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DAYTONA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT Florida Regional Property Value Comparison.

  Real Estate Market Valuation of Florida in Homes, Condo's and Rental Income Property.
Next Daytona Regional Market Comparison Report Update 10-1- 2017 ~ Quarterly Report

Daytona ~ Daytona Beach ~ Cocoa Beach  
Deland ~ Lake St. Mary ~ 
East, West, North and South.


June~July~August 30, 2017

Most Recent Data

Daytona Real Estate Investment ~ Quadrant 
BREAKING NEWS 10-1-2017:

Daytona Home Sales Averagd Up 12.1% in August and Condos/Town Homes were at an outstanding Up of 18.3% "Average and Median Sales combined". Prices in a Dollar value estimate were up about $25,000. or more in the first 2 months of the 3rd quarter.

Daytona Beach current Home Prices for July and August 2017 combined, eased Up at a 12.3% Average with Condos / Town Homes weighing in Up 10.15%  as a 2 month Average. 

A look back to December 2015 through December 2016 Daytona Beach was Up +12.1%. 

Cocoa Beach and Orlando Regional areas are also showing double digit appreciation for 2016 continuing into 2017.

Statistical survey's indicate that Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach and Orlando Florida share a similar housing rental income markets. The areas between Daytona and the Orlando and Orlando suburbs, like Deland and Lake Mary have similar prices in certain areas and rental income markets. The following Market Analysis Comparison is for the same time period unless otherwise noted.

Today, Real Estate Investing is comprised of flexible investment properties, in hot spot markets and foreclosure issues as investors move their investment focus from block to block, town to town and area to area.

DAYTONA BEACH ~ Updated 10-1-2017

Home of the "Most Famous Beach In The World" not to mention the Daytona International Speedway.The Daytona 500 is one of the most saluted races of the season. In addition to this Daytona has numerous events throughout the year and exciting entertainment any time of the year.

Home wise what does Daytona Beach have to offer?

A great location on the eastern seaboard with good weather year round. Anyone can live in Daytona. The Daytona Beach and Waterfront Homes are affordable and that is one of the reasons Daytona has shown consistent appreciation for the last four years. 

As of September 1, 2017:

Daytona Beach Shores Average Sale Price for August 31, 2017 is $283,865 or about $179 per square foot. Subject to actual location.

Daytona Shores Prices jumped up 42.6% for a 4 Bedroom Estate as of December 2016.  That pricing has eased as of the first three quarters of 2017.

A 3 bedroom home in: Daytona Shores Averaged $327,500 as of March end 2017. 

As of 10-1-2017 we are at $283,865 up 10.8% over August 2016. The Median price for August 2017 is $245,000 down -3.4 from a year ago. Price per square foot is down -3.2% from  August 2016.

Two Bedroom Condominium's in Daytona Average Price is $202,977^ approximately 25.1% over March 2016.

Hot Spot:
The Median Home price for Daytona is $225,000 approximately with Condo's and Town Homes Median at $170,355. Daytona has shown a consecutive and consistent market resilience for profitability since 2013.

Annual History: As of January 2017, Daytona Beach Real Estate, the Median priced 3 bedroom home was $257,644. Up 15.1% form August 2017, and  2 bedroom
Condominium's Average Price was $246,673 up 24.8% from August 2016. Prices had improved from mid 2016 and now are leveling as of October 1, 2017.

Cocoa Beach Home Prices when compared closely with a Daytona Beach 3 Bedroom Home reflect a difference is about $30,000 or more at this time. 

The difference between March 2017 and August 2017 is that Cocoa Beach  has settled about -$20,000 since March 2017 and Daytona Beach has increased about +$50,000. Overall in 2017, Cocoa Beach has maintained a more consistent higher level of home prices. The market is in flex on a continuing basis at this time in both areas.

