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Investing is a option. Invest with Daytona Real Estate Investment and receive a yield of 33.5% on each transaction. Investment amount approximately $100,000 and up.  6 month to 1 Year term. Potential 2 transactions annual, subject to economics. Minimum investment is cost plus improvements. Yield $33,500, Yield, per home invested.  And, l will pay for your Attorney's review of the Documents up to $1,000.00.

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NEWS BRIEF - Just the Facts:

May 15, 2021
Federal Reserve Bank has indicated at their last meeting not to increase interest rates. The FED had indicated during the prior administration that rates would not increase until Mid 2023 at the earliest, due to the COVID- 19 impact on America. Moving forward, the most recent development incurred by the Biden/Harris administration is a Gasoline shortage on the eastern seaboard. This was apparently was due to some type of Cyber attack.  According to CNN's Report 5-13-2021, this may result in a 20%-25% increase in Gas prices in some locations of the US now and over summer. Gasoline should be restored to the pump before 5-21-2021.

May 4, 2021
In about 5 months, COVID 19 cases have risen 58% and deaths are up over 56% dating from December 12, 2020 to May 4, 2021. Biden has indicated that about 65,000 migrants will be allowed in from the south border, Mexico. Many are not tested for COVID 19 and facilities are still scarce as to vacancy for treatment. COVID 19 (2) is of growing concern in Brazil and a few other Countries. It seems Americans are at more at risk with the migration at the border to COVID 19 and COVID 19 (2). There is no antidote for COVID 19 (2) at this time. It is different from COVID 19 and therefore the antidote will not be same. The vaccination results of COVID 19 on Americans, and the results of slowing of the virus will not be available for approximately 3 to 6 months, roughly November or December 2021.

April 26, 2021

Going Up.
Biden's first 90 days has  has been a surprise to the American economy. Gasoline Prices up to $2.88 the National Average, from the January 2021 Low of $1.99 per gallon. Simple calculation you are paying $17.80 more today for each 20 gallons you purchase.
In 2020 the average price was $2.11 (lowest in 16 years), in 2019 the average price was $2.49 and in 2018, $2.65.

The Real Estate Purchase and Refinance market has also seen an up tick of +.25% (1/4 of a percent) to .50% (1/2 of a percent) in Real Estate Interest Rates. Rates  are Up since January 2021.
Per $100,000 Loan payments have increased $26.40, Principal
and Interest per month. 3.0% compared to 2.5%.

USA spending Worldwide up since January 2021 ($2.3 Trillion Deficet is planned today for America 2021). Budget + COVID-19. The deficiet is 17% of the Gross Domestic Product for fiscal 2020-2021, largest since 1945.

April 2, 2021
After just two and a half months Biden has turned around America to a migrant haven on the south border, primarily, "Texas" of the United States of America. Migrant adults and migrant children are being stored at facilities at 10 to 15 times capacity.  As of now migrants are being set free in the USA without paperwork. No COVID-19 tests. The transporters are drug and sex cartels. History defination, Columbian drug cartels as a example, " a coalition or cooperative arrangement between political parties intended to promote a mutual interest",  such as to regulate or minipulate prices or services legal or illegal. By the way, how are these migrants going to support themselves? Cartels sex and drugs? Or, it's just the future of America ask the Biden/Harris administration.

April 1, 2021
Biden did get through the COVID-19 Relief for some Americans, that was initially funded in part and was pushed forward by the Trump Administration. The Trump $2000.00 request was changed by Congress to $600.00 during the Trump era and $1400.00 more (3 months later) by Biden. The only difference in payemnts was that if your were a Democrat you definately got yours payment of $1400.00 and if you were a Republican or other Voter/Citizen/Taxpayer maybe you got it or not.

January 2021 Election Change Over

Biden signs exeuctive orders reversing the USA back to the 2008-2016 government style.
Executive Orders:
Reversing  "regularity process of executive orders"
Enacting "new ethics rules for government"
Civil Rights Act to incorporate "sexual orientation, gender identiy"
Mexican Wall Construction " pause and divert funds else where"
Immigration Enforcement - Conform with Bidens "values and priorities"
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - "DACA program"

News Brief: 
What's left for Americans -  Nothing but grief and taxes.


Prior News Article 11-2-2020 Link
USA is moving back to a strong growth since September 2020, employment, real estate and economic growth is in the up mode.
Stock Market is Up, Real Estate Loans rates are Down, and people are resuming their jobs. Once the COVID-19 situation is resolved we'll see if the profiting will hold. The troubling effect could be the migrants bringing in COVID-19 (1) and COVID-19 (2) which is developing fast in Brazil and several other Countries. That item itself, could change any forward progress made by the USA.


