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YEAR END 2021 - START 2022 - RATE INCREASE  ^ + .50%

NEWS BRIEF - Daytona USA News Media                      Just the Facts

January 15, 2022
Interest rates are forcasted to increase. If you have a Home Loan you might consider Locking In, immediately. The reason for this is the Federal Reserve is selling off some of their mortgage backed securities.

The base rate of 2.5% may increase to 3.5% on the Conforming Loan Limit of under $510,000. Today FNMA  has gone up to 3.02% (+.50%) and FHLMC is about the same since December 31, 2021.

Jumbo Loans over $510,000+ have increased to 3.5% (+.50%) and may increase up to 4.0%, soon. Sample on a Conforming Loan comparison with a 1% difference on rate is; $390,000 @ 2.5% rate your payment is $1540.97. At a 3.5% interest rate your payment is $1751.27.

This rate increase, will increase your payment, about $100.00 or more, today, than if you borrowed the same amount in December 2021.

January 10, 2022                                                                                                                                      (Ongoing)  $+  Trillion 2022)    (_________________)
USA Budget figures: National Debt - The Numbers  (Pandamic -$5 Trillion)
-$29 Trillion 705 Hundred Billion. January 10, 2022  (Pandamic -$2 Trillion)
-$27 Trillion 747 Hundred Billion, Dec. 31, 2020        (Pandamic -$3 Trillion)

-$  2 Trillion added to the National Debt in 1 year. 2021 (over budget items)
(Note) in January 10, 2016 the National Debt was    -$19 Trillion 215 Billion
(8 years)in January 10, 2008 the National Debt was -$09 Trillion 638 Billion
in 1990 the National Debt was                                    -$  2 Trillion 87   Billion
                                                      in 1835 the National Debt was  $0  Dollars.
The growing  Dollar Deficit in 2020 is down from -$3 Trillion 13 Hundred Billion Dollars the first highest on record; to -$2 Trillion 77 Hundred Billion Dollars in 2021; the second higest on record. Some of the debt is due to CORONA-19 (1) Virus and Delta Virus (2), the Omicron Virus (Corona (3) is new and the numbers may be higher.
Income Tax Cost was deferred to 23.9% average, based on 2008 deficit. Actual cost is 69.9% today, based on National Debt of -$29 Trillion +. The Pandamic has increased the National Debt -$5+ Trillion and seemingly, has not been developed a cure and has again, gotten out of control.
The National Debt has moved up over the last 12 years, -$20 Trillion+.
Meduim USA Income $35,664 Individual - January 2022.
Medium New Home  $390,690 Average Cost Today + - (varies on location)
Payment $1,644.26 plus Taxes and Insurance, @3.0% + Downpayment.
*$51,480 is considered a good salary depending or where you live.
Generally you need $62,500-$70,000 to float the above housing debt with other related household and family expenditures.  That is, Husband and Wife and two children+. The above calculation is related, in average, to the more popular areas in the USA. You can find similar for less, but usually the income in the area is lower, also. Basically housing is priced at a two person income of $35,664 each or $71,328 per family, per say.
For a individual income of $35,664 split the above home values in half.

January 1, 2022
Unfortinuately with the Omicron (aka "COVID 3") Virus, shutdowns are being facilitated in most of the densely populated states major cities.
Seemingly "COVID" is again out of control. 

The administration has not preformed properly in the handling of the virus and the future potential risks that we, the Amercian people are experiencing. It appears, the essence of the measures and preventatives-cures that should be available. The average exposed American(s), should  have conventional cures available for use. The cures should available to doctors now, yet all "cures" are not given/sold or available over the counter. For some unexplained reason known preventatives are not available now.

The current problems of the Biden/Harris administration are worse today than in January 20, 2021 when they took office and America was on the rebound. The Biden/Harris agenda comes first and everyone and everything else is last or "non-exisitant" per say, it seems from their record.

America, Americans are not being thought of as the leaders, they are, and always have been.

The Stock Market and Real Estate Market have survived due to no changes. Basically, this is because interest rates are good enough to keep America in a survival mode throughout its government incomplete performance to date.

See below:
News Brief current economy:
Daytona News Media January 1, 2022

below next photo.
December 17, 2021
The Stock Market has preformed all of 2021 and the Real Estate Market has also preformed. Issues that surround the immediate administration is the completetion of important details, that have not completed; and these important elements have lasting affect the USA.

An important pending issue is the "COVID" crisis and that with a series of injections COVID-19 etc., has not responded as intended. COVID "2" aka Delta Virus and COVID "3" Omicron Virus have emerged and appear to have a lesser impact than the COVID 19 Virus. The numbers of infected overall remain high or higher than in January 2021 thru December 18, 2021 than in 2020. Speculation: By appearance the "COVID 4", variance is, in all probability, on the horizon, unfortunately.

