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Daytona USA Financial News , September 24, 2020  

Quarterly Results of the Real Estate, Retail Sales and Auto Sales show  modest activity for 2020.
USA Economics 2020, Just The Facts, on Real Estate, Retail Sales, Housing Market condition and Financial outlook.

Loan Rate Outlook Good ! Job Re-instatement Positive. Economic Growth on the table.
Stock Market shows vigor.

Real Estate Financial News

September 1, 2020                   Monthly

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Daytona USA Financial News reports encompass the current market reaction so you may make an informed decision regarding Interest Rates, Real Estate, Retail Sales, Auto Sales  a basis for future  investment strategy. 
Dayrtona USA Financial News reviews the US Government Reports and News Topics of the competitive Wall Street Financial Markets.

We take a close look at the accurate information, current events despite the political rhetoric and propaganda already in circulation. We know your investment future depends on Just The Facts, ROBINSON REPORTER

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As of September 1, 2020

TRUMP Administration
How good is _90%__?
1st Report Card 9-1-2020
COVID-19 and Riots in Major Cities when the economy is improving?

A substantial improved Economy is being slowed to lack of positive reinforcement by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party 100% against anything Trump does.

Noted: Economy has improved since 2016 to 2019.

January 2020, a surprise COVID-19 Virus is unleased by China on USA and 187 Countries Worldwide slowed the USA economic growth that is now rebounding.

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September 1, 2020
Breaking News Top Story

Prime Lending  Rate
3.25%  as of 8/3/2020 - A Year Ago 5.50%

USA Existing Home Sales:
Up +24.7% in July 2020.
Up +20.7% in June 2020. 
(Only Northeast showed a decline)

Mortgage Rates:
Down:  3.25% with a 720+ credit score.

Rates available  3.25%- 3.75% at a 680+ Credit Score to spur the the existing real estate market.

Prior to June 2020, the spike in Home Sales probably resulting from lack of Sales during the begining of the COVID-19 Virus outbreak in January 2020.

Exisiting Home Sales: Up 24.7% at $304,100 average price for July 2020. Up 8.5% over last year 2019.

New Home Sales: 
Up 36.3% over July 2019
Mediam Price:  $330,600
Average Price: $391,300

New Home Sales only count for 10% of total home sales and are unverified as they will not be sold until a future date (if at all by said date, said price).

USA Retail Sales: Up  7.5%,
for June 2020.

to Re-opening of stores.
If this could be maintained at  3.5% to 5.0% average annually, this would be a huge bump up for retail.
Retail Sales for 2019  were  +.25%.
The 2018 Retail Sales were off , 11 month average  was (- .25 %).  

USA Auto Makers and Dealers continue to offer deep discounts.  Auto Sales are off 18%  with most manufactures experiencing 31%-39%.

September 1, 2020 Continuing

Summary Report

September 1, 2020

Will 2020 be any better than 2019, 2018, and 2017.
The next 4 months, if growth remains the same, it will equal or surpass 2019, dispite COVID-19.

Forclosures: July 2020
USA Foreclosures drop Down  to 0.37%.
In 2010 it  the Foreclosure rate peaked at 
2.24%. Obama-Biden Administration

Food Stamp Recipients
37,249,503  July 21, 2020 - Trump
43,921,608 August 3, 2020- Trump
Off - Set for COVID-19 Virus
47,269,028 August 3, 2016 Obama-Biden

August 3, 2020
Food Stamps Down -11,993,637 Million as of November 7, 2019.

Eleven Million-Twelve Million Less
on Food Stamps in USA in less than 3 years.

Back up in 2020 due to COVID-19 to
43,921,626. August 3,2020 - Trump
47,269,047  August 3, 2016 Obama-Biden
Americans in Poverty
35,872,972  August 3, 2020 - Trump
45,425,427  August 3, 2016 Obama-Biden
-9,597,533 Million as of August 8, 2020
Americans in Poverty in USA in less than 3 years.  August 3, 2020. 35, 872,917
            August 3, 2016  45,470,450
_____ ______________________________
National Debt:
November 2010 - Obama-Biden
National Debt 10 Trillion 847 Hundred Billion

From 2010-2016 August 3, 2016
Up 8 Trillion Dollars
National Debt:
19 Trillion 810 Hundred Billion Dollars.