"GREAT HOME LOAN RATES May 10, 2021"  Jumbo Loan Limit to $510,400+
Daytona USA Financial News
5-11-2021 - To  $510,400    Up/Down
Years           Rate   Cost        Trend
30/30 2.96%      v .01  
15/15 2.30%  ^ .01
5/25 2.70% v .13
Jumbo 30 2.875%      v $510+

USA Financial News

Adjustment to Rates Wholesale - Retail
Rates 5-11-2021
Lender Cost:0.30 to 0.70 Conforming
Jumbo  is Par = 0.50 Point Cost to Lender
Purchase/Refi  1.5-2.0 Points Average/Quote 

USA World News USA World News 
Biden - Executive Orders 
COVID 19 - USA Vaccinations
COVID 19 (2)

Daytona Real Estate 

Investment Available Cocoa Beach area, 100K and up. 

Your Text/Call if not answered immediately will be returned within 24 hours or less provided you leave a message to do so.

USA  Investment News

                 Term: 6 months to 1 year                                             Yield 33.5%

Real Estate Investments 5-15-2021  most recent data Compared to:       
April 26, 2020  Most Recent                                                                 Same Date Mar. 2020 
Daytona Beach, FL  Home Sales --  $372,288  Ave. Sale Price --  Up  + 29.80%  Mar. 2020

Daytona Beach, Fl.  Home Sales  -- $286,829  Med. Sale Price -- Up  + 24.00%  Mar. 2020
Daytona Beach, FL Condo Sales --  $272,906  Ave. Sale Price  -- Up  + 19.70%  Mar. 2020
Daytona Beach, FL  Condo Sales -- $243,000  Med. Sale Price -- Up  + 16.00%  Mar. 2020
Noted: Daytona Median Sale Price is the middle of the sale market for that month.
Approximately 98.3% of the listing price was recevied on Average in March 2021.
May 15, 2021 (Recent)
Cocoa Beach, FL.    Condo Sales -- $377,000 $415,500  Median Sale Price --Up
(some in lower range) Low Inventory.

Cocoa Beach, FL.    Home Sales  -- $1,120,000  Median and Up-Down--Subject to Location
Cocoa Beach, FL     Overall average price $525,000. Lowest Priced Condo Today $155,000 Indian Harbor (nice)

Daytona Investments

Investor FL

Daytona Real Estate Investment   Invest Today    How to do   5-15-2021
Daytona offers an excellent Investor "ROI"   
33.5% Rate Of Return on your Investment 
Coastal - Inland, Buy, Fix, Sell, Homes.
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33.50% Yield 6 months to 1 year term. (1 time roll over available)
Secured Investment and Yield returned from Escrow at time of Sale. 
Email today and your text will be returned and a telephone appointment arranged.
As a General partner:
1) I negotiate the Buy, usually from a Bank,        Former Corporate/Broker/Lender 20+ Years
2) I facilitate and oversee the Fix,                       Utilizing Local Licensed Contractor(s)
3) I am assocated with a local Realtor,               Conduit to the Resale
4) I am a Developer - 20+ Years Experience      New Homes and Renovation Homes, to Sale    Inquirey-Daytona Investment - N.E. Robinson
Florida Coast Investment 
Business Opportunities, Homes
Secured Investment Financing
High Yield - Return of Capital
Short - Reasonable Term
Double your Yield.
2 Investments in 1 year.
Regional Comparison
Daytona Commercial Daytona Commercial Property
Daytona has several commercial properties and
multi-residential redevelopment.
Aquisition an Redevelopment in the 250K-2.5M range.
For Investment groups, Hedge Funds, Individual.
Relationship - Term approximately 3 Years.
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Index located at base of Grid.


The Hunan China Virus, aka Corona Virus clinically known as COVID-19 has spread to over 8.85 Million cases, Deaths 227,000,
from January thru October 28, 2020.

There may be a vaccine tested with positive proof that could become available earlier than April 2020. FDA is testing now.
It is on the fast track now, but faces obstacles.

Prior History 9-21-2020

From January 2020 thru May 2020, there were 50,327 Deaths and  1 Million cases. From the begining of May, when control was turned over to the Governors of each State it has increased to August sum of 5.15 Million cases, up from 3.9 Million cases in July 2020. 
June 21, 2020
Confirmed 2 Million 275,645 Thousand Cases
Deaths 119,923 - Up an additional 25,929 (4 Weeks)
Recovered 733,000 - Pending Est. 1.6 Million Cases
0.0787% (8%) Deaths have Occurred on Est. 1,550,000 cases.

