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Daytona Real Estate Investment has Investor Funding for Flips and or Fix the Home or 2 to 4 Units, Daytona is an Affiliate with a National Mortgage Lender focused on the needs of experienced, locally expert residential investors. The Mortgage Company has originated more than 3,000 loans in the past two years alone. These loans are a Option if you have been turned down by your Bank or Conventional Loan Lenders. These are Specialty Loans for Real Estate Investors.

The Daytona Investment Property, Rehab Loan is available in 34 States and addresses a specific area of finance in today's real estate market.

A real estate investor, that purchases a property that needs work, generally can not, be financed by any institutional source of real estate loans. The reason is they are being sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or a similar Mortgage Backed Securities buyer.

The Daytona specialty financing alternative, is a good choice when your 203K Lenders will not fund your investment property, purchase, flip and or fix proposal.

Buy, Sell, Flip, Fix,Trade with Daytona and establish yourself as a Investor. If you are an established Investor look at what we have to offer, it may fit some of your real estate investment needs now or in the future.

Daytona as a Affiliate to the Lender and provides financing to the Real Estate Investor, Flipper and Renovator, that value our fast, simple and dependable process. This Sub Prime Property Financing is Equity and Score driven. Daytona loan qualification offers a reasonable loan program, rate and point cost in relation to the exposure for a specific real estate transaction. 

For example if your Equity is 35% percent and Credit Scores are 700+, your rate and point cost will be lower than a 650+ Credit Score borrower. We adjust the rate up or down on equity and credit point score, in increments.

As an example, subject to the transaction, a 12 month Fix and Flip, will 
generally bare a higher rate and point cost with a 650 to 699 Scores than at  700+ Scores. On Rental Income Property (schedules not yet posted) a 50% Equity position and 740+ Credit Score with a 1.50 Debt Service Coverage Ratio "DSCR", your rate may be as low as 5.99%. We have approximately 50 programs that fall in between the examples. With a 35% Equity Position 65% LTV Loan and 660-699 Credit Score, 1.00 to 1.29 DSCR your rate could be 8.55%. The point cost percentage of the loan off sets the issue that these are loans generally not made.

This is because we lend primarily on the Investment Property. We have, No Income Verifications and No Debt-To-Income calculations in most scenarios for borrowers who can demonstrate financial strengths in other areas. If you have a excellent credit scores and supporting documentation we have adds to our rates for exceptions.

Cost and Rates based on Flip Flexibility

No-Documentation Loans:  NO W2s, NO Tax Returns, NO Bank Statements, NO Employment Verification
Low-Doc Rental Income Property Available:  NO Employment Verification, NO Sourcing of Funds, NO Income Verification
Low Doc Home or Rental Income Property 5 Year Fixed 30 Year Amortization: Investor or Home Flip Occupant



650+ Credit Scores 
720+ Preferred Rates
Close in Weeks, not Months 

Max LTV 65% "current market"
on Purchases and Refi Cash-Outs
Sub Prime ~ B Paper ~ "Alt A"  Lending
Rates as Low as 5.99% to 9.99%


Min. Loan Amount: $25K 
Max Loan Amount: $2 million
depending on Loan Product

Flip Property Products: 
12 Month Interest Only
Buy and Hold Products: 
3 Yr., 5 Yr., 10Yr.  and
30-Year Amortizations
  • No Sourcing or Seasoning of Funds
  • Refinance while the Home is Listed
  • 30-Day Seasoning on Refinance
  • Foreign Nationals Approved 


(1) 6 MONTHS INTEREST ONLY  ~ 700+ Credit Scores FLIP ONLY 11.99% 6% Cost 65% LTV  C-1 to C-3 Properties
60% LTV   C-4 to C-5 Properties
Minimum of Value or Purchase Price  ~ $50,000.  ~ 1 Renewal REFINANCE LTV
(2) 6 MONTHS INTEREST ONLY ~ 650 to 699 Credit Scores FLIP ONLY 12.99% 7% Cost 60%  LTV C-1 to C-3 Properties
50%  LTV C-4 to C-5 Properties
Loan Guideline Requirements:
Defination: C-1 to C-3 Properties:



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Low Doc Home or Rental Income Property 5 Year Fixed 30 Year Amortization
Low Doc Loan Rates and Terms + Add To Rate Exceptions

 LTV  Less than 50% 50.01 - 60.00% 60.01-65.00% 65.01-70.00% 
740+  7.49% 7.625% 7.75% 8.75%
720-739 7.625% 7.75% 7.875% 9.00%
700-719 7.625% 7.75% 7.75% 9.5%
Terms  Non Leased Reduce LTV 10% 7-12 Months Seasoning Max  65% LTV Max Cash Out 65% Credit Score 700+
6% Cost
Terms First Time Investor Reduce LTV 5% First Time Home Buyer Reduce LTV 5% Declining Market Reduce LTV  5% Credit Score 650-699
7% Cost
Terms UBP > $1M Reduce LTV 5% 0-6 Months Seasoning Lesser Of Purchase Price or Appraised Value. Cash Out Max 65% LTV
Rate Adds 5/1 ARM +0.25% to Rate Cash Out Under 50% LTV +0.125% to Rate
Over 50% LTV +0.25% to Rate
2-4 Units +0.25% Up To 65% LTV 1 Yr. Prepay +0.25% to Rate
Rate Adds  Foreign National +0.50% to Rate
Up to 55% LTV
No Prepay Penalty +0.50% to Rate
 Low Doc ~ Rental Income Property ~ New Loan Rates ~ Coming August 15, 2017