No COVID-19 
Debt had reached the Implosion Factor that was a set base on the National Debt to be accruing by 2023.
The limit when the November 2016 election occured. Obama-Biden

The Implosion Factor is:
This is the result of over budget consistantly and Interest is accruing faster than the Debt is being paid.
November 7, 2016 - Change in Presidents
National Debt 20 Trillion 081 Hundred Billion
August 3, 2020 - Trump
National Debt 26 Trillion 597 Hundred Billion
Includes Stimilus and COVID-19 Issues.
Over 2 Trillion Dollars to and for the People for COVID-19). More issues Pending, as of this date, as no antidote has been reconized.


History: 8-3-2020
Prime Lending Rate for the USA 3.25%
Down -1.5% as of July 21, 2020
from 11-14-2019 when it was 4.75%.

Foreclosures up Down as of November 2019. They have remained relatively steady throughout the first 6 months of 2020.

National Debt: rises to: 
Today September 1,2020 it is 26 Trillion 705 Billion. (2+ Trillion  of which  is from  COVID-19 stimulas).

Noted: $750 Billion Annual, is War Debt inherited from the Obama-Biden administration.

The National Debt has risen from 20 Trillion + to 23 Trillion+ in 3 years. 2 Trillion+ for COVID-19 Stimulas. The total is 25 Trillion.
Aproximately $1 Trillion 705 Billion, remaining is to relative America's current needs.

Inherited Past Debt of about 1.5 Trillion is preexisiting war debt from Democratic Obama-Biden administration.

Trump Administration :
National Debt Implosion November 1, 2019. "Interest", "War", and "Expenditures for America" grows the National Debt.

National Debt August 3, 2020 
26 Trillion 597 Hundred Billion - Trump

COVID- 19 Starting in January, 2020

National Debt increase Nov.13, 2019
23 Trillion 087 Hundred Billion - Trump
National Debt as of November 13, 2016
20 Trullion 101 Hundred Billion -

National Debt from Novemver 13, 2008
10 Trillion 875 Hundred  Billion
Includes Mortgage Fraud Debt
Editorial Message:
Just The Facts  9-1-2020
January 20, 2009: The National Debt was: 
January 20, 2009
10 Trillion 600 Billion Dollars
On Monday January 23, 2009 The National Debt was:
-18 Trillion 000 Billion Dollars
 +7 Trillion 400 Billion Dollars added to the National Debt.  Plus, 3 Trillion Dollars added to the Federal Reserve Bank Debt, now being written off. USA Budget 1 Trillion 200 Billion times 6 years is 7 Trillion two Hundred Billion. Subtracted from 10 Trillion 4 Hundred Billion. Where's ( who got it) the 3 Trillion Dollars being written off by the Federal Reserve Board.
(Obama, Biden Democrat Admin. January 20, 2009- January 20, 2017.)

Noted: -$1 Trillion September 2009 was Mortgage Crisis Debt Paid and is  included in the 10 Trillion 600 Billion.

$3 Trillion remaining.
Where did it all go?
2 Trillion 4 Hundred Billion+ Paid in Taxes.
6 Trillion spent?

As of this Date 9-1-2020  the Democrats want to add more debt on to  America,  and the American People Next November 2020. 2 Trillion Biden says will start it on speculative items. No real gain spelled out for the People. Just new debt.

This is why the USA is at an implosion level at this time. (Debt exceeds any possible pay down of interest and principal).  Taxes incoming to USA equal 400-500 Billion a year.

In all probability this is why the Democrats have a lot of money to spend on the 2020 election and own 6 of the 7 largest cable stations in the USA as of this date. They tell you what they want you to hear.

Due to the above the USA budget just for
2019 will be approximately -$984 Billion over, (just under -$1 Trillion Dollars).