Noted: Pregnant or recently Pregnant, is at a increased risk from COVID-19 to have severe illness. Also preterm delivery could be an issue starting at 37 weeks. CDC 12/18/2021. See your Doctor.

Recent Federal Reserve Report by Jerome Powell, is the the economy is moving forward but is still dramatically affected by COVID. In January 2020 the Fed balance sheet was $4.1 Trillion Dollars today it is over $8 Trillion Dollars. Powell did not eliminate the future possibility of a rate hike. That decision could dramatically affect the Market adversely.
December 1, 2021
No report as to the outcome of the call by Biden and Xi. The administration has problems that are emerging. One issue that appears to have a temporary solution is the massage illegal immigration at the Texas Border whereas immigration should immediately go back to the Trump policies.

November 15, 2021
Biden had a conference call with Xi of China in the early evening. Xi, " a good old friend of " Biden; conference call and information, is forth coming.

November 5, 2021 - Political
Biden at the G20 Summit tried to impress the other countries, with the urgency of the Climate-Ozone ongoing problem. Briefly the Ozone level was up 2011-2016. Currently China is at a 27% and the USA is at 11% contributors. China is at 32% Global CO2 omissions and the United States is at 13%.
According to the World Health Organization, Top Pollutors CO2 released, are: China at 10+ Million Tons (MT), USA at 5+(MT), India 2.5+(MT), Russia 1.7+(MT), Germany at 0.75+(MT). Worldwide, this results in increased UV levels, resulting in Skin Cancer and Impaired Immune Systems, etc.
China's pollution level is increasing in 2021 - 2022, etc. 
It is possible if all air pollution was brought down by 66% or substanially say from 2022 - 2050 the Ozone would have time to repair itself somewhat. Maybe, to similar levels as today.
If not, the above will worsten. Possibly to, Blue skin covering, when outside, for your children and grandchildren by the year 2050..
Commentary: Sleep on it. See World News Link

October 29, 2021 - Political
Biden arrives at G20 Summit 2021

October 15, 2021 - Political - Market Influence
Biden/Harris Democrats warn that it could be a slight Christmas for Americans. This is due to the lack of educated workers that are being discharged by the Administrations Mandates. In reality COVID 19 cases should be way down with approximately 70% of Americans Vaccinated. The above move may make the situation worse.

The reality is; Vaccinated or not, you can get COVID 19, once, twice or more times. Your chances may be less and the COVID 19 illness may not be as severe depending on your health and age. Be careful.

Reports to date indicate COVID 19 Cases are down. This is not the case, COVID 19 has been on the rise in July, August, September and now in October. (See CDC data below)

There is now a war threat by China over Taiwan where the USA and other countries have their "micro chips" made. Taiwan is a USA Ally. This is why there is currently a shortge, currently noticable in New Automobile shortages.

In addition there is about 20%-25% of the Illegal Immigrants that have crossed the border, estimated at 400,000-500,000 to date, that have COVID 19. There is no testing or vaccination requirement for Illegals if they surrender or are caught.

The only testing requirements "Mandates" are by the Democrat Administration for educated, employed, long term and essential  American workers. It would appear this is another Third World ploy by the Democratic Administration against the American people.

October 8,2021 - Market Influence
The next major issue that the Biden/Harris, Democrat Administration is now encountering, is that, almost all of the "micro-chips" are made in Taiwan. You may have noticed the 2022 Automobiles (inventory) are vacant from many dealerships. This is due to a "chip shortage", of "chips" that are made in Taiwan, almost exclusively.

This shortage of  "micro-chips" may soon (within months) spread to the "chip" in your coffee pot and to almost all other products with "micro-chip(s)" including and not limited to USA Military Crafts.

China's War Planes are frequent (147 a day is estimated), over Taiwan, anticipating the Biden/Harris Administration my not continue to support USA  Ally, Taiwan. American troops have been sent to Taiwan today 10/8/21, as an exercise training mission. If Communist China were to take over they would control all "chip" manufacturing, patents and distribution.

October 1, 2021 -  Political - Investor - Market Influence

Biden/Harris; The Democrats $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill did not pass. The Bill would have increased Tax Liability for all USA Taxpayors, 125 Million Full Time and 25 Million Part Time, workers +10% Tax. Corportate Tax and the Wealthy Tax Provision(s) of $400,000+ Income Annually or more, was escapable under the Bill(s), Thousand plus pages. 

The end game was, the Democrat Heirarchy would have stiffed working Americans $3.5+ Trillion. That is a +10% increase in Federal Income Tax Moreover, the Infrastructure Bill is over priced $750 Billion, based on Infrastructure that is needed in America, the total cost is estimated under $650 Billion.

Note: The cost estimate now is $1 Trillion more, in future years to get COVID 19 under control, again. It is, in all probability, 2-3 or more years down the line, if at all, during the Biden/Harris administration. The Democrats will make it look better the closer we get to an election.