September 21, 2020  -  Age  -  188,470 - COVID-19 
USA Breakdown Death Count - Males exceed Females (2-1) or more of case count.
0-24 years            419 Cases
25-44 years       5,266 Cases
44-64 years     34,038 Cases
65-74 years     40,613 Cases
75+ years      108,124 Cases
Estimated by CDC - USA - As of September 21, 2020
Note: Variance in actual COVID 19 related Count and Confirmed Count. *8% Variance 188,470 to 204,208

Noted Source: Reuters- COVID-19 Democratic USA Areas hit 3 times as hard as Republican States. September 21, 2020.

(Pay attention to the simple rules)

Simply, the basic difficulty with COVID-19 is that the "antidotes" that affect the DNA chain (break it) , only preform or work temporally. Another words COVID-19 Virus rebuilds itself in the DNA Chain immediately.
Said cures are not long lasting only about 10 days.

Layman analysis of the DNA chain is that there junctions within the chain that are more vulnerable. If you are lucky enough to locate a junction, then theorically you can test until one appears to work (hold).  There is less than 1 error in a billion nucleotides ("DNA"). Find the one.

As grandma used to say "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". In all probability the numbers will continue their upward or even trend before a downtrend is reconized.

CDC Stats:
About 20% of COVID-19 deaths fall between the ages of 25-45 and 45-65 years of age.
Less than 0.01% is under age 25. 
About 78%, 65-75 and over.  
COVID-19 still can not be taken lightly. It's sickening and deadly.
This is an recent estimate taken from CDC statistics.
October 5, 2020.


A few basic rules of Prevention that are helpfull are:

1) Keep yourself, babies and your group distance of 6 feet or more when  you are in the public atmosphere.

 2) Wear a mask when around others for expecatation of a contaigion contact. Possibly a cough, sneeze and/or sometimes just a carrier that has been recently in the area you are in.

 3) Sneeze or cough into your elbow and away from others in a close proximity situation. Wash immediately as a sefe-guard to yourself and others. 
We all cough and sneeze. As a safety precaution you should move to an outside open zone as soon as possible to let others feel comfortable.


e-RETV ~ USA News Reel Update April 27, 2021
COVID - 19  

USA Newsreel USA - CDC     5-15-2021
Breaking News
Long term testing of the vaccinations isd still under review.

Governors Results: ^ Up   v Down                             Update

Cases and Deaths have more than doubled in last 7 months.
September 21, 2020 - April 2, 2021

Current Results COVID 19 Vaccination within 30 days
 April 27, 2021   COVID-19 Cases 31,883,289 M  569, 272 Deaths ^
 Since  onset of COVID-19              16.0 Months   0.018%Deaths  =

42% of USA Population  has received 1 dose of  the Vaccine        
28.9 % of USA Population is Fully Vaccinated

BREAKING NEWS BRIEF BELOW                               

   December 12, 2020                      11.5 Months  0.018% Deaths v 
    Dec.12, 2020   COVID-19 Cases 18.0 Million   319,00 Deaths  v
    Deaths Down from 0.025% Oct. (-0.007% Deaths) to Dec. 12, 2020
    Opened Up USA
 ^ Oct. 28,2020   COVID-19 Cases 8.85 Million   227,000 Deaths v
 v Oct.14, 2020   COVID-19 Cases 7.89 Million   216,000 Deaths v
 v Oct.  5
, 2020    COVID-19 Cases 7.53 Million  211,704 Deaths v
^  Sept. 21, 2020 COVID-19 Cases 7.01 Million  204,208 Deaths

^  Sept. 15, 2020 COVID-19  Cases 6.57 Million 195,053 Deaths
^  Aug. 31, 2020  COVID-19  Cases 6.1 Million   183,000 Deaths
^  Aug. 20, 2020  COVID-19  Cases 5.6 Million   174,000 Deaths
^  Aug. 12, 2020 COVID-19   Cases 5.15 Million 164,000 Deaths   
^  Aug.   3, 2020 COVID-19  Cases 4.77 Million  157,000 Deaths 
^ July  21, 2020 COVID-19   Cases 3.9 Million    143,000 Deaths 
        ^ June 21, 2020 COVID-19   Cases 2.9 Million      93,000 Deaths

As Governors open up Empolyment and Testing,   Cases Increase Death Count stays relatively level.