Volusia County:
Daytona Real Estate Investments lower end market is a good Home  value as there are a number of areas  where the newer and updated Homes. Condo's are available in the Median $225,000 range and at the Average %$246,673. upper price range for investors and buyers or small family step up buyers for cash or financing arrangements. Courtesy of: Daytona Beach Area Association of Realtors

Daytona is a tourist attraction and its hotels, beaches, store fronts have a relaxed air about them. The Daytona area has year round employment opportunities, that keeps Dayton Beach a top selection for affordable fun and enjoyment and comfortable seaside living. 

The Daytona Real Estate Investment market offers Real Estate Investors a rehab investment property opportunity at his time. Improve the community with profitability. Daytona has shown double digit appreciation for the past 4-5 years.

COCOA BEACH ~ Updated 10-1-2017

Just south of Daytona Beach about is Cocoa Beach. Daytona Real Estate Investment includes Cocoa Beach in their investment property quadrant because Cocoa Beach has a similar location, Homes For Sale, Condos for Sale and inland Homes, Condos/Town Homes and rental income property opportunities.

What does Cocoa Beach have to offer?

Cocoa Beach is famous for its proximity to Kennedy Space Center located in close by Cape Canaveral. At about the same time as the space center evolved so did a TV program," I Dream Of Jeanie", that gave Cocoa Beach and the adjoining community of Cape Canaveral world wide exposure .

Daytona Beach and the Daytona Shores location is similar to Cocoa Beach. A Cocoa Beach 3 Bedroom Home value Averaged $357,500 in August 2017. Up from $325,000 in August 2016 approximately +10.0%. 

A 2 Bedroom home priced out at an Average $280,000. In August 2016 it was $225,000.

A 4 Bedroom Averaged $602,000 up +12.5% from March 2017 and +23.1% over August 2016. Only a few sales  (approximately 10) were closed at this Average value. A 4 Bedroom Home in August 2016 was about $489,000, also with only a few sales.

The Cocoa Beach 3-4 Bedroom Estate Luxury Condos are available at about  $450,000 to $1.1Million or more. A 2 Bedroom and 2 Bath Condo can be obtained starting around $310,000 with ocean proximity.

Courtsey of Trulia August 2017

Hot Spot:
Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral  have some good isolated sales. Mostly original condition Homes and Condos . There are also some Investments that need a lot of work available, but you have to look and be able to submit an immediate offer.

Brevard County:
Annual History: As of the end of August 2017 Homes and Condo/Town Homes are selling at:

Median and Average "All Home Sales",  totaling 961 up 9.3% for August 2017 over August 2016. Condos and Town Homes totaled 247 Closed. Condos/Town Home volume is down -5.3% from a year ago.

Competitively priced properties were going into contract in 25 days and closing 67 days later at 96.1% of Listing Price.

A Brevard "2-3 Bedroom estimated" Median Home value Averaged $225,000  up 14.1% from a year ago and the Average value was $263,983  up 8.3% from August 2016.

As of March 2017 end:

A 2 Bedroom Condo/Town Home  Median Price Home in Brevard County is valued at approximately $194,000 Up from a March 2016 value of $175,000. or 10.9%.

Brevard County Condos and Town Homes Median Sale for March 2017 is $155,000 up 2.0%. Average Sales were at $185,673 easing down -2.3% compared to August 2016.

Condos and Town Homes were up an Average of 5.3% from August 2016. There were two surges in value of 26.2% in July 2017 and 30.2% in January 2017.

Courtesy of Space Coast Association of Realtors. MLS

Today tourism, Cruise Ships, Grand Hotels and Victory Cruise entertainment line the Cocoa Beach Coast. Condo's For Sale and Town homes on the coast are a attraction. Cocoa Beach may be considered a attractive, less populated community atmosphere when compared to Daytona Beach. Investment group now forming.

ORLANDO~ Updated 10-1-2017

To the west of Daytona is Deland, a historic community and Lake Saint Mary that offers City, Lakeside, River, Water Front living and Country Style Homes. Orlando, just west, is more centrally located in Florida.

What does Orlando have to offer?

Orlando is spacious living in a City atmosphere. Having many of the attributes of a  big City, Orlando's suburbs and bedroom communities emerge within itself. You can find a spread of Home Prices and Homes and Condo/Town Homes For Sale whether you are in East, West, North or South Orlando.