Like with Obama/Biden in the election year 2012 the economy improved, from a Depressionary rated economy to a Low Moderate economy, but dove in January 2013 back to Depressionary, right after the election.

The Income Tax cost of 25% that you are probably now paying, is only a part of what is owed. What is really owed? The National Debt hasTripled  since 2008 from $10 Trillion 786 Billion, to today, $28 Trillion 825 Billion, so has theTaxpayors liability gone up to 70%. Why are you not paying?

Obama/Biden extended the tax liability of Working Americans (a pause) because of the 2008-2009 Mortgage Crisis left over from the Bush Administration, $1 Trillion added to the National Debt.

Then, Obama/Biden then increased the National Debt:
$5 Trillion over 8 years, and borrowed (undisclosed to who or what)   
$3 Trillion which is being "written off" still today from the Federal Reserve Bank, then left America in a Financial Crisis, abroad and at home in 2016. This resulted in (devaluation) lower value of the USA Dollar abroad and here in the USA. (Inflation)  Did any of the money come to Americans? No.
$8 Trillion added to the National Debt. You are taxed on this until paid in full. The National Debt went from 2008-$10Trillion+ to 2016 - $19 Trillion+.

Don't be fooled, it can be culled (called) by the abiding administration at any time. Another words "pay up working Americans". It happened in 1966 to England, a 95% Tax rate was imposed (led to the Beatles song "Tax Man"), and other major countries through time that have been deemed "out of control" did the same. America is going down as you read. The American Workers and Citizens obligation is to keep it together.

Trump got another extension (a pause) for the USA Taxpayors in 2017 due to a Depressionary economy left by Obama/Biden, Democrats. For your information your basic tax rate is actually 70% on $29 Trillion, the National Debt, consertatively. Simply put you owe $7.00 out of every $10.00 you earn, to the Governments Federal Tax increases.

This is, due to George W. Bush, $1 Trillion Mortgage Crisis and Obama/Biden $5 Trillion (at least a $5 Tillion overage in Budget (2009-2016) and $3 Trillion ("Written Off" still today monthly") unpaid debt owed by the borrowers (not America) to the Federal Reserve Bank. Note: You try it with your personal Bank. If you are the Democrat Heirarchy, borrower whatever you want, it's Free. The Fed Chair was a Democrat, Janet Yellen.  "Just charge it to the taxpayor".

It is unknown where all/any of that money went; it was not to America or Americans by appearance, probably a sum to Democratic influences and possibly worldwide, without notice or vote, which is required, to you the Americans who are obligated to pay the Bill, known as ("tax") or devaluation to the Dollar.

The Trump Administration incurred $5 Trillion extra expense for COVID 19 Cure and Relief. COVID 19 cases and deaths should  down by now, 10/21; 6 months later, based on the Warp Speed, COVID 19 preventatives. The Trump administration also incurred additional cost to pull America(n) Workers out of a Depressionary economy and enhance Minority earnings.

A issue that is existing, is, COVID 19 cases are UP substantially after 6 months of vaccinations. 3/21-9/21. Verified.
What is wrong with this picture?
Illegal Immigrants "that are testing" positive, is approximately 20%+, with over 2 million Illegals already spread throughout the USA by Biden/Harris, Democrat Heirarchy. Against US Law and Health standards.

These Illegal Immigrants have been confirmed to have 400,000+ (20%+) new cases of COVID 19, transmitting the disease, illness, further, to American citizens, and they are admitted with out vaccination and their children are put in our schools. Why has COVID 19 Positive gone up?
What do the Democrats and the Biden/Harris have against America? 

Daytona Real Estate Investment  2022       



January 1, 2022
Biden/Harris wants to tax Americans above and beyond what they are now paying by introducing "expenesive BILLS" through Congress and not having solved any issues such as COVID 19, 1,2 & 3 and in all probability by next year, COVID 4. Other issues are still pending, but not being resolved.

The Infa-structure Bill, as to what is needed for Americans and America is about a $750 Billion cost. Anthing else is a Democrat personal slush fund provided by the American taxpayer. Weather you realize it or not your tax rate is 70%. The difference of what you are paying and the 70% is being addided to the National Debt. End game, "It's on you".
USA National Debt Archive 9-30-2000 -$5 Trillion 564 Hundred Billion.
National Debt 9-30-2009 (after the mortgage crisis) -$11 Trillion 909 Hundred Billion. Say -$12 Trillion. Today 12 years later it's -$28 Trillion 428 Hundred Billion. Say -$29 Trillion. Up -$17 Trillion. Tax Rate in 2009 23.3% on -$12 Trillion. On -$29 Trillion its 69.9%. That's approximately 46.6% you are not being accessed, it's being added to the National Debt annually.

That is why, it is so important, not to add-on to the National Debt. Top Three: The USA has a -$29+ Trillion National Debt, China -$8+ Trillion, Japan -$15+Trillion. Any Bill that is passed by Congress in the USA is added to the National Debt. Therefore a cost to you, the taxpayor.

