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Daytona Real Estate Investment
Current Investment Opportunity ~ Coastal Property~ Florida
Acquisition - Redevelopment - Turnkey 

*SFR - Residential investment
75K and up. Fix and resale.
Term 3-6 Months 

Investor or Investor Group Yield
 19.3% to 33.5% APR ~ ROI
Call L/M  646.400.8889

Please leave a message or text; your call will be returned.

Business calls only, please no solitiation on this line.

Turnkey Investment
Business Opportunity 425K
Liquor Store, Coastal Location FL, License , Inventory Secured
and Blue Sky.
On site co-investor
N.E. Robinson, Experienced*
Call 646.400.8889  & text .

If unavailable please;
       If unanswered please leave a message  with best time to return the call and your time zone. Thank you.
October 1, 2019


Business calls only, Thank you.


USA News Reel pending update for October  15, 2019

                                                      The Daytona Real Estate Investment Partner

The Daytona individual investment begins at $75,000 with a yield of 19.30% APR. Crowd investment amounts are secured in your name as a Member of the LLC with other Members and Daytona. Capital: Individual investment a low as $5,000.
Daytona boosts the Yield as Investor(s) increase their Investment with Daytona. Individul investents begin at $75,000, 6 month term.
At an Investment level of $100,000+, the Individual Investor, Investment Group Yield is 33.5% APR.

Daytona Investments are a real estate secured, risk-based investment. e-Mail us your parameters.

Yield Investment
Yield Investment
$5,000 To $10,000 7.50% APR $30,000 To $50,000 14.50% APR $75,000 To $99,000 25.50% APR
$10,000 To $30,000 11.50% APR $50,000 To $75,000 19.30% APR $100,000 Plus 33.50% APR


Daytona Real Estate Investing in Florida primarily consists of available wholesales Homes  and Condos For Sale in Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach and Orlando FL.

Daytona buys Homes, Condos and Multi-Family Units at a discount, renovates and or redevelops the real estate and resells or holds the property. The current real estate market has Homes, Condos and Units For Sale by the Owner.

Daytona's primary focus at this time is coastal properties. Real Estate Investing in the coastal areas of Florida appears to be secure based on the appreciation of real estate values in the area.
Real Estate investing news has reported double digit appreciation in the overall Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, Orlando and Florida in the last 5 years.

The latest Real Estate News indicates that a Daytona type of real estate investment transaction will provide the same real estate value estimate in the current market as has been previously experienced in Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach and the surrounding Orlando area.

The annualized investor return, ROI "Return On Investment" when financing a Daytona Investment will range from 19.3% to 33.5% APR. 
The investment secured by agreement and is cash or may be financed with our Cash Advance Business Credit Card. 
National Bankers Credit       DAYTONA'S ~ CASH ADVANCE BUSINESS CREDIT CARD ~ AVAILABLE  To $150,000 NIV Approval
Daytona Real Estate Investment has a new way to invest and track the Daytona Investment utilizing our Business Credit Card. The introductory offer is for 0% Interest for the First 6-13 months based on your good to excellent credit score on balances from $10,000 to $150,000. Makes it easy to track the financial progress of your Daytona Real Estate Investment.

There is No Income Verification required for your Cash Advance Business Credit line. The Business Credit Card is issued with a very competitive Unlimited Cash Advance rate, based on your good credit score of 680+ or 720+.

You may use funding for e-RETV as a Producer of video or TV advertisment.
Yes, your rate is your Cash Advance Rate! This No Income Verification Cash Advanced Credit Card has one of the lowest cash advance credit cards rates available, with easy qualifying and financial tracking of the Daytona Investment.

Start investing in Real Estate, Advertising or your Business today and step up your capital investments and keep your cash reserves liquid. You may use the card for any reason. Click on our Nationl Bankers Business Credit tab for further information and Quick Qualifer app.
Any up front fee will be reimbursed to you on your first Daytona Investment or for a e-RETV, Producer video or ad.
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Daytona's Real Estate Investment News covers the latest Real Estate News in Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach and Orlando Florida real estate growth markets. We compare this regional snapshot to the present day National Real Estate economic picture. 

Daytona USA Newsreel explores and reports a perspective on the Trump Administration plans, Wall Street futures, the Federal Reserve Board actions, Inflation Rate and the USA Statistical Financial positions. 

