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News Brief 4-30-2014, Just The Facts:

The cumulative Inflation Rate from 2008-2014 is 10.5%. Therefore the cost $100.00 item in 2008 today would cost a $110.50 in 2014. Our $100.00 value has been diminished by an average inflation rate estimated at 2.1% annual, cumulative over that last 5 years which results in a today value of $89.50.

Hi mom, I was just born 6/23/2014 and did you know I owe our government $55,137.00 for our National Debt already. 

Don't worry about it son or daughter I owe the government $151,159.00 and so does your dad. So between us, our family owes America $357,455.00.

Basically it's because of the partial and flawed decisions in our behalf by our elected officials. We're in good hands.
 That's the good news! Just think if you had a brother or sister we would owe $412,592.00 and it's growing up fast like you!

And that's not all! In addition, there's the USA Total Debt of a mere government 61 Trillion Dollars. This debt by our government is assessed at a Total Debt Per Citizen of $193,201.00; Total Debt Per Family is $757,342.00.

What is inflation? A sustained, rapid increase in prices, as measured by some broad index, such as the Consumer Price Index, over months or years according to Morgan and Morgan
 a Law Firm. The CPI is the Inflation Rate. By definition CPI is the increase cost imposed annually on the buying public, at the wholesale and retail level.

Why do we as Americans have to worry about inflation?
Because it does affect our daily lives.
Today 6/23/2014 there are 47,248,924 million American families and children are living in poverty. As of 12/31/2008 there were 38,494,540 million American families and children were living in poverty.
The Poverty Level is UP 18.53% from 2008-2014.

That's 8,754,384 million more Americans Living in Poverty in the last 5+ years. Americans have raised the bar from 31 million American to 45 million on Food Stamps.
Food Stamps are UP 31.12% from 2008-2014.

American Medium Income
As of 06/23/2014 a individual, Medium Income is at $28,337.00 relatively unchanged since12/31/2000 when the Median Income was $28,463.00

No real change in income in the last 14 years. But if you go to the store and buy a beef product, according to the USDA, prices are up 56.07% from $3.00 a pound to $5.35 a pound. We also need a little Propane to cook our hamburger that's up is up 40.11% from $1.38 to $3.44. The US Poverty level exceeds 15%+ and is not improving. Now that's inflation.

The answer is simple, because of change.
What change?
The change that occurred in 2008 and 2012; America on Welfare, is not what Americans voted for, it is what we got.

What do you mean?
Well, here is how it adds up. As a American we are under a Democracy and Capitalist check and balance system. Americans are responsible in the final analysis for all debt, National, Federal Reserve Debt and Private Loans, from other Countries, like China, Russia, etc., that our elected government officials obligate us, that has resulted in a substantial shortage of income taxes, "Internal Revenue" collected to pay these "Government Obligations".

Get to the point, right?
Simply put in 2008 Americans paid a +200 Billion in tax revenue.
This appears to us as a 0
Balance, right? No. In 2004 alone, we had approximately -200 Billion of unpaid tax "Debt by Government" due to being over Budget. Because of the excessive spending resulting in excessive national debt we will have a -800 Billion of unpaid tax increasing annually posted to our debt.















World Clock
USA 6/23/2014
Analysis & News

2008 National Debt
-10.3 Trillion
-1.44 Trillion Annual
Incurred Debt

2014 National Debt
-17.5 Trillion
- 7.2 Trillion in 5 Yrs.
Up 55.55% in 5 Yrs

1978 National Debt
-771.5 Billion

2008 National Debt      -10.3 Trillion
-9.5 Trillion over a
30 year period

2014 National Debt
-17.5 Trillion

  -7.2 Trillion over a      5 year period

Cummlation Inflation
+10.5% Prices
2008 $100.00 cost

2014 $110.50 Today
Consumer Prices UP

  Inflation Rate
2.1% CPI
2008 Your $100.00
2014 Worth $89.50
US Dollar at Home

We are Depressionary
Real Estate Related

As of 6/23/2014
a +3.0 - 4.0% Inflation
a stable 7.5% -12.5%

Rate Average is Req.
Annual Appreciation

Federal Reserve 2008-NegitiveBalance 2014-NegitiveBalance

- 800 Billion (est.)
- 4 Trillion 800 Billion


Just the Facts Continued

National Debt 14 Year History
National Debt -05 Trillion 600 Billion 9/30/2000
National Debt -10 Trillion 000 Billion 9/30/2008
National Debt -17 Trillion 500 Billion 6/23/2014

Tax Rate
Your 2008 "actual" tax rate of 20% is now about 70% which is not being accessed but accruing plus the unpaid tax "Debt by Government" Over Budget is an additional  70% continuing to accrue.


National Debt 00 Trillion 772 Billion 6/30/1978
National Debt 05 Trillion 600 Billion 9/30/2000 (UP 4.8 in 22 Years)
National Debt 10 Trillion 000 Billion 9/30/2008 (UP 9.2 in 30 Years)*
Note* Included above is the 1.5 Trillion Bank Wall Street Bailout
National Debt 17 Trillion 500 Billion (UP 7.2 in 5+ Years)
National Debt Clock indicates up 207%as of 6/23/2014

As of 6/23/2014:
The "Actual Unemployment Rate" is 16.23%" unchanged from 10/2011
Based on fulltime workers at 35+ hours a week; Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2008 the "Actual Unemployment Rate" was 12.47% which appears to have been on a 40 hour work week. (Calcualtion based on Taxpayer's, different from people that work here and don't pay USA taxes).

Mom Dad is there more? Yes, just the facts has only just begun. Did we make your day?

Because of the leverage aspect of real estate investing real estate is your best portfolio guard to inflation.