------------------------------------------                                   -----------------
September 14, 2021 - Political
The Biden/Harris/Democratic Administration says "Its on me" according to Biden. The count, two weeks prior to the August 31, 2021 deadline, set by Biden, was 10,000+ Americans still to be evacuated from Afghanistan. Offically there was about 6,000 that had made it by the last flight out.

So according to the mid  August numbers there are about 4,000 Americans left behind, of which 60 have been allowed to leave by the Teliban. By the numbers, there are still 3,940 Americans that have been left behind. There are approximately 10,000+ Afghans with Visa's stranded.

The Teliban by defination are extreamist, brutal and religious group. Biden Administration has left the Teliban a military an $80 Billion Dollar arsenal. Taxpayor funded money. The Teliban is the executioner of the 9/11 attack on America.
The Teliban, according to Biden are "our business partners".

It's on us the "Democrat Socialists" says Biden, at the USA's expense.

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Afghanistan Crises (now and the near future) 2:30 PM
August 21, 2021
Recent developments with the Afghanistan Crisis is, some USA citizens are leaving via the Kabul Airport. The main problem with the evacuation is that the Taliban  is blocking the main excursion roads to the Kabul Airport.

There is at least 10,000 USA citizens in Afghanistan that can't get to the Airport. In addition there are about 30,000 Afghan citizens that were aids to the Afgan government and USA support that also need to be evacuated. One USA Military Craft per hour which is scheduled, would result in 5000 + evacuee's per 24 hour period, "if they can get to the airport". This is supposed to start today Saturday 8/21/2021.

The USA Military is also looking at Air Support, by the new F-15EX.

This is in addition to the Ground Support that is also needed to get the evacuee's into the Airport.  Within the next 24 hours this backing along the main roads into Kabul Airport for the evacuee's escape is necessary.

Why is all this happening? World News speculation. Click

Daytona Investment - Investor
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August 1, 2021 Political - Just The Facts
A draft of a Bill was Authored by the Speaker of the House (Democrat) in the later of 2020; submitted and then retracted the next day.  Later it was submitted by another Democrat and buried in the House, Congress from the People. The Bill has to do with converting the U.S. Dollar to Crypto-Currency. Microsoft, Bill Gates took a Patent out on the Crypto Currency, its suffix #060606. (3-2020)

Basically, it would suspend Cash Currency, "the US Dollar" and replace it with a US Crypto Currency regulated by the FED. Anorther words your pay check would be audited by the Fed at the Federal Reserve Bank level. If the FED decided for some reason you shouldn't get paid then they could stop payment from your work, investment(s) any income bearing source. (per say)
Noted: This does have a like history in time. Adolf Hitler changed the German Mark (4-5 Marks to a Dollar estimated) then added the Swastika, (Nazi Mark insignia in the mid 1930's). The Mark(s) had been increased to 10x its value as well.
Deutsches Reichts (coin denominations in pfenning) included the Swastika and the Reichts Mark note. This demised the value of Germany's currency and furthered the devaluation of currency of the German people under the Nazi regime. (subject edited to fit into the news brief, see "Reichtsmark" for more detail on the information.
(1925 - 1947)

July 19, 2021
The Biden Administration continues to ignor immigration at the Border crossings, that have exceeded 1,000,000 in 2021, estimated. With COVID (2) the Delta Virus emerging, this is appearing a risk to Americans. COVID cases have increased since June 25, 2021. Most if not all the migration mentioned above are being passed through with no COVID test.
July 9, 2021
COVID 2 (Delta Virus),3 & 4 are upon us. Be carful of your surroundings. Adapt to the immediate situation. The more pepole around you the more accelarated your chances are (when over 30 years of age data shows) of the contagious COVID. Remember COVID is a planned release by Hunan China, and its derivatives of inverse functions of a man made war like virus disease; meant to take people down and government to survive.
Medical information and your action is your private information and any action you may or may not take, in America.
June 25, 2021 - COVID 19 ^ Vaccination Update - CDC Data News
COVID 19 cases are Up just over 3 Million and the Death count is Up about 5,000 from June 15th, or about 10 days. A main issue is the unreconized migration over America's southern border, not reported in the data. In addition there is a deep concern about variations of COVID that may- be in the USA, and is for sure comming up. An issue in conflict is the Vaccination to under 30 years of age and also under 18 years of age and persons who have already had COVID 19. These persons are basically, if not completely immune as shown by the numbers over the  last 1 1/2 years of COVID 19.
There is a risk to your good health, short term and  moving to long term, in getting the vaccination especially in youths, say under 24 years of age and as much as under 30 years of age; that has been documented in the past 2 months, especially heart conditions. Bottom line as of 6/25/21 COVID 19 numbers have increased as indicated above.

