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Daytona Real Estate Investment and Homes and Rental Income Properties

Real Estate investing is the way of the future.

Cash flow properties offer the best investment security for your yielding capital.
Appreciation through Real Estate investment in a Home and or Investment property
is the best leveraged financial jump a individual, family or business can make in America.
January 1, 2022

                                                               DAYTONA INVESTMENTS
Daytona Beach Real Estate Investment 2018 Daytona Beach - Orlando - Cocoa Beach Real Estate News & Market Analysis
Daytona Flips Florida Multi Family Condos Commercial Projects Turn Key

Daytona Real Estate Investment

Daytona Real Estate Investment acquires and sells properties at below market prices. In most cases, we prefer quality homes, multi family and mixed use commercial that are in good and like neighborhood areas. We renovate the propertty and list it with an experienced Real Estate Broker in the area.

Daytona also purchases the real estate properties that are Bank owned and that require some work and can be resold  at a wholesale under market price when the renovation is completed. We utilize Real Estate Agents and offer the properties For Sale By Owner. Your individually secured LLC investment capital is used for this purpose and pays you
33.5% APR , or more, Partner.

We will also consider a purchase of a MultiFamily 1 to 4 Units. In addition, we will purchase a Mixed Use property available through (SBA) Small Business Administration™, Banking and Private sources. These properties are for redevelopment and require reinvestment. Daytona Real Estate Investment is the developer.

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Real Estate Investing in Florida
Daytona's NW Jacksonville, Florida, Turn Key properties are excellent source of preforming assets for a prudent investor. Daytona investment property is great for a 1031 Exchange Boot, that you may want to reinvest and have a instant positive cash flow with low maintenance and management.

We currently have Turn Key properties and residential investment property available in Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach and Miami Beach, Florida. The Daytona Beach eastern seaboard appears to has stable to intermittent appreciation in the past years. Daytona's Turnkey properties have seasoned tenants. These homes were completely updated in 2010 and are a good long term real estate investment. Our homes qualify for Conventional and FHA/VA financing. We also provide flip, fix, rental income property financing to sub prime borrowers that do not qualify with 203K Lenders.

The appraisal market is stable to volatile and a great investment for the investor is looking for solid cash flow with past, current and future appreciation. Daytona properties are available individually or as a package.  Management and Annual Leases are already in place. 

Daytona Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investing and Cash Flow Property

The importance of a cash flow property investment is the ROI "Return On Investment."  You can determine your ROI by dividing the Purchase Price by your Annual  Rental Income.

Increase your ROI if you adjust your annual rental income based on the 27.5 Year Depreciation on your Schedule E.  Utilizing this tax benefit that adjusts your personal income up the same amount increases your net annual yield.

The ajoining slide show is a brief pictorial of each Northwest Jacksonville property's close to the St. John River Resort Area as one of its neighborhood communities. See Daytona's grid on Houses For Sale, Condos For Sale. 

Daytona Real Estate Investment leased homes and investment property are easy to purchase and there is no rental income down time. The properties have stable tenants with renewable annual leases at competitive market rates and an excellent property managment. With pre screened tenants, your property will stay in good conditioning and the lessors will help you build good neighborhood relationships.

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