Highest State Death Count States- USA : October 28, 2020
           New York  33,092     Texas   18,155     California   17,478   (Top 3)^
           Worldwide 38,172,523 Cases     Death Count    1,086,918

            Trump  releases control to Govornors per their request.
            May 1, 2020  COVID-19  
            Cases at 1.0 Million -  54,000 Deaths
            January 2020 - May 1, 2020 estimated. (4 months)

News Brief on 10-24-2020:
COVID-19. Hunan China Virus, nick named Corona Virus,
COVID-19. Created in a Hunan China lab.

Why is the COVID-19 Virus spreading.
1) USA Opening Up for business.
2) People not ad hearing to protocalls.
3)  Highly contaious factor, be careful.

Per 500,000 Cases Death count rises 10,000 + - approximately . There are more cases today and a reasonable stable death count on a 10 day basis. The situation is improving somewhat as to death count being lower with respect to case count.

Case count increases as America is being opened up. On a positive note, Death count is stable/decreasing when looking at the case count that is increasing 500,000 + - per 10 days, approximately. Due primarily to opening up the economy.
History COVID-19

Trump has turned control over to the Governors  May 1, 2020.
1 Million Case count and 54,000 Death count or 5% approximately January-April.  
Today October 28, 2020 that percentage is 2.5% approximately, for the period of May 1, 2020 thru October 28,2020. 
Down about 1/10 of 2 % in the last 4 weeks.
Oct. 1, 2020 - Oct.28, 2020

See article at   base of Grid for details. v
Breaking News Brief  5-12-2021
It appears at this time the head of the NAIDA, Anthony Fauci M.D. (USA Government Agency) who charge it is to prevent, diagnose and treat infectious diseases, authorized American tax payor funds to Hunan China, (where a second rate infectious disease facility) that resulted in the development of the Hunan Virus, aka Corona Virus, aka COVID-19. It was spread from there to the USA and world wide.
Fuci and others signed off on the deal sometime in 2017. Basically, the deal was that a "Bat animal like deadly virus was translated to a human to human deadly virus". A loophole in the charge doctrine to and of the NAIDA allowed funding to get through unnoticed, per say.
Breaking News Brief  5-13-2021
NAIDA, Dr. Anthony Fauci M.D. denies in a Senate hearing any involvement in the  utilization-conversion of USA taxpayors dollars between 2015-2019 to Hunan China for research and development, resulting in COVID-19. Then who utilized the loophole and signed the authorization for NAIDA?

Breaking News 5-15-2021
Then the question is: NAIDA, Who is responsible for COVID-19, financing, research, development, spread, all inclusive?

Daytona Real Estate Investment
Current Investment Opportunity ~ Coastal Property~ Florida
Acquisition + Fix = Turnkey > Sale > Profit.

*SFR - Residential Investment
 Renovate and Resale.
Term 6 Month  to 1 Year. 
Investor or Investor Group Yield
  33.5% APR ~ ROI
Please leave a Message and Text number below.  Your Call and Text will be returned.
"Convenient Appointment for both parties"
Investor(s) Investment 75K-250K, SFR only.

and Secured

Business calls only, please no solitiation or advisement on these lines. .

Secured by Deed Of Trust. 
Investment and Yield Returned
per each transaction. 

Yield  $33,500.00

Former Broker Developer
over 20 years.

Prices for Florida Forcasted 6.2%^ for 2021

Thank you.

May 15, 2021 


News Brief     Home Interest Rates    4-26-2021
Home Interest Rates have gone up approximately .25% to .50% in the last 90 days. There has been no immediate reflection on the market due to low inventory.  As interest rates increase market inventory will also increase that will reflect on inventory and affordability of current homebuyers.  Trend ^ 

News Brief Home Interest Rates 5-15-2021
Home Interest Rates have gone up approximately .25% to .50% in the last 90 days. There has been no immediate reflection on the market due to low inventory. As interest rates increase market inventory will also increase that will reflect on inventory and affordability of current homebuyers. Trend ^

                                                      The Daytona Real Estate Investment Partner

The Daytona individual housing investment begins at $100,000 with a yield of 33.5% APR ($25,000 Annual). Investment Yield paid per transaction per monthly invested amount. (ie) 100,000 x 33.5 = $33,500.00 esitmated per unit. divided by 6 months.
Investment amount and yield is paid at the investors direction, quarterly or semi annual or at the conclusion of the transaction.
6 month to 1 Yr. Note renewal after each transaction. 1 or more investors inclusive.

