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         DAYTONA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT NEWS - Treasure Chest  March 1, 2019

Daytona Beach, Florida  5 Years of  Sustainability

Daytona Beach, Florida, Realtor News reports that Median Home Prices are Up +19.1% at $297,252 in  January 2019 compared to January 2018 or about $60,000; compared to May 2018 when the Median Price was $227,250.

The current Daytona real estate market is yielding to Sellers approximately 95.2% of the Listed asking Price. It is generally taking 39 days for a Condo/Townhome and 65 days for a Home to get into a Sales Contract and about 72  to cose a Condo Townhome and about106 days for a Home, to Close the Sale.  Home Inventory "turnover" in Daytona Beach and Daytona Shores is estimated at approximately 4 months. Sales numbers are down -11.1% for 2019

The Median Price for a Condo and or Town Home Sales were up at 10.6%, $212,934 compared to January 2018 that had a Median Condo Value of $192,468.   

Currently the Condo Townhouse market, Average Condo Price, is +3.8% or up +$7,928 over July 2017.  Condos are receiving about 95.2% of the Listed Price as the current real estate value.

Taytona Beach has demonstrated stable position in 2018 and the preceding 5 years of double digit growth.


Most recent data from July 2018 indicates that USA Home resale housing market is Down  (-0.49%) compared to Daytona Beach, Florida Home and Condo real estate sales that is ranging between +3.0% to +7.0% average increased value in 2019 from a year ago.

Nationally the resale housing market in a good economy would be between 5% and 7.5% that is the normal growth benchmark established over decades of sustainability. e-RETV News
Data Courtesy of Daytona Beach Area Association Of Realtors

National and Daytona Statistical Update as as of March 1, 2019

Daytona Beach Florida Real Estate Market Prices       
Home Prices Up as of 2-1-2019  $297,252  Condo and Town Home Prices Up  $212,934 

                         DAYTONA BEACH
                                as of August 1, 2018 

The Average Three Bedroom Home is
 up $18,049 and Condo Town Homes are up $7,946 over Sale Prices a year ago.                              

The Daytona Beach Area Association of Realtors MLS, for Daytona Beach Florida, indicate that living in paradise has never been as affordable with real estate appreciation in the area since 2012.

The Median Price is the middle point of all Sales in the period. Quarterly results posted are:
A Daytona Home For Sale, Median Price for July 2018 was $223,500 Up +3.5% from the January 2018 Median Home Value of $215,000. 

Closed Home Sales are Down -0.9% for July 2018 compared to July 2017.

A  2 Bedroom Condo or Town Home Median Sale Price in July 2018 is $175,000., up from January 2018 value of $163,125 or +$11,875. in equity.  

A Buyer could purchase a Daytona Beach Median Priced 3 Bedroom Home for $215,450. in July 2017. Today, the July 2018 price of that same home value is estimated at $223,500.

September 2018 prices are reflected in the sales data for Daytona and Daytona Beach.  There is some indication that prices will continue to rise in single digits through the end of 2018. 

Realtor estimates and statistics indicate that home Closed Sales Prices have been moving up slowly since January 2018 when compared to preceeding years. National Home Sales have decreased in price overall and in all probability due to the continuing interest rate hikes. The  Federal Reserve Board has consistently increased interest rates since December 2016 thru June 2018. The real estate market has leveled out to a less than -0 growth factor due to these increses by the FED.

Daytona and Daytona Beach and Volusia County including the adjoining communities of Ormond Beach, Deland, Palm Coast, Palm Bay and  Jacksonville. Daytona's, Sea Breeze Holly Hill, Daytona State College and South Daytona all posted excellent appreciation results reaching a year end high of +    % for the 2017 for Homes and Condos and Townhomes.

It appears that Daytona will again have appreciation but in 2018 it will probably be in a single digit annually.

June 12, 2018

Daytona Shores is also showing a similar and higher appreciation rate on closed sales with the Average Listing Price of about $392,000 To $572,000 and up in the last 3 months. The current Average Sales Price is extimated at $392, of July 2018. Most of the sales consist of Condo's and Townhomes and several Homes all that have been selling in the upper price range. Sales Price Values 3 months ago were estimated at $572,000. as higher end homes were selling in the Shores area. The actual value change today from 3 months ago is only -1.9%.

MLS Sales of Homes for the Daytona Shores area is reporting single digit appreciation for 2018.

For the years 2016, 2015 and 2014 Daytona's Volusia County Home Sales has experienced a stable annual appreciation average of approximately 11.00% according to MLS data. Today we are looking at approximately a 9.0%+ or - annual appreciation factor for Daytona Shores subject to location and size.

Daytona Beach Area Association of Realtors and MLS reports for July 2018:  A Home Sale Median Marketing Time is  approximately 41 days to Contract and 81 days to Close of Escrow at 95.8% of the Listing Price, totaling an average of about 4.0 months to sell your home. Inventory of properties today is up 10.5% over July 2017.

Daytona Closed Sales of Condo's and Townhouse Sales are Down -0.9% from a year ago.

Homes in all price ranges are selling, so prices and appreciation figures are level or up in Daytona and Daytona and Beach.