Archive Data
June 15, 2021 - USA News  G7 Summit Link - Political - Just the Facts
President Biden is at G7 Summit. Details to follow. Vice President Harris appears to lay the groundwork for more Foreign Aid Plans, to help control migration at the southern border, illegal immigration. Congress-House passes a pathway for Citizenship for 3 million immigrants. So much for Biden's initial 65,000.

J une 7, 2021 - USA News The Financial Markets - Just the Facts - Investor
Real Estate has slowed the first quarter of 2021 Nationally, but some areas are strong. The top 10 states range from +27.7%, Boise ID is # 1, to +15.6% Dayton OH which is #10, with increased sales prices. Florida has seen a 2020-2021 increase in Home values from $363,000 to $450,000 and the Condos and Townhomes from $189,000 to $236,000 overall. Coastal properties are higher. Forecasters see as high as 17% appreciation in 2021, cooling to a low of 6% area to area, including 2022 Nationwide.

Wall Street market data shows gain after gain. On June 4, 2021, Friday at the Close, DJIA was up +175.35, and NASDAQ was up +199.98. This run has lasted from the last quarter of 2020 and through the first half of 2021. Equity Markets are forecasted to show growth even after the aforementioned cool. S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 index funds are predominant.

Continued News Briefs from June 7, 2021 back to January 21, 2021 Link
January 2021 Election Biden Executive Orders News - Just the Facts

Biden signs executive orders reversing the USA back to the 2008-2016 government agenda.
Executive Orders:
Reversing "regularity process of executive orders"
Enacting "new ethics rules for government"
Civil Rights Act to incorporate "sexual orientation, gender identify"
Mexican Wall Construction " pause and divert funds else where"
Immigration Enforcement - Against Law, to Conform with Bidens "values and priorities"
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - "DACA program"

News Brief Commentary: 11-6-2021
What's going to be left for Americans - Nothing but grief and taxes according to the current Democratic aganda.

It's your vote.

Now, your vote is requiring your participation to avoid the change and takeover, of the American way since 1776 (245 years of progress) and to keep America what it is, a country designed by your forefathers and foremothers.
Do you want your children to enjoy America, freedom, peace and prosperity like you have,  prior to January 2021. In reality we do, but some do not. They see financial gain at your/all cost(s), or are yes people.

The recent changes you are seeing, feeling and experiencing are adverse to the American way;  that we all have enjoyed all our lives, and is the promise to our children(s) and their future.

The Democrats are attempting to change this concept of your future.

It's still your freedom of choice.

History Archive:
Prior News Article 11-2-2020 Link News - Just the Facts
USA is moving back to a strong growth since September 2020, employment, real estate and economic growth is in the up mode.
Stock Market is Up, Real Estate Loans rates are Down, and people are resuming their jobs. Once the COVID-19 situation is resolved we'll see if the profiting will hold. The troubling effect could be the migrants bringing in COVID-19 (1) and COVID-19 (2) which is developing fast in Brazil and several other Countries. That item itself, could change any forward progress made by the USA.

NewsI - Additional Information Links

USA NewsReel Link - Economic Data

USA Financial News Link

DAYTONA NEWS MEDIA                                       Daytona News Agency 

Daytona USA Financial News - Lock In
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Years Rate Cost Trend              2022  ^UP
30/30 3.02% ^ .35%
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5/25 2.87% ^ .00%
Jumbo 30 3.50% ^. 17%

USA Financial News

Adjustment to Rates Wholesale - Retail
Rates 1-15-2022
Lender Cost:0.30 to 0.70 Conforming
Jumbo is Par = 0.50 Point Cost to Lender
Purchase/Refi 1.0-2.0 Points Average/Quote

USA World News USA World News
1-15-2022 _ Pandemic continues in the USA and around the world.

 Biden returns from the uneventful G20 Conference. > Link

12-18-2021 - COVID continues to impact countries around the World. Production and transport od products is slowed as another effect of COVID.
Immigration to the USA at the Mexico Border is intended, to being slowed, by US Court Order.

10-15-2021 - Biden/Harris/Democrats fund the Teliban. Imigrants number over 2 Million enter the USA illegally, according to USA immigration law.

Immigration Law
Dated 1-17-2020. See link for further details. Link

Continued on Archive Page 10-5-2021

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Daytona Beach Real Estate Sales 11-31-2021. 
Most recent monthly data:
Cocoa Beach  and Cape Canaveral Real Estate Sales Brief Overview
                                                         November 30, 2021 Most Recent/Same Date Nov. 2020
Daytona Beach, FL Home Sales -- $385,994 Ave. Sale Price -----  Up + 15.70%   Nov. 2021

