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     National Bankers
Business credit may be approved and funded in 10 business days with no income verification,
a corporation and your personal credit scores. Utilizing the Daytona Business Credit approach the
Investor Net Yield will be up to 23.5% to 57.0% for 1 year possible.

Idea: Move up from a credit position to all cash position with a line of credit
Idea: Move into another investment while cash is invested elsewhere

Your Card Rate will be based on the Prime Rate plus a Margin. Your Credit Card will be issued with 0% Interest for 6 to 13 Months with between 9% APR and 14% APR, Variable Rate, with No Income Verification.

Note* Credit Report inquires lower your credit score. As part of the pre-approval process with your authorization we will order your report.

Financial Affiliate:
Contact Naud Robinson to Pre- Qualify:
National is an,

Intermediary to the creditor for qualifing purposes.
Complete Pre-qualifier App, next page.

 or e-Mail:

All correspondence will receive a reply, on the next business day.

Quick Qualifier Info:
  • Interest Rate: 0% first 6 to 13 months, Guarantee
  • 720 Credit Score preferred.
  • 680 Credit Scores and above is Acceptable
  • Rapid Rescore Available if needed 
  • No collateral and no upfront fees
  • No Income Documentation required for qualifing
  • Up to $150,000 Initial Loan Amount
  • Acutal Rate based on Prime Rate + Margin
  • Debt Consolidation Loan available with concurrent funding
  • Corporate Seasoning Two Years
  • DBA to start up Corporation
Anaylsis - Compare and Save:

Your Business Bank:
With Daytona you save on Business Credit.
Average Cash Advance Interest Rate 30%-35% Annual
Example: $50,000 x 35% = $17,500 Annual  interest to the Bank

Business Credit Card:
No Advance Fees
One Time Fee Off Set by 0% Interest and
Daytona's 1st investment transaction

Plus 0% Interest Rate for the First 6-13 Months. You earn 33.5% APR.
Then a 9% to 14% as determined by your credit scores
Variable Rate~Cash Advance Business Credit .
Based on The on the Current Wall Street Prime Rate of 4.25+ a Margin.

Underwriting Guidleines:

  • Preferred Score of 720 and above with at least 4 credit lines
  • Based on personal credit, 680 Minimum Credit Score required
  • Overall credit card average age of 4 years plus
  • Nothing reporting negative or late or any bankruptcies, etc 
  • Active business in the United States for 2 years
  • Proof of the EIN and Articles of Corporation
  • Credit Line can be increased to $450,000. maximum
  • No Personal Credit Reporting on this Business Loan
  • Some exceptions may apply


This is a Business Credit Card and is used just like a credit card.
There is no term. Apply Online and by Phone.

Cash Advance Business Credit Card:

Up to $150,000.00 in 10 business days

no upfront fees, no collateral required.
0%* for  6-13 Months 
After that ~ 9% - 14% APR Variable
Business Start Up:
The Institutional Lender also funds a Start up Business.
Minimum Credit score of 680 and above required
Credit Partners welcomed.
Credit consolidation/repair/rescore consultation available.
There will be no pre penalty fee. 
N.E. Robinson

Krista Towers

Funding Consultant

Terms and Conditions:
           One time fee due at funding

           Can be paid from the Line of Credit 

  • No Pre-pay Penalty 
  • First step in funding is for a No-Obligation, credit evaluation
  • Contact us for Pre-qualification and Approval
  • Funds may be used for any purpose


Daytona Investment Partner:

  1. Dollar Menu
  2. Individual LLc. Roll Over Plan
  3. Real Estate Secured  
  • Become a Financial Credit Partner with Daytona
  • Start earning using Leverage 
    up to 25.5% APR - 57% - with 1 turnaround annual

    Annually using the Business Credit Card.
  • Earn 33.5% APR, annually as a Cash Investor. 67.0% Max.