Daytona USA Financial News details current Housing, Retail Sales and Mortgage Rates. Daytona's commentary provides a summary of the yielding result. 

How do these issues affect your existing investments? Just The Facts, is supported by confirmed data. We depict the history of the market and bring it up to date so you have all the current information available for your future investment decision-making process. Keeping you in touch with the just the facts. Link

We take a close look at current events, political history, rhetoric and propaganda that impact the market and investment news media. Link

Daytona News Agency, news in brief, brings you current events and newsworthy stories on USA Real Estate World News.  Daytona's News in brief addresses the cause and effect of the event in real time. Daytona USA World News also reviews the projected Gross Domestic Product growth or decline of the top 10 Countries and hot real estate markets.

Daytona Real Estate Investment News is a good quick way to view a current model market.Compare a good market strategy based on the economic events surrounding the real estate industry's present and future strategy and profitability. Real Estate is the most valuable asset of any individual or family in America.  Real Estate values and the ownership of real estate is affected by some or all of the economic News today.

Our factual reports encompass the current market reaction so you may make an informed decision regarding investment strategy for the future. e-RETV and Daytona News Agency provides and compares current investment strategy's.

e-RETV and the Daytona New Agency compares investment markets and their future regarding current and potential profitability.

Daytona News Agency
Update Pending 10-15-19
 USA NewsReel ~ Breaking News  ~ Budget

Daytona USA News 6-12-2019
The FED - USA Economy - Investment 2019 - Trumps Efforts

News Archive Articles
Daytona USA News 

Daytona USA Financial News 6-19-2019 Link

USA Consumer Data -  Real Estate  Downtrending Sales 2019  ~  FED Meeting on Rates rates discussed in June, 2019

Daytona USA World News 6-12-2019
 Todays Indication

REAL ESTATE NEWS - National Home Sales Comparison (most recent reports)
Daytona Beach  Up 1.4%       USA Home Sales Down to -0.4%. Average for April 2019

Daytona Real Estate Investment News Update Pending 6-2019 
Daytona Beach Real Estate Average Home Sales Up +1.4%% at $275,114 for April 2019 . ($271,684  4-2018)
Home values have rebounded from a  single digit appreciation back to double digit monthly increase to single. 

Daytona Beach Condos and Town Homes Average Sales Down -1.9% at $216,320 in April 2019. ($220,604   4-2018)
Latest update April 21, 2019   (6/18/2019)

Real Estate News and Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach Orlando Market Analysis /Update Pending 
Quarterly Report ~ Next Report February 15, 2019
Regional Market Analysis and Property Comparison ~ Values Up
(most recent available )

NATIONAL HOME SALES  Down for  April 2019 (-0.4)  6-12-2019 Update
Home Sales Down 6.4% in December to close out the year 2018 . Negative figures for USA housing again.

       USA Home Sales Down April 2019                 (-0.4%)         
         USA Home Sales Down          January 2019   (-1.2%)           
        USA Home Sales Down       December 2018  (-6.4%)           
USA Home Sales Down in            June 2018 (-0.60%)

National Home Sales 2018 ~ 3 Months Down   (-0.58%)  3rd Quarter

 National Home Sales 2018 ~ 3 Months  Down  (-1.16%)
 2nd Quarter
National Home Sales 2018 ~ 3 Months  Down (-0.26%)  1st Quarter

National "Benchmark +7.50% Annual Lifetime Average "Normal Real Estate Growth"
National Real Estate Appreciation is currently at a negative as of November 30, 2018.

RETV News about the Publisher and Editor
I have over 20 years experience as a Corporate CEO, Broker Of Record and Corporate Owner in Lending and the buy, hold, sell, trade "exchange."  I have built  futures in real estate investment and the financing markets. I am also an Executive Producer of Film, TV Programing and Advertising.

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Daytona Cash Advance Business Credit

e-RETV &
Daytona Business Credit @ 0%

Manage your investment capital at a 0% Interest Rate for the first 6 to12 months, for  your "Daytona Real Estate or e-RETV Media Investment" and get the ball rolling in the black.

The Daytona Cash Advance rate is the same as your Prime+ Rate up to a $150,000.00 limit.

There is no income verification reqired.
Your good Credit Scores of 680+ and 720+ determine your rate and credit limit. Complete the National Bankers form to be approved.