In fact the $6 Trillion overfunded between 2008-2016 payable by the American People was not all. 

An additional 3+ Trillion borrowered from the Federal Reserve Board that is beining written off today month by month. No Pay back by the borrowers compliments of Janet Yellen former Federal Reserve Chair who loaned the money all or in part  and initiated the no pay back.
Did you get any of that money?
Why not?
No, you got just the debt.
National Debt:
National Debt increases in 2020.COVID-19 +
National Dept increased in September 2018.
National Debt Goes Down in March 2017.
National Debt goes Down in February 2017.
US Money Printing:
National Debt Down again August 18, 2017:
National Debt Down in February and March 2017-150 Billion

FED  Prime Lending Rate  
3.25%  which is the rate as of 
September 1, 2020

3.25% Prime Rate 9-2020
4.75% Prime Rate 10-31-2019
5.50% Prime Rate 2019-2018 
+0.75% in 2018 as of 10-18-2018. 
Raises Prime Lending Rates to 5.25%+1.0% 2016-2017:

Home Sales up 24.7% from in July 2020.
Basically the market has been slowed due to COVID-19 in the 2nd quarter of 2020. Effectively the growth is forcasted at 7.5%+. This is a healthy economic growth rate.

2020 - Home Sales surge Up. 9-2020
Up 24.7%
(Due to shut down based on COVID-19)

2019 - Home Sales Down. Home Sales Decline again in 2019 from August to September -2.2%%.  Up from 2018.

2018 - Archive Home Loan Rates are (-) in negative figures for 2018. Interest Rates are Up and continue to rise. Interest Rates dictate home loan sales.

2017- Prices  and Sales for 2017 remain level with 2016 at almost 0%..


2020 Home Sales Average:
July 2020-$391,300  
Market has recovered to pre COVID-19 Level. 101 straight months of gains.

Housing Market Recovery Index 101.0
ANNUAL Growth "Benchmark" Speculative Estimated at:
Note: still off 11.3% Annual , due to COVID-19 ---- 7/2020


4 Year Comparison
USA Home Sales For 2020  _______ 

USA Home Sales For 2019  Level 
USA Home Sales For 2018 (-0.58%)

USA Home Sales For 2017  +0.23%
USA Home Sales For 2016  +0.17%

Mtg. Rates Rise as USA Home Sales Drop
as of September 2018.


Today Fed Rate is 3.25% as of 9-1-2020

As Of 10-31-2019
Fed Lowers Interest Rates to 4.75%

As of 3-7-2019
In a recent summit with North Korea it appears that the promises made by the Korea Leader have faultered. Candid fact shows that Korea is increasing Nuclear Warfare systems rather than decreasing them as indicated at the initial sumit.

February 2019
Rates are not moving with the market.
Result could be an unexpected hike.

December 2018
Prime Lending Rate increases the 4 time in 2018 to 5.50% without cause.

September 26, 2018
FED increases Prime Lending Rate to
5.25%. Homes Sales Drop for the preceding 4 months.

Archive History
December 14, 2017
FED raises Prime Lending Rate to 4.5%
                       Stifles Market          +.25%

September 28, 2017
FED does not act on their err as USA Home Sales enter negative progress for 2017.

July 1, 2017
Federal Reserve Raises Prime Lending Rate on June 14, 2017                   +.25%

Federal Reserves Raises Prime Lending Rate on March 16, 2017                +.25%

Federal Reserve Raises Prime
Lending Rate on Dec. 16, 2016    +.25%

Real Estate Market on the Down Turn

Federal Funds Rate   
9-26-2018           2.25% 
Prime Lending Rate                   5.25%  ^
30 Yr. Mortgage Rate                          5.10%  ^

Changes in the Market Rates

October 31-2019 Prime Rate 4.O75% v

June 12, 2019 - At a future meeting the FED will meet on the increase(s) of the Prime Lending Rate . 
Currently the Prime Rate is 5.50%.