At an Investment level of $100,000+, the Individual Investor or a Investment Group Yield is 33.5% APR.

Daytona Investments are a real estate secured, risk-based investment. e-Mail us your parameters. Call and Text for a immediate response
and to set up a telephone appointment.

Investment - Joint
Venture Yields Investment - Partial
 JV - Yield Investment - Total
$5,000 To $10,000 7.50% APR Joint $30,000 To $50,000 14.50% APR Joint 75,000  Individual 33.50% APR
$10,000 To $30,000 11.50% APR Joint $50,000 To $75,000 19.30% APR Joint $75K +   Individual 33.50% APR
Investment available estimated at $100,000.
Yield 33.5% Simple Example @ $100,000. Return
$33,500 Investor Yield
Estimated 6 Month Yield on a 1 Year Note
Daytona Real Estate Investing in Florida primarily consists of available wholesales Homes  and Condos For Sale in Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach South. 

Coastal Counties, we buy Homes, Condos and Multi-Family Units at a discount, renovate and or redevelop the real estate and resell the property. The current real estate market has Homes, Condos and Units For Sale by the Owner. Terms are about 6 months.

Daytona's primary focus at this time is coastal properties. Real Estate Investing in the coastal areas of Florida appears to be secure based on the appreciation of real estate values in the area.
Real Estate investing news the areas have enjoyed a stable profitable market in the last 5 years. Exclude January 2020-June 2020 due to virus.

The latest Real Estate News indicates that a Daytona REI type of real estate investment transaction will provide the same real estate value estimate in the current market as has been previously experienced in  the surrounding area.

The annualized investor return, ROI "Return On Investment" when financing a Daytona Investment will range from  to 33.5% APR. 
The investment secured by agreement and is cash or may be financed with our Cash Advance Business Credit Card. 
 Credit Approvals                                         DAYTONA INVESTMENT AVAILABLE              To $150,000 NIV 
Daytona Real Estate Investment has a new way to invest and track the Daytona Investment utilizing our Business Credit Card. The introductory offer is for 0% Interest for the First 6-13 months based on your good to excellent credit score on balances from $10,000 to $150,000. Makes it easy to track the financial progress of your Daytona Real Estate Investment.

There is No Income Verification required for your Cash Advance Business Credit line. The Business Credit Card is issued with a very competitive Unlimited Cash Advance rate, based on your good credit score of 680+ or 720+.

You may use funding for e-RETV as a Producer of video or TV advertisment.
Yes, your rate is your Cash Advance Rate! This No Income Verification Cash Advanced Credit Card has one of the lowest cash advance credit cards rates available, with easy qualifying and financial tracking of the Daytona Investment.

Start investing in Real Estate, Advertising or your Business today and step up your capital investments and keep your cash reserves liquid. You may use the card for any reason. Click on our Nationl Bankers Business Credit tab for further information and Quick Qualifer app.
Any up front fee will be reimbursed to you on your first Daytona Investment or for a e-RETV, Producer video or ad.
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Daytona's Real Estate Investment News covers the latest Real Estate News in Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral, Florida, real estate growth markets. We compare this regional snapshot to the present day National Real Estate economic picture. 

Daytona USA Newsreel explores and reports a perspective on the Trump Administration plans, Wall Street futures, the Federal Reserve Board actions, Inflation Rate and the USA Statistical Financial positions. 

Daytona USA Financial News details current Housing, Retail Sales and Mortgage Rates. Daytona's commentary provides a summary of the yielding result. 

How do these issues affect your existing investments? Just The Facts, is supported by confirmed data. We depict the history of the market and bring it up to date so you have all the current information available for your future investment decision-making process. Keeping you in touch with the just the facts. Link

We take a close look at current events, political history, rhetoric and propaganda that impact the market and investment news media. Link.   
Our Investor Yield is 33.5% on each Investment.

Daytona News Agency, news in brief, brings you current events and newsworthy stories on USA Real Estate World News.  Daytona's News in brief addresses the cause and effect of the event in real time. Daytona USA World News also reviews the projected Gross Domestic Product growth or decline of the top 10 Countries and hot real estate markets.

Daytona Real Estate Investment News is a good quick way to view a current model market.Compare a good market strategy based on the economic events surrounding the real estate industry's present and future strategy and profitability. Real Estate is the most valuable asset of any individual or family in America.  Real Estate values and the ownership of real estate is affected by some or all of the economic News today.