The January thru July 2018 Year to Date 
As of    July 2018-Listings     8,123      2017   7,597
Sales Under Contract            5,661      2017   5,701
Sales Closed                          4,681      2017   4,619

2017 (12 Months)
12,416 Listings
  7,615 Closed Sales
61.3% Closed Transactions

2016 (12 months)
10,627 Listings
  6,983 Closed Sales
65.7% Closed Transactions

2015 (12 months)
12,852 Listings
  7,875 Closed Sales
61.3% Closed Transactions

2014 (12 months)
12,565 Listings
  6,795 Closed Sales
54.1% Closed Transactions.

Not only is Daytona, Daytona Beach and Volusia County Home values appreciating even with sales and prices are easing up monthly.

If you would like to start investing in Daytona Real Estate contact Daytona today by e-mail.

The Daytona and Daytona Beach Market and surrounding areas continue their stable appreciation. Averages are holding at this time.
Data Courtesy of Daytona Beach Area Association Of Realtors 9-1-2017

(next update September 25, 2018 for the month of August)

Home Sales By Region

Percent of Change in Sales

USA Sales Based On Price Ave.

Northeast 13%   +1.0%
South 42%   -1.0%
Midwest 24%   +1.0%
West 21%   -1.0%
31% First Time Buyers  32%
13% Sales to Investors  13% 
18% Cash Sales   22% 
04% Distressed Sales 03%
< $100K Percent of Sales 9%     -17.9%
$100k-$250K Percent of Sales 40%        -7.1%
$250K-500K Percent of Sales 36%        +0.9% 


Percent of Sales 9%      +0.6%


Percent of Sales 3%       +6.0%


Percent of Sales 3%       +7.6%
USA By Region as of 8-1-2018 Monthly

7-1-2017  One Year Comparison 7-1-2018

8-1--2017 Compared to as of 8-1-2018
Courtesy of the
National Association Of Realtors
Daytona Investment News 9-1-2018 Daytona US Financial News 9-1-2018 Daytona USA World News 9-1-2018

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Daytona and USA Monthly & Quarterly Comparisons 
Data as of 3-31-2017 and 6-1-2017
Most recent Daytona Beach reporting  as of 6-1-2017 Semi Annual

10-1-2017 USA Home Sales
Down -   0.25% 2017 Annual 2017 2017 (5 Mo. Jan-Aug)
3-31-2017 Daytona Beach
Median Home Prices
Up + 11.23% 2017 Annual 2017 2017 (3 Mo. Jan-Feb-Mar) update pending

Home and Condo/TH Price            Differential Mar 2017 Mar 2016 Up/Down Jan 2017 Jan 2016 January 2017 Up/Down
Home Median Price $198,450 $175,000 +  13.4% $200,000 $178,250 Up     +12.2% Feb +  8.1%
Home Average Price $245,245 $210,706 +  16.4% $243,513 $214,872 Up     + 9.1%   Feb +15.6%
Condo Median Price $172,000 $147,750 +  16.4% $145,400 $147,500 Down  -1.4%    Feb + 1.0%
Condo Average Price $202,977 $162,305 +  25.1% $183,145 $182,999 Up      +0.1%    Feb -  8.4%
Daytona Shores Price

 3 Bedroom 

Average Sales Price $327,500^

 Courtesy of Daytona Association Of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors


USA  Home Sales              most recent reporting 4-30-2018                             Comments 6-12-2018

Jan.     2018 Feb.  2018   March 2018  +0.26% Average First Quarter~3 Months ~ 2018
April    2018 May  2018   June   2018   April 2018 is Down -2.5%    
July     2018 Aug. 2018 Sept.  2018  
Oct.    2018 Nov. 2018   Dec.   2018


Historic Benchmark Target Appreciation +7.50% Annual Off Historic Benchmark Target  (7.50%)


Real Estate News 2018

USA HOUSING MARKET JULY 2018 DOWN  (-3.4%) Cummlative

FED CONTINUES TO INCREASE INTEREST RATES. THE PRIME LENDING RATE  5.0%                               9-1-2018

Daytona Beach Appreciation ~ Median Price Averages ~ Average Prices May Be Higher

2017 2016 2015
2014  Single Family Median Sale  8-1-2018 Price
Condos  $175,000 Median
  Condos  $215,000 Average

+ 11.1%
$223,500 ~ Median  ^3.70%$268,571~ Average ^7.20%

Daytona and Daytona Beach Properties Notes  9-1-2018

The Median Sales Price for Daytona Beach Homes for JULY 2018 is +3.7% over Prices from JULY 2017. 

The Average Sales Price for Daytona Beach Homes for JULY 2018 is +7.2% over Prices from JULY 2017.

The Median Sales Price for Daytona Beach Condo for JULY 2018 is 0.00% over Prices from JULY 2017.

The Average Sales Price for Daytona Beach Condo for JULY 2018 is 3.8% over
Prices from JULY 2017. 
RETV.News 9-1-2018

Top 5 Nationwide Hot Real Estate Markets 
  May to July 2017 ~ Mid Page

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