December 20 , 2018 FED increases Prime Rate to 5.50% again. It appears the rate has surpassed the American economy.

September 26, 2018 FED increases interest rates for the 3rd time in the year. The economy does not appear to be keeping up. This  type of increase is backwards.

Historic Archive
Wall Street Financial Markets Downturn 12/18/2015 Following FED Interest Rate Hike.
Wall Street Reports 1.35 Trillion Dollar Deficit/Loss about
January 15, 2016 resulting  from FED Rate Hike

Wall Street Appears to Rebound March 1 but reports about a -1%
loss at the end of March 2016.


Daytona Real Estate Investments
Homes and 2-4 Units

Business Opportunity
Secured Yield Up To 33.5%

Daytona Target Investments
Business Opportunity
 Commercial  Multi Family
Redevelopment and Reinvestment

Below Update Pending 9-1-2020 v


USA Financial News
 US Census Bureau

Housing Starts 2019
monthe to month

Revised Figures Pending Estimates Below 
Housing Starts
Jan. 2019
Feb. 2019
March 2019
April 2019
May 2019
June 2019
July 2019
August 2019
Sept. 2019
Oct. 2019
Nov. 2018
Dec. 2018

Stats - Monthly

Up +9.7%
Down -7.0%
Up 1.7%
Up  6.8%
Down -0.4%
Down -0.9%
Down -0.4%
Up +12.3%
Down -2.7%
Pending %
Up +3.2%
Down -11.2%
New Home Sales
Jan. 2019
Feb 2019
March 2019
April 2019
May 2019
June 2019
July 2019
Aug. 2019
Sept. 2019
Oct. 2018
Nov. 2018
Dec. 2018
5.5 Mo. Inventory* 
Down -6.9%
Up 4.9%
Up +4.5%
Down -6.9%
Up +6.7%
Pending %
Pending %
Down -0.7%







New Homes

 * Sept. 1, 2020 Year on Year Home Sales Up 36.7%.
This is only 11.5% of the Housing Market

New Home Sales only account for about

10%- 11.5% of the Housing Market and are Projected Sales to be confirmed at a future date.


Monthly Annualized Growth Rate -3.83%
Long Term Annualized Growth Rate  
+4.20%  (Census Bureau)
November 14, 2019
 Year end December 2018     - 2.0 %  

January 2019
US Retail Sales +1.5%
February 2019
US Retail Sales -0.5%
March 2019
US Retail Sales


April 2019
US Retail Sales +0.4%
May 2019
US Retail Sales +0.5%
June 2019
US Retail Sales +0.4%
July 2019
US Retail Sales +0.7%
August 2019
US Retail Sales +0.6%
September 2019
US Retail Sales -0.3%
October 2018
US Retail Sales +0.8%
November  2018
US Retail Sales +0.2%
December 2018
US Retail Sales

Commerce Department Revised
Noted: Up slightly 9/2018-9/2019


Report data subject to change + or- subject to revision. (R)
Note from RETV.News
A 3.50% to 5.00% Benchmark
in Retail Sales is a good average for a healthy USA economy.




Wholesale Rates Market Trend 

 417,000 Conforming

30/30 3.11%   v  
15/15 2.70% v
5/25 3.14% ^

Freddie Mac
Wholesale Rates
1 to 1.5 Point Cost
0 Point Cost add
+.25 to Rate

+$418,000 Jumbo
Market Trend Up

30/30  3.41% =

1 to 1.5 Point Cost
0 Point Cost add
+.25% to Rate.
Lender Dependent

Commercial Retail
7 Yr. Fix due in 20

0 Point to 6 Million

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Daytona USA Financial News:
September 24, 2020 

Newsworthy Story:

September 24,2020
Interest Rates hit new low with loans under $417,000 available at 2.87% at 2.5 points. Higher rate lower cost. 
Jumbo loans are at 3.03%. Subject to ,market fluxations.

September 1, 2020
Trump running for re-election as USA economy jump starts. This is primarily because the USA had a good foundation for the preceeding 3 years. The COVID-19 Virus held the economy at a stay for the first 6 months of 2020.