Daytona Beach, Fl. Home Sales -- $320,000 Med. Sale Price ----- Up + 18.40%   Nov. 2021
Daytona Beach, FL Condo Sales --$312,870 Ave. Sale Price ----- Up +  21.00%  Nov. 2021
Daytona Beach, FL Condo Sales --$258,841 Med. Sale Price----  Up +  24.30%  Nov. 2021
Noted: Daytona Median Sale Price is the middle of the sale market for that month.
Approximately 99.2%-99.9% of the listing price was recevied on Ave / Mid in Nov. 2021.
Year end 2021 statistics: Single Family:        Median Price $320,000, Ave. Price $385,994
Year end 2021 statistics: Condo Townhome: Median          $235,000, Ave. Price $258,841
Note: Above Condo includes Townhome Sales. Price increase year to year Ave. $50,000

December 31, 2021 

Cocoa Beach, FL. Average Sale -- $                     Medium Price $475,000 -- Up
(some in lower range) Low Inventory 45 Homes Sold in 51 Days. Up 16.9% over 2020.
December 31,2021
Cape Canaveral, FL Average Sale --$304,000 - Medium Price $253,000  Fluxating
Low Inventory, Average 42 days on Market, 33 Homes,  @ $268 Per Square Foot Ave.
September 2021
Cocoa Beach, FL. Home Sales -- $4,300,000 Sold 5,353 Sq.Ft. 6 Bed 4.2 Bath Oceanfront Home -Subject to Location, Size, Year Built - Highest Sale in Cocco Beach 2021.
Cocoa Beach, FL  Home Sales. There is a home available for $310,000. Nice

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Archive History:

The Hunan China Virus, aka Corona Virus clinically known as COVID-19 has spread to over 8.85 Million cases, Deaths 227,000,
from January thru October 28, 2020.

There may be a vaccine tested with positive proof that could become available earlier than April 2020. FDA is testing now.
It is on the fast track now, but faces obstacles.

Prior History 9-21-2020

From January 2020 thru May 2020, there were 50,327 Deaths and 1 Million cases. From the begining of May, when control was turned over to the Governors of each State it has increased to August sum of 5.15 Million cases, up from 3.9 Million cases in July 2020.
June 21, 2020
Confirmed 2 Million 275,645 Thousand Cases
Deaths 119,923 - Up an additional 25,929 (4 Weeks)
Recovered 733,000 - Pending Est. 1.6 Million Cases
0.0787% (8%) Deaths have Occurred on Est. 1,550,000 cases.

September 21, 2020 - Age - 188,470 - COVID-19
USA Breakdown Death Count - Males exceed Females (2-1) or more of case count.
0-24 years      419 Cases
25-44 years  5, 266 Cases
44-64 years 34,038 Cases
65-74 years 40,613 Cases
75+ years  108,124 Cases
Estimated by CDC - USA - As of September 21, 2020
Note: Variance in actual COVID 19 related Count and Confirmed Count. *8% Variance 188,470 to 204,208

Noted Source: Reuters- COVID-19 Democratic USA Areas hit 3 times as hard as Republican States. September 21, 2020.

(Pay attention to the simple rules)

Simply, the basic difficulty with COVID-19 is that the "antidotes" that affect the DNA chain (break it) , only preform or work temporally. Another words COVID-19 Virus rebuilds itself in the DNA Chain immediately.
Said cures are not long lasting only about 10 days.

Layman analysis of the DNA chain is that there junctions within the chain that are more vulnerable. If you are lucky enough to locate a junction, then theorically you can test until one appears to work (hold). There is less than 1 error in a billion nucleotides ("DNA"). Find the one.

As grandma used to say "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". In all probability the numbers will continue their upward or even trend before a downtrend is reconized.

CDC Stats:
About 20% of COVID-19 deaths fall between the ages of 25-45 and 45-65 years of age.
Less than 0.01% is under age 25.
About 78%, 65-75 and over.
COVID-19 still can not be taken lightly. It's sickening and deadly.
This is an recent estimate taken from CDC statistics.
October 5, 2020.


A few basic rules of Prevention that are helpfull are:

1) Keep yourself, babies and your group distance of 6 feet or more when you are in the public atmosphere.

2) Wear a mask when around others for expecatation of a contaigion contact. Possibly a cough, sneeze and/or sometimes just a carrier that has been recently in the area you are in.

3) Sneeze or cough into your elbow and away from others in a close proximity situation. Wash immediately as a sefe-guard to yourself and others.
We all cough and sneeze. As a safety precaution you should move to an outside open zone as soon as possible to let others feel comfortable.


USA News Reel Update June 1, 2021
COVID - 19 Basics and Updates

USA Newsreel USA - CDC               1-13-2022
                                                                                                   Next update February 1, 2022
Breaking News: Update
Omicron Virus
The more mild Omicron Virus related to COVID 19 (1) and slightly different than the Delta Virus COVID (2), Omicron can still be a deadly Virus. The issue then becomes how many different injections does a person have to have to determine a Virus attack. The reality is that the Original COVID 19 injection is a good safeguard but not a preventative from getting ill. In all probability Delta and Omicron Virus, a off shoot or continuance of COVID19 (1) will probably have the same results. The issue then becomes if you have all these injections, will it act as a preventative, yes; but your immune system may be severly compromised and will not be able to hold up over time.
The next question why make people under 29 have the injection(s). They have been relatively immuned to the Virus to date. There is an outbreak hence the Omicron Virus. To combat the outbreak, possibly alternate children from class and social distance. Parental decision and Doctors recommendation, primarly based on childs pre-exisiting health. From the age of 29-54 peoples immunity has been shown by CDC provided guidelines to be relatively average - to good with some death count, follow your Doctors recommendation. Over 54 you should strongly consider the injection(s), subject to your Doctors recommendation.