Your Card may be used for all or part of your investment with Daytona. Your Card may also be used for any reason and is funded by USA Banks. Link

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Daytona Investment Financial Futures ~ Business Credit ~ Ad ~ © 1994-2019

Daytona Real Estate Investment
Current Investment Opportunity ~ Coastal Property
Acquisition & Redevelopment
Residential individual investment 75K and up 19.5% to 33.5% Yield.

Commercial Multi Family $1M
Investor or Investor Group

with your parameters.
Business Investment    $25,000
Business Opportunity $425,000
Currently Available
Call L/M 646-400-8889
Liq. Store License, Inventory, Blue Sky.

Relo-On site co-investor
N.E. Robinson, Experienced*

Daytona has a pending acquisition projects available that requires a infusion of investment capital to begin and complete the project.


Daytona Real Estate Investment has availability for Financial Partners, Investment Bankers, Hedge Funds and Venture Capitalists for larger projects. This is focused for the real estate investor or company that is looking for a high yield and tax advantages. We have several projects we are interested in at this time.

Investor terms are approximately 1 to 3 years on most Commercial:
What you need to know. Daytona Commercial Investment Property.
e-Mail us for further details.

Contact us to purchase your own Buy, Fix
and Sell Homes and 2-4 Units in the Daytona, Lake Mary, Orlando corridor. Make an Offer; once accepted you may go see and inspect the property. You may select to Opt out of the Purchase Agreement upon your visual inspection, usually within 7 days or continue the Purchase as agreed. Estimated Close in 30 days or less, subject to the property inspection turnaround. These are a good quality fixers and you may use Realtor or representation of your choice!

All fee agreements must be in writing at the onset of the investor relationship. Daytona Real Estate Investment will consider a Buyer Offer from a Realtor or Attorney to purchase with a Conventional/FHA/VA Loan. Daytona recommends that the investor give consideration to Daytona's local recommended attorney if required.

Daytona Funding Buy Fix Flip Investors, do it yourself, property and
financing is available with "Daytona's Sub Prime Package" with 35% Down. Sample,with $25,000 capital Daytona will arrange $75,000 Interim Financing for up to 36 months. Term includes a "safety net."

Real Estate "do it yourself" Investors qualify with 650+ Credit Scores for Purchase Money, Flip, Fix, Sell and or 3-year Fixed Financing for Buyout and or Turn Key Rental Income Property financing in 34 States and for a Daytona Real Estate Investment.

Daytona's Investor " You Cash The Check," ROI Rate of Return is 33.5%. Net Daytona Investor yield approximately ranges from 7.5% to 33.5 APR based on your capital investment and position.

The actual Lender "CTL" Cash To Loan underwriting approval must accompany the offer and down payment verification. The Purchase Agreement must be only "subject to " inspection and appraisal. All buyers and investors have 15 days for any inspections with a 30-day close date on the purchase. Daytona Real Estate Investment Transaction Process Link- FAQ's see mid page
Yielding Investor Investment
Daytona Real Estate Investor Hub has excellent financial opportunities for Real Estate Investors who invest cash or have a letter of credit or are rolling over a Roth IRA type of investment. Contact Us encrypted e-Mail Form In addition, Investors with Boot or Rollover Investment Capital or New Capital may take advantage of our wholesale real estate investments, cash flow properties, with seasoned rental income. Daytona has renovated Turn Key Homes For Sale with management. The investor's secured investment will meet the current Appraisal Valuation market standards with FMV "Future Market Value," ARV, GRM "Area Gross Rents Multiplier" and "Net Cap Rates," with a verifiable cash flow history. Cash Investor, rental income yields are range from 10% to 16%, and generally may have an approximate 100% Annualized ROI "Rate Of Return" from Rental Income including US Tax Benefits. All Real Estate Investments may contain a buyout provision if you would like to add a property to your portfolio. Investors have the option to withdraw or rollover at the close of each investment. With Daytona's Investor Hub the entrepreneurial investor may buy wholesale fix and sell or lease yourself. Daytona is not affiliated to any other Investor Hub. With Daytona the Investor has the option to receive a Buyers Agent or Realtor representation for Purchase Agreement preparation, inspection and to close with a Title and Escrow Company transaction.
Contact us by email for more information about our affordable and profitable investment properties and yields.