August 19, 2020
Stock Market regains its previous high position. Interest rates are down -1.25% and the Housing Market is seening high monthly transactional volumn and prices and volumn are now showing a perspective or positive depending on you current market area.

August 3,  2020
Growth has slowed because of the outbreak of COVID-19 in the begining of 2020. Many businesses were shut down for a period of 3 months and are now just begining to Re-Open.
So far this has been a 2+ Trillion  Dollar Cost to America.

The Virus and now  Riots waged by Looters and so called Activists who also acted in distroying American History, appears to be fueled somewhat by Democtratic Politicians, Governors and Mayors, who have de-funded the Police in some cities, leaving the citizens to protect themselves.

Obama-Biden had increased the Police during their administration. Now under Riot conditions it is being decreased? 

Trump has offered the Cities support to get the issues under control but apparently the current Democratic Government of those Cities, in most cases, don't care to stop the Riots on behalf of their citizens.

America is still edging ahead of the 2016 economically.

November 14, 2019
The over all USA economy has improved over the last three years under the Trump administration.

This is  dispite of the Democratic Party, aka (Socialist Party as self proclaimed) objections and lack of support to help Americans get back on their feet after their Administration from 2008-2016 left the middle class of Americans out in the cold. Democrats scooped up on 6 TRILLION Dollars of funded overage that resulted in National Debt. In addition there was another 3 TRILLION borrowered from the Federal Reserve Bank that is not being repaid and written off that was the action of Janet Yellen 2014-2018, appointed by the Democratic(Socialist) Party. Her tenure was the 3rd shortest since the mid 1930's.

This action(s) of the FED affects the value of the dollar world wide.

June 19, 2019
GDP Gross Deomestic Product up 3.1% for the first quarter of 2019. Trump, in a bid for re-election boasts of economic developments for the USA. These included, employment, promise that higher wages were on the forefront as immgration is controlled on the southern border, a stronger America and economic developments for business.

A 15% to 25% more home ownership is needed for America.

June 12, 2019
As Democrats do not wish to participate in a revitalizing of the USA economy the major indicators continue in its down ward spiral.
A brief indicator of this is 49.1% of Americans do not qualify for the Average Home. Auto Sales continue to struggle and Retail Sales are slow.
See USA Newsreel for more details. Link

March 7, 2019
Everybody is fabricating their figures of a downtrending US economy. For the last quarter December thru February numbers are coming in below 0. How can that be good. One of the problems is Trump is being neturalized by an unwilling and pro Socialistic Democratic Congress. You don't have to be a genius to know not everything proposed by the new administration is anti Democratic. No matter what it is, it seems the Democrats (pro Socialism) say no. Did you know that in Canada a pro-socialist counrty if you buy a 5th of liquor it is $65.00 or more. In the USA the same bottle is $15-$20 Dollars.

January 4, 2019
Currently there is no active budget for the USA. The dispute between Congress and the Administration hinges on the barrier wall at the Mexico USA border to keep illegal aligns out of the USA. Illegals have been flocking in the last 10 years without going through the necessary immigration procedures.

There is little attention being given to increasing sales in America. A measure that could be taken is increases in earnings and wages to promote sales internally. America has always been self sufficient.

December 5, 2018
Trump administration indicates that the increase in interest rates without cause is affecting the economy now and in the not to distant future. Trump said that the interest rates are running to far ahead of the economy. Therefore stag-netting it in part.

October 15, 2018
The Democrats that still control some of the economic positions are doing nothing due to the election in November. They feel if they do what is needed it will reinforce the Presidents position.
Currently, Retail Sales, Auto Sales and Real Estate Sales are suffering the most.

August 28, 2018
Real Estate Sales continue its downward spiral. Only the top 50% of Americans seemingly are the only real buyers participating in the market since the beginning of 2018.
July 15, 2018. In contrast the Retail Sales markets  and Auto Industry are experiencing the same economic downturn issues.