Noted: The long term of injection(s), have not benn tested over time and the results are unknown. The ongoing concern probability, is generally, you may be able to go 1 round of injections without issue, but until proven, and without strong results, it is now questionable, as to dose more into your body's system without a Doctor recomendation. What is the end result?
Why is the US requiring COVID 19 vaccinations under 29 years of age  when there is extreamely low, almost -0- deaths to support it in most cases. Based on competing Viruses like PneunomiaSee below. The vaccination is proving to be far less than totally effective today 11/15/2021, and has a potential of illness and unknown side effects for children and young adults.

The vaccine is still beneficial overall, but you can get COVID 19 even with  the vaccination; and booster; and further evaluation. With these type of results it's best to get the advisement of your medical professional and then make the decision for yourself and or for your children under 18 years of age and with any close family member(s).

The vaccination may be or is a preventative at 30 years of age and above. At 54-85 years of age current results show that the vaccination is effective.The CDC data scale shows over 30 and under 54 years of age the recovery rate to COVID is average to good. After 54 years of age COVID 19 chances increase downward from average to poor and continue as you
age .

It is possible and tests have shown that on younger adults and children there can be adverse effects in the short term and there is nothing proven "no positive results medically for the vaccine" in the short term or long term, as they reproduce and age. If, shown not to be needed, why chance your child, and young adults, future?

7 Day Average 10-8-2021 - 10-15-2021 Cases Down -12.5% Deaths -13.4%

Biden? With the Vaccine for COVID-19 have we improved? Scroll v
Long term testing of the vaccinations is still under CDC review.
What are the long term effects of the Vaccine, is the question? 
Due to the Delta Variant of COVID 19 Masking Suggested by CDC again.
If you are in a crowed area or closed in area, Yes. If you are not, then, No. Depending.
Reliable information. In the past 30 days deaths are up +29,844. Upswing.
Be careful. November 1, 2021 will show initial results of vaccinations, to date.

Vaccinations do not fully protect against the Delta Variant. Ongoing.
Children  1-4 years of age are at      60 DeathsTotal
Children 4-14 years of age are at   165 DeathsTotal
that contracted COVID-19 since January 2020

Young Adults 15-24 of age are at 1,603 Deaths, COVID 19  =  and by "Pneunomia" 1,557.

Cases up 21% and Deaths up 17.5% since April 27,2021, (5 months) with the Vaccine.
April 27, 2020 - September 16, 2021

Current Results COVID 19 (1+ Dose Vaccination) 63.5%  v Down from 8/1/2021 - 69.3% ? 
Oct. 15, 2021   COVID19     Cases   44,615,528  -  718,621 Deaths   ^ USA Trend
Sept. 16,2021 COVID19      Cases   42,658,369 -   688,737 Deaths   ^ USA Trend 
Aug.   1, 2021    COVID19   Cases   34,818,278 -   610,264 Deaths   ^ USA Trend 
July  19, 2021  COVID 19    Cases   33,896,296 -   606,618 Deaths   ^ USA Trend 
July    7, 2021 COVID 19     Cases   33,800,000 -   606,000 Deaths   ^ USA Trend 
June 15, 2021  COVID 19 Cases  33,292,045 -  597, 343 Deaths       ^ USA Trend

May 28, 2021 COVID 19   Cases  33,041,551 -  590,121 Deaths        v USA Trend
April 27, 2021 COVID-19  Cases  31,883,289 -  569, 272 Deaths       ^ USA Trend

May 28, 2021     17.0 Months   0.01785 Deaths
Since onset of COVID-19                                     16.0 Months 0.018% Deaths

May 28, 2021
62 % of USA Population is Fully Vaccinated - Cases v

NEWS BRIEF BELOW - Archive History

December 12 , 2020 11.5 Months 0.018% Deaths v
Dec.12, 2020 COVID-19 Cases 18.0 Million 319,00 Deaths v
Deaths Down from 0.025% Oct. (-0.007% Deaths) to Dec. 12, 2020
Opened Up USA
^ Dec. 18, 2021   COVID-19 Cases 50+ Million 800,839 Deaths ^
^ Oct. 28,2020    COVID-19 Cases 8.85 Million 227,000 Deaths ^
v Oct.14, 2020    COVID-19 Cases 7.89 Million 216,000 Deaths ^
v Oct. 5
, 2020    COVID-19 Cases 7.53 Million 211,704 Deaths ^
^ Sept. 21, 2020 COVID-19 Cases 7.01 Million 204,208 Deaths ^

