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DAYTONA USA NEWSREEL ~ December 1, 2018
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Daytona Real Estate Investment News 
Commitment to Excellence:
Daytona USA NewsReel reports cover USA Investment News. Daytona Investment News looks at the current USA Investment Banking and Government News. Daytona compares newly released reports to released information and the future that effects the USA economy. Daytona Investment News also develops the investment strategy, cause and effect that drive results in Financial Market. Daytona brings into focus adjustments that occur in US Government, Wall Street, Real Estate, Business and Finance.

Daytona USA NewsReel has the progressive archives of newsworthy events and articles that bring us into present day news. Just The Facts news articles are researched and supported by various independent news sources that have completed some degree of investigagtive reporting. Daytona's opinion on America is developed withing the context of the arguments and in agreement as set forth by Daytona News Editor in Chief.

Daytona USA Financial News
provides accurate details and the most up to date pertinent Retail Sales, Real Estate financial information. 
Also, we cover Investment Banking interest rates and a forecast that will give you the economic facts you need to make your next move in real estate, finance and how USA business is reacting to the financial marketplace.

Daytona USA World News and its data renders an implied forecast based on recent newsworthy events to help provide a clear picture of how world events may have a direct or indirect reflection on the USA economy, Wall Street strategy and your home or current and future Real Estate Investments.

Daytona  Investment
Investments and current investor opportunities and options.
Daytona Beach Real Estate Investment News:
We survey the Daytona Beach and surrounding areas of Cocoa Beach and Orlando, FL Real Estate markets.  
Daytona News Agency, Just the Facts, information consist of how the local Real Estate and the National Real Estate is viewed and compared by Daytona News to Independent and Goverenment Information sources. 
In addition, Local  and Regional data information resources is compared to the National market updates by the National Association of Realtors

Breaking News - National Debt -Implosion-US and Terrorism, 4-12-2018
 News Archive Trump report card-Grade 75% C, 3-15-2018
Daytona USA Financial News 2018 - Real Estate - Retail Sales - Interest Rates - Commentary, 4-11-2018
Daytona USA World News
Daytona Beach - Orlando - Cocoa Beach


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  The Cash Advance Business Credit Card 
  A Low Rate Cash Advance Credit Card for your Real
  Estate Investments.

  • If you need capital for your business, cash reserves, investment or cash for any reason.
  • No Income Verification available from $10,000 to $150,000 limits.
  • The Low Cash Advance Rate Cap is a Variable Rate tied to the Prime Lending Rate of 4.25%.


 Real Estate Business Plan 2017 Business Plan Link

 Daytona Real Estate Investment has the experience and expertise when it comes to capitalizing on current  market and economic conditions. Our affiliate professionals assist us with short and long-term acquisition,  renovation and sales, so that we may provide our Real Estate Investors with excellent secured yields from  7.5%% to 33.5% APR. An adequate retirement plan for today requires $65,000. invested at 23% annually. eMail us. Each investment has its own individualized LLC to provide security for the investment unless  you elect to have multiple investments.

  Target Investments                   DAYTONA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT ~ ANALYSIS AND  PROCESS    "See below"

Daytona Real Estate Investment

Daytona Real Estate Investment  Buyer Seller Alternatives

Right now is the perfect time for those who are looking to invest and get an excellent, current, and future return on buy, sell, fix, flip, real estate investments.

The current real estate market is great for investors who want to Buy-Sell-Hold or Trade investment property for a short term or long term profit. Short term gains, over a long-term real estate investment program, provides you both a short-term profit and savings for retirement.

Daytona Real Estate Investment News, Orlando, FL, What we do

Real Estate versus Stocks and Bonds A Comparison

Daytona Investors profit on the Short-Term Buy, Fix, Sell and can gain on the Long-Term with the Daytona buy out provision. With a Customized Daytona Real Estate Investment Plan, there is no continuing obligation. The Investor may cash out at any time.

With the Rental Income and the Cash Flow potential we have today, your Daytona Real Estate investment yield will provide security for your capital and a hedge in the Investors favor against future inflation and devaluation. Profit today!

Also, if the Investor has a Real Estate IRA Plan, Daytona will accommodate the Investors vehicle for extra real estate income profits. Daytona Real Estate Investment Expected Yield is 33.5%APR. Different from the Stock Market, Daytona gives you tangible security for your investment. Wall Street Expected Yield is 4.44% in 2016 with "Blue Sky" as security for your investment. Daytona's secured  yield is 7.5% to 33.5% APR based on your capital contribution.

Daytona Real Estate Investment

The Acquisition and Paperwork 
Ten Steps  to a 7.5% to 33.5% APR Yield

1) The Business Credit Card - Acceptable Proof Of Funds
2) LOC or Letter Of Credit - Acceptable Proof Of Funds
3) Select  Property - Daytona Purchases
4) Daytona Negotiates the Transaction with the Bank
5) Daytona reserves a 15 day Inspection period.
6) Escrow is usually 21-30 days.
7) Daytona LLC or Trust Deed 
8) Daytona Renovation time is estimated 15-30 days
9) List and Sell.
10) Monthly or quarterly Investor payment Schedules

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Acquisition The Property Re-Development Process 

We will set appointments for you, before, during and after as requested to inspect the property. We procure the transaction per our agreement with your instructions and our guidelines.

We will prepare and have forward/ed all necessary forms and agreements for your review, approval, and signing. Time is of the essence. We do and can accept back up offers.

We will have an inspection period of 15 days, where you may opt out. All deposits will be made directly to the Title and Escrow Company or as permitted by State or Federal requirements.

As a buyer and seller, we are experts in marketing, property acquisition, cash flow analysis, lending, financing, title, and legal processes.

 Request more information about our investment properties by using our contact us form.