This was addressed by Trump in a meeting about a month ago with Jerome Powell Chair of the Federal Reserve Board who is proving to be another FED Bureaucrat. The primary issue of the meeting is that interest rates are going up faster than the economy is improving therefore stifling the rebounding USA economic picture.

July 15, 2018
Real Estate Sales still underwater for 2018 at -0.40%. Retail Store Chains continue store closures nationwide. Auto Dealers are offering Manufacture discounts and financing to move inventory before year end.

Mortgage interest rates are edging up to the 5% to 5.5% level as the FED continues their Prime Lending Rate Increases. The result of the rate increases is that it eliminates a large percentage of First Time Home Buyers, that are the thrust of the move up real estate market and mortgage loan applications.

June 12, 2018
All major economic indicators such as Real Estate Sales are Down -2.5% in April.  Retail Sales edged up just over 0 to +0.2% (2 tenths of a percent) and Auto Sales depending on Makes and Models are up and down.

How much is 2 tenths of a percent. Well cut up a penny into 10 equal parts. Two of those ten parts is 2 tenths of a percent.

May 15, 2018
USA Economics remain static as they have been since 2016. Real Estate Flat 0.26%, Retail Sales Flat 0.06% and Auto Sales Flat.

April 14, 2018
National Real Estate shows a average (-1.26%) market decline for December 2017, January 2018, February 2018 quarter. 

Retail Sales have a  average(-0.10%) market decline in the same period and struggled for the all of 2017. This has resulted with major chains opting to close 10%-15% of their retail centers nationwide in 2018 due to poor business and forecasts.  

Auto Makers are giving Dealers Year End incentives to move an already sluggish 2017 now 2018 inventory. Year end discounts have continued into the new year of 2018. 

The Unemployment Insurance Benefit Rate of unemployed workers is at a low of 4.1%.  What is not noted by the Federal Reserve Board is the Actual Unemployment Rate  that includes workers that have fallen off the Benefit noted above, which is over 13 Million Americans or 11.92% of the employed work force. In addition it does not take in account 25.80% approximately, of the work force that is at the Poverty Income Level even when working and on Food Stamps. Over 50% of the employed are under the USA average income level.

Jerome Powell the new Chair of the Federal Reserve Board Open Market meeting on March 21 and 22, 2018 and the Board of Governors all voted 8 to 0, to continue the predetermined
(Socialist objectives agenda set forth in 2016) when compared to (Democracy-Capitalism move with the market American system). Simply put the FED position appears to be: We're going to take Americas money and run with it and leave America behind.

March 19, 2018
As Mortgage Rates Rise and Home Ownership Buyers become less existent with existing home sale down (-3.45%) nationwide in 2018, the FED and Washington has done nothing to correct the err.

Retail Sales of large item purchases and overall sales have dove into negative numbers in the last half of 2017. The first 2 months of 2018 has been no different.

USA businesses need to  to develop economically at a "growth at a rate" pattern. Why?

Jobs have increased, but only at the minimum wage level with slightly better than a sweet shop corporate mentality. The corporate sweet shop mentality does have a foundation, which is, the current and continuing 2009-2016 political administration that is continuing to over shadow the "Make America Great Again" plan.

February 15, 2018
Housing Market Sales Down -3.6% in January 2018.
Home Loan Interest Rates begin to soar more quickly. They are up +25% in the last week from 2-1-2018 to 2-8-2018.  Rates saw a similar increase in January 2018 of +.25% to +.375%. Overall for 2018 first 45 days Interest Rates have increased .50% (Up half a percent since the Feds 12-14-2017 last increase). USA Home Sales  Average for a no growth 2017 is +0.23%.   
December 27, 2017
Retail Store Major Chain Closures
Retail Stores survive Black Friday with sales up approximately 1% over 2016 Sales for the same period of November and December. Retail store closures of major chains are still forth coming for 2018. Retail Sales for 2017 remain barely above Zero.