Our factual reports encompass the current market reaction so you may make an informed decision regarding investment strategy for the future. e-RETV and Daytona News Agency provides and compares current investment strategy's.

e-RETV and the Daytona New Agency compares investment markets and their future regarding current and potential profitability. 

Investment $100,000 Yield 33.5% = $33.500  6 mo.- 1 yr. Term 

Daytona News Agency
RETV News about the Publisher and Editor - Excalibur Video, Producer
I have over 20 years experience as a Corporate CEO, Broker Of Record and Corporate Owner in Lending and the buy, hold, sell, trade "exchange." 
I have built  futures in real estate investment and the financing markets.

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There is no income verification reqired.
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Your Card may be used for all or part of your investment with Daytona. Your Card may also be used for any reason and is funded by USA Banks. Link

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Excalibur Video Investment
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Acquisition & Re-development
May 2021

Individual Investment 
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from 33.5%

Investor or Investor Group

with your parameters.

Business Opportunity

Copyrights and Video available 


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Daytona has a pending acquisition projects available that requires a infusion of investment capital to begin and complete the project.


Daytona Real Estate Investment has availability for Financial Partners, Investment Bankers, Hedge Funds and Venture Capitalists for larger projects. This is focused for the real estate investor or company that is looking for a high yield and tax advantages. We have several projects we are interested in at this time.

Investor terms are approximately 1 to 3 years on most Commercial:
What you need to know. Daytona Commercial Investment Property.
e-Mail us for further details.

Contact us to purchase your own Buy, Fix
and Sell Homes and 2-4 Units in the Daytona, Lake Mary, Orlando corridor. Make an Offer; once accepted you may go see and inspect the property. You may select to Opt out of the Purchase Agreement upon your visual inspection, usually within 7 days or continue the Purchase as agreed. Estimated Close in 30 days or less, subject to the property inspection turnaround. These are a good quality fixers and you may use Realtor or representation of your choice!

All fee agreements must be in writing at the onset of the investor relationship. Daytona Real Estate Investment will consider a Buyer Offer from a Realtor or Attorney to purchase with a Conventional/FHA/VA Loan. Daytona recommends that the investor give consideration to Daytona's local recommended attorney if required.

Daytona Funding Buy Fix Flip Investors, do it yourself, property and
financing is available with "Daytona's Sub Prime Package" with 35% Down. Sample,with $25,000 capital Daytona will arrange $75,000 Interim Financing for up to 36 months. Term includes a "safety net."

Real Estate "do it yourself" Investors qualify with 650+ Credit Scores for Purchase Money, Flip, Fix, Sell and or 3-year Fixed Financing for Buyout and or Turn Key Rental Income Property financing in 34 States and for a Daytona Real Estate Investment.

Daytona's Investor " You Cash The Check," ROI Rate of Return is 33.5%. Net Daytona Investor yield approximately ranges from 7.5% to 33.5 APR based on your capital investment and position.

The actual Lender "CTL" Cash To Loan underwriting approval must accompany the offer and down payment verification. The Purchase Agreement must be only "subject to " inspection and appraisal. All buyers and investors have 15 days for any inspections with a 30-day close date on the purchase. Daytona Real Estate Investment Transaction Process Link- FAQ's see mid page
Yielding Investment
Daytona Real Estate Investor Hub has excellent financial opportunities for Real Estate Investors who invest cash or have a letter of credit or are rolling over a Roth IRA type of investment. Contact Us encrypted e-Mail Form In addition, Investors with Boot or Rollover Investment Capital or New Capital may take advantage of our wholesale real estate investments, cash flow properties, with seasoned rental income. Daytona has renovated Turn Key Homes For Sale with management. The investor's secured investment will meet the current Appraisal Valuation market standards with FMV "Future Market Value," ARV, GRM "Area Gross Rents Multiplier" and "Net Cap Rates," with a verifiable cash flow history. Cash Investor, rental income yields are range from 10% to 16%, and generally may have an approximate 100% Annualized ROI "Rate Of Return" from Rental Income including US Tax Benefits. All Real Estate Investments may contain a buyout provision if you would like to add a property to your portfolio. Investors have the option to withdraw or rollover at the close of each investment. With Daytona's Investor Hub the entrepreneurial investor may buy wholesale fix and sell or lease yourself. Daytona is not affiliated to any other Investor Hub. With Daytona the Investor has the option to receive a Buyers Agent or Realtor representation for Purchase Agreement preparation, inspection and to close with a Title and Escrow Company transaction.
Contact us by email for more information about our affordable and profitable investment properties and yields.