion Dollars that included most of the Mortgage Crisis Correction Capital. In just less than 8 short years the National Debt has almost doubled. Coupled with a hidden amount of about 3.5 Trillion Federal Reserve Bank Debt it has more than exceeded forward projections of the USA economic National Debt Crisis.
This becomes apparent when Debt exceeds USA Gross Domestic Products production. This above economic scenario has been present all of 2016 and is getting worse by the day. In addition the current Administration has printed with out any apparent security almost 1 Trillion USA Dollars in 2016 alone. This is in addition to the national Debt and Federal Reserve Debt increases.
The Implosion Date set for the current  amount of National Debt by Government forecasters was 2021.

                                 October 21, 2016
Real Estate market rebounds in September after taking two consecutive months of negative results. The market regained the 3.2% it lost in July but is still negative for the 3 months 0.9%. the rebound was from First time Home Buyers increasing in September 2016 about 5% over September 2015. The First time Home Buyer has led the market for the past two months in increasing sales percentages.

Higher priced homes from the $500,000 to $1,000,000 plus level slowed. New Home prices increase slightly in September.

                                 September 7, 2016
      USA Housing Sales Down -3.2% as of July 31, 2016
USA Existing Housing Sales Drop -3.2%  in July 2016. This is the second drop in 2016. The First monthly drop in Sales was in February 2016 for -7.1%. All gains for 2016 are non existent at this time. The Existing Housing Market Sales Average as of August 1, 2016 is -0.2%. USA Stock and Bond Markets showing primarily a negative yield for 2016 at this time.

                               USA Real Estate Markets
Nationally markets have seemingly held steady in the first 6 months of 2016. This is primarily due to 3.5%, 30/30 Year Mortgage Interest Rates that have been available to the Home buyer. First Time Home Buyer Purchases were up 3% for the Month of June. It also appears that these buyers were able to buy a home valued at $250,000 or more.

The $0 to $250,000 fallout may be the result of lower job income and less than a 40 hour work week from new jobs. In order to purchase a home for $250,000 the family or individual's income level needs to be about $52,000 annual, or more. The down payment, closing costs and cash reserves for a home in this price range is over $50,000. cash on hand, at a 80% loan to value.

The inventory of USA Homes is moving currently in approximately 4.5 to 6 months on a Home or Condo priced at market with a -5% to -10% average seller concession.

As of year end 2015 there were 1.1 Million Foreclosure Filings for 2015 reported by RealtyTrac.

           UK England Exits Europe Union by Popular Vote
Wall Street takes another look at the results of the England Exit  of the EU~Europe Union and rebounds a little on 6/29/2016. Anticipated investor losses are tentatively estimated at about $800 Billion or more.

Why did England make the move? To save their Country from the continuing EU over site and current Euro economic disasters.
Excerpts: Courtesy BBC News 6-24-2016
The European Union - often known as the EU - is an economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries.

It began after World War Two to foster economic co-operation, with the idea that countries which trade together are more likely to avoid going to war with each other.It has since grown to become a "single market" allowing goods and people to move around, basically as if the member states were one country.

It has its own currency, the Euro, which is used by 19 of the member countries, its own parliament and it now sets rules in a wide range of areas - including on the environment, transport, consumer rights and even things such as mobile phone charges.
Additional New Excerpt:
Critics say it generates too many petty regulations and robs members of control over their own affairs. Mass migration from poorer to richer countries has also raised questions about the free movement rule.

          USA Median Family Income On a Downward Spiral
The Median Family income dropped from $54,462 in 2013 to 53,657 in 2014 the most recent survey indicates. Source:The Census Bureau, 2010 to 2014 American Community Survey 5 Year Estimate.

This downward family income trend may continue because of the New Jobs with substantially lower wages that are replacing Old Jobs that had a much higher income range. 

The United States Census Bureau reports the Median Family Income Data. The most recent 2015 report will not be out until September 2016. The 2016 Income Report will be out September 2017.

Wall Street continues to see downward trends on Stocks, Bonds, Treasury's and Euro Investments. On the 5 Day,
Major Stock indexes are Down -0.30% to -2.01%,  the DJ Utility Average Up 1.89%, all Major Currencies are Down except for the WSJ Dollar Index is 86.39, Up .39, all Futures Down -0.20  to -1.45% and the 10 Year Treasury is down, as of 12:39 PM EST 6/14/2016. 

             USA Home Sales and Retail Sales are Down

Daytona Commercial Property Investment acquisition improves as of 5-13-2016. US Financial Data indicates that Housing Permitted Starts are Down -8.8%, New Home Sales are Down 1.5% and Retail Sales are down 0.4% (four tenths) percent as of March end 2016. Commercial Investment Property in certain area has been good since 2014. Daytona considers types of  investment property acquisitions from Asset Managers, Banks and Hedge Funds.

April USA Housing Market reports not available as of this date.

The average yield for Money Market Funds, as of May 9, 2016 is +0.25%, the 5 year CD has a 1.26% Annual Yield, Commodities and Futures Indexes, all Down between -0.01% to -2.50%. US Major Stock Indexes Down between -0.11% to -204.74% on the 5 Day Average. The 52 Week Average the Indexes were down between -0.88% to -25.03%. Only DJ Utilities Averages were up +14.69% and PHLX Gold and Silver were up +12.98%.

The current Financial Markets in the month of April 29, 2016 clearly showed a lack of luster after demonstrating an unprecedented volume rebound in the beginning of March 2016 only to see an approximate -1% decrease by the end of March 2016. No real change.

Global investments for 2016 are not preforming as expected. Wall Street confidence level in the US economy has not improved since the initial Federal Reserve move in December 16, 2015 increasing Prime Lending Rate.

The current posture of the FED is to restart the interest rate hike as soon as the FED can support it with some USA economic strength data.

Real Estate News ~ Cause and Effect ~ Interest Rates 

Interest rates in April at the Wholesale FNMA and FHLMC level increased a fraction. Retail Interest Rates to the consumer went up +.25% to +.375% on Conventional Mortgage Loans.

                                       Interest Rates
                                12-16-2015 to 2-29-2016
Interest Rates have decreased since 12-16-2015 when the Fed raised the Prime Lending Rate up +.25%. The Government still has Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in Conservator ship since the 2008 Real Estate Crisis. The less than 1 Trillion Dollar Crisis has been cured for over 6 years.

When the Prime Rate increased on 2-16-015 it began another US Financial Markets Crash on 12-18-2016.  Hence, the controlling government administration did not allow the rates to rise with the Stock Market Crash at this time.

Within 30 days Wall Street losses were over 1.35 Trillion and rising. The current 2-29-2016 yield factor of Wall Street investments is estimated at -5.32%.


USA Economy Actual Month Model

Nationwide Statistics for the Month of March  2016

EXISTING HOME SALES are Up in March over Mar.2015 5.1%
SINGLE FAMILY Homes For Sale prices eased Up. 5.5%
SINGLE FAMILY Condo's For Sale prices eased Up. 1.8%
AVERAGE PRICE CHANGE per "Home For Sale", Up. 3.9%
Commercial Building in High Metro Areas Upswing   2014-2017

Manhattan N.Y. rebuilds the sky commercial and residential.

San Francisco,  CA , The Bay Area sees home values double or more.
A 2 bedroom 2 bath in the city can cost 1.1M.
A 3 bedroom or more can range up from 1.7M .

Florida maintains a steady double digit growth for last
3+ years.

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