November 16, 2017
Black Friday Holiday Sales
As Black Friday approaches their is no good news for Retail Sales in America.  With Sales just above 0-Zero, the Retail Stores embrace the hopes of lower prices will stimulate Store Chain Sales to prevent further store closures in 2018.

October 24, 2017
Retail sales are up for the month of September but came in lower than expected. The up swing is in all probability is from Christmas orders and not an improving USA economy.   USA Home Sales were up +0.7% for the month of September 2017. Nationwide Home sales average for the year is at about 0%  or slightly negative (-) compared to 2016. 
October 10, 2010                                   
American's and America brace for the impact of the FED next arbitrary interest rate hike as promised by the Washington Bureaucrats. The Rate Hike is fueled by the FED Chief Janet Yellen a Democratic Appointee from the prior 2009-2016 exiting administration. Can America afford a new recession in 2017?

The FED doesn't seem to be interested in America or America's future. The Dollar is has been and is currently struggling under the current state of affairs regarding a over spent, pork belly former administration. How will the dollar react when the past debt of the 2008-2016 administration  becomes a Federal Reserve Board "Write Down" of  100's of Billions of Debt not paid back by the outgoing 2009-2016 administrations constituency.

September 28, 2017
All major economic indicators for the USA are Down again in August  2017. Retail Sales are at -0.2%, Housing Starts at -0.8% and New Home Sales fall again -0.4% as the New Recession emerges in full strength.
August 18, 2017
SA economy shows continued weakening in Retail Sales, Real Estate and Consumer Confidence.                                        

July 18, 2017                                 
Home Sales in May 2017 have leveled out after 10 months decline beginning in July 2016. The steady decline from July
2017 thru May 2017 aligned itself with the FED and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac interest rate hikes. This adjustment to home prices was up to approximately -$17,800 since July 2016.
In May and June of 2017 prices leveled due to the fact that there were a lack of home sales in the 0-$100,000 range coming in at a -7.2% and $100,000 to $250,000 coming in at 2.0%, approximately -20%  lower from the preceding month of April 2017.

The  up end support for the market leveling out was from home sales above $250,000. The current result of the FED action is apparently choking off about -30% of the real estate purchase market, not to mention the mortgage loan volume that is also down..

July 1, 2017
US FED interest rate hike drives USA economy deeper down heading the USA into recessionary levels on productivity, Retail Sales, New and Home Sales over the past year and current Auto Sales. The FED writes off America and Americans and calls it a day with unemployment insurance benefits (a 12 month benefit term) improving. The unemployment insurance level is not a calculation for actual unemployed Americans.
                                       June 6, 2017
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Mortgage Rates are easing down to about 3.50%, but it appears the Banks are not following. This may be in anticipation of a future FED Rate Hike to the Prime Lending Rate and Federal Funds Rate that have a direct and indirect influence on Mortgage Interest Rates.

June 2,
USA Existing Home Sales Down -2.3% in April. Cumulative average for 2017 is +0.4%. Retail Sales are at all time lows. Auto Sales for 2017 are less than 2016 for the first 5 month of 2017. To date the FED has not made any moves to improve the depressed USA economy. FED meets again June 14, 2017.
May 24,2017
USA New Housing Starts hit the Wall, Down -2.8% in April and -6.8% in March  and -2.6% in January 2017.

New Home Sales crashed in April -11.4% zeroing out
February and March 2017 gains.  Retail Sales stumbled again at +0.4%. US FED continues to ignore USA economy downturns.                              

May 16, 2017    
Retail Sales:
for April 2017 came in a 0.4% approximately -0.2% less than expected.  The first 4 month average of Retail Sales is a depressing .18% about -3.2% under the low benchmark.

A healthy USA Retail Sales figure would be between +3.5% to +5.0%.       

May 1, 2017
USA Major Retailers Store Closures:  
Retail Sales for March 2017 -0.2%.
In a lack luster American economy, Americans and American business try to weather the economic storm.  You may have heard of a couple of the following stores, Sears, JC Penny. Payless, Radio Shack, American Apparel that are among the highest in USA Store Closures for 2017, as reported by the Labor Department  employment statistics. Why are these USA Major Retailers closing? No business. Why is there no business? The consumer has no extra Dollars to spend. Why is there no extra dollars to spend?