^ Sept. 15, 2020 COVID-19 Cases 6.57 Million 195,053 Deaths ^
^ Aug. 31, 2020 COVID- 19 Cases 6.1 Million 183,000 Deaths   ^
^ Aug. 20, 2020 COVID- 19 Cases 5.6 Million 174,000 Deaths   ^
^ Aug. 12, 2020 COVID- 19 Cases 5.15 Million 164,000 Deaths ^
^ Aug. 3, 2020 COVID-   19 Cases 4.77 Million 157,000 Deaths ^
^ July 21, 2020 COVID-19 Cases 3.9 Million 143,000 Deaths
^ June 21, 2020 COVID-19 Cases 2.9 Million 93,000 Deaths

As Governors open up Empolyment and Testing, Cases Increase Death Count stays relatively level.

Highest State Death Count States- USA : Septmeber 16, 2021 compared to July 7, 2021. Rising  Death Count   
Septemeber 16, 2021
California                     Texas                         New York                  Florida 
67,842                           61,670                        55,363                       50,811       
July 7, 2021
California                     New York                   Texas                
63,409                           53,138                        52,715 (Top 3)^

May 28, 2021
California                                Texas                                New York
63,214                                     51,625                                 52,710 (Top 3)^
October 28, 2020

New York                               Texas                                      California
33,092                                    18,155                                 17,478 (Top 3)^
Noted: Texas has uncontrolled by the Federal side of government immigration.
____________________________________________________________________ _____
USA - 69.3% Vaccinated
Sept. 25, 2021  42,800,000 Cases. Death Count 687,000 That's up
  +93,000 in 4 months.

Is Fauci, Democrat, doing a good job?  Well he's doing a N.Y. Cumo job on the USA.

Democrats included. Two Vaccinated Democrats on NBC News were are asked to leave stage during a broadcast as they tested COVID 19 Positive.
Then all the excuses came from the remaining two commentators.

Noted: When they are not reporting the news and just a tele-promptor screen verbage, what can be expected.

Trump releases control to Govornors per their request.
May 1, 2020 COVID-19
Cases at 1.0 Million - 54,000 Deaths
January 2020 - May 1, 2020 estimated. (4 months)

News Brief on 10-24-2020:
COVID-19. Hunan China Virus, nick named Corona Virus,
COVID-19. Created in a Hunan China lab.

Why is the COVID-19 Virus spreading.
1) USA Opening Up for business.
2) People not ad hearing to protocalls.
3) Highly contaious factor, be careful.

Per 500,000 Cases Death count rises 10,000 + - approximately . There are more cases today and a reasonable stable death count on a 10 day basis. The situation is improving somewhat as to death count being lower with respect to case count.

Case count increases as America is being opened up. On a positive note, Death count is stable/decreasing when looking at the case count that is increasing 500,000 + - per 10 days, approximately. Due primarily to opening up the economy.
History COVID-19

Trump has turned control over to the Governors May 1, 2020.
1 Million Case count and 54,000 Death count or 5% approximately January-April.
Today October 28, 2020 that percentage is 2.5% approximately, for the period of May 1, 2020 thru October 28,2020.
Down about 1/10 of 2 % in the last 4 weeks.
Oct. 1, 2020 - Oct.28, 2020

See article at base of Grid for details. v
Breaking News Brief 5-12-2021
It appears at this time the head of the NAIDA, Anthony Fauci M.D. (USA Government Agency) who charge it is to prevent, diagnose and treat infectious diseases, authorized American tax payor funds to Hunan China, (where a second rate infectious disease facility) that resulted in the development of the Hunan Virus, aka Corona Virus, aka COVID-19. It was spread from there to the USA and World wide.
Fuci and others signed off on the deal sometime in 2017. Basically, the deal was that a "Bat animal like deadly virus was translated to a human to human deadly virus". A loophole in the charge doctrine to and of the NAIDA allowed funding to get through unnoticed, per say. Yes, 7/2021
Breaking News Brief 5-13-2021
NAIDA, Dr. Anthony Fauci M.D. denies in a Senate hearing any involvement in the utilization-conversion of USA taxpayors dollars between 2015-2019 to Hunan China for research and development, resulting in COVID-19. Then who utilized the loophole and signed the authorization for NAIDA? Yes, it appears USA Taxpayors dollars were used as of 7/2021.

Breaking News 5-15-2021
Then the question is: NAIDA, Who is responsible for COVID-19, financing, research, development, spread, all inclusive? Un-tracked USA funds from (Democrat) Fauci's NAIDA to Hunan China Research Lab 2017 and forward may have contributed to the development of COVID 19 (1), and the Delta Variance COVID 19 (2) noted as of 7/2021. Disclosed Variances, in February-March 2020, COVID (3) and (4) are indistinguishable at this time.

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