Simply put, because the American Purchaser also know as the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg is being goosed.  Many Americans today have to carry 2 part time jobs. Wages over the last 8 years are down 30%.  The TRUMP Administration was left with a 8 years of 1.5 Million less Actual Unemployed Workers.The FED is escalating interest rates in a depression/great recession economy. Potential home buyers and step up home buyers and sellers are being squeezed out of the market by monthly and quarterly interest rate increases that are a result of  the FED actions.                       

April 6, 2017
Retail Sales Low:
Retail Sales have been very low for 2017 year to date. New Home sales which accounts for about 10% of the USA Housing Market have shown a good result, so far for 2017. Existing home sales are underwater for 2017 resulting from a down trending 4th quarter of Home Sales in 2016. In the third quarter of 2016 Existing Home sales appeared to be heading for a year end upswing before interest rates increased almost a 1.0% in 4 months. Since then the FED has raised the Prime Lending Rate which in the final analysis comes back on Americans as higher interest rates on all credit products.

The National Debt decreased in February and March 2017 as did Money Printing. This seemingly shows a strengthening of the USA economy. The reality is the debt increase scenario, the doubling of the National Debt since 2008, will at some point begin the increase of the National Debt.
US FED  continues to ignore the need of Americans to have capital gains to stimulate the America jobs, income, productivity and retail sales.


March 10, 2017
National Debt Down:

The National Debt is Down 31 Billion in since January 2017 as of March 10, 2017. This is significant since the National Debt has been adding 40 to 50 Billion a Month for quite some time. The Net improvement is about 70 Billion Dollars in about 60 days. In addition the Dollar Supply " printing new money utilizing the Taxpayer as security for the currency" is DOWN over 121 Billion". These two factors if they continue, somewhat demonstrate that the American economy has the where-with-all to improve.

Mortgage interest rates have stayed flat at 4.375% in January and February 2017. USA Home Sales fluctuated up +3.3% for January 2017. Retail Sales came in slightly higher in a lack luster USA economy. New Home Sales were Up 3.7%. New home sales account for about 10% of the Housing Market.

The basic issue today for the Trump administration is that the American consumer lacks viable Capital to stimulate its own USA economy. In the last 8 years the government and investment focus has been in foreign investments leaving USA Main Street citizens behind.

February 3, 2017
Mortgage Rates:

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac jump Mortgage Interest Rates in last quarter of 2016. USA Existing Home Sales Market Drops -6.00% in 3 months as FED increase the Prime Lending Rate on December 16, 2016. This move by the FED increases the probability of static growth and will slow a moving forward under the new administration's plan.

January 10, 2017
Stock Market:
The Stock Market reacts bold to the President Elect Donald Trump plan for America. Bond Markets still struggle. The Federal Reserve Board ignores their target set for the USA economy of a 2.0% Inflation Rate for the USA economy and raised Interest Rates in Mid December with a current average Inflation Rate is 1.19%. A Inflation Rate of 1.0% is considered a economic depression level for a Top 10 Country. Interest rates worldwide have been at low or negative interest levels since mid 2016. This is a blow to the USA economy especially for a new President with stronger internal economic goals for 2017.

USA Economy Actual Model Month

Nationwide Statistics for the Month of March  2016

EXISTING HOME SALES are Up in March over Mar.2015 5.1%
SINGLE FAMILY Homes For Sale prices eased Up. 5.5%
SINGLE FAMILY Condo's For Sale prices eased Up. 1.8%
AVERAGE PRICE CHANGE per "Home For Sale", Up. 3.9%
Commercial Building in High Metro Areas and "Multi Family residences upswing". Rental unit building is up while Housing units down. 

USA National Real Estate Sales continues to falter as FED increases interest rates. Multi Family continues on the rise and single family homes faulter as of January 4, 2019.

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