The upper end Newer or New Gated Home Communities can start as low as in the $300's. A single family home on a 1/4 acre, close to a lake can be in the low 100's to 200's. Condominium's are available under a $100,000 within the City expanding to County limits and just beyond. Upward Condo Town home values can be in the $250's and more, subject to location and amenities.

Home values in the more affulent communities can easily exceed $500,000 for a 3-4 Bedroom Home and some Condo /Town Homes.

When compared to Daytona, Orlando's Regional Median Home Price edged up  12.00% for 2017 compared to 2016.  Orlando Regional was up 11.11% at year end for 2016.

As of January through August 2017:
The Orlando Region  Median Price increased from a January $199,000  to $215,000 in April, to $223,000 in August 2017. Average Home values came in at $259,331. Compared to a January 2016 value of $180,000. the Orlando Region is Up $43,000 in 20 months overall, or approximately +19.3%.

Orange County:
This is an excellent appreciation factor for a vast regional area. As of August 2017 compared to August 2016 Orlando Regional Realtor Association Board reports a +9.8% increase of the Median value of Sold Homes and a +6.7% of the Average value of Sold Properties.

Lake, Seminole and Osceola Counties are all currently reporting  up for August 2017 compared to August 2016.

Home Sales did increase +2.7% in August compared to the same time in 2016. In conclusion Home Sales are Up and Home Prices are Up.

Reprint of 7-1-2017 Report

Within the scope of the HUD Affordability Index based on a Purchase Price of $192,000 with 20% Down, the 2016 Orlando Regional area shows a average down payment of $43,000. Mortgage of $172,000 and Payment of approximately
$832.20 with a $40,000 annual income.

First Time Home Buyers  with a Median Purchase Price up 11.98%  for 2016 is $162,000 up from $153,000 a year prior 2015. |

The 2016 First Time Home Buyer year end numbers indicate a Down payment of about $18,275., Monthly Payment averaged $795.00 and Median Income of $38,198. to qualify for the Loan.

Then Purchase Price for April 2017 is $182,750.

Courtesy of: Orlando Regional Realtor Association

Hot Spot:
Hot Spots are popping up from Orlando East West North and South, Lake Mary, and Deland.

Of course tourism and the Orlando Theme Parks go hand in hand. There is a fair amount of upper end and middle management employment opportunities and numerous initial job and moderate employment opportunities to support housing and the community businesses. Properties available for rehabs.


Daytona Real Estate Investment News ~ USA Comparison as of December 31, 2017
No Growth in Real Estate From 2016 to 2017
USA Home Sales January through December 12 Month Average 2017 Up +0.23%  
USA Existing Home Sales from January  through December 2016      Up +0.17%


Most Recent Data 12-31-2017



Annual Bottom Line

June 2017

Down  -1.8%


May 2017

Up        1.1%


April 2017

Down  -2.3%


March 2017

Up      +4.4%


February 2017

Down  -3.7%


January 2017

Up      +3.3%


December 2017

Down -3.6%

+0.23 (Off -7.22% for 2017)

November 2017

Up      +5.6%


October 2017

Up      +2.0%


September 2017

Up      +0.7%


August 2017

Down  -1.7%


July 2017

Down  -1.3%


MARKET UPDATE ~ THE BOTTOM LINE:                                                                                         

The Real Estate Market is experiencing the relationship of a USA economy slowdown. Basically the FED's position on raising interest rates is affecting purchasers and sellers as the housing market becomes more depressed and Prime Lending interest rates move up 1%. This rate hike is beyond what the American economy can absorb as at this time. The medium USA family average wage level of $30,000 Annual per Individual and $56,000., per Family. The average family annual  income with an approximate $50,000 cash outlay buys the average home in the USA.

The FED's move of raising rates in the last 11 months has resulted in a decline of the real estate market of approximately 30%-35% on Homes and Condos selling  as of the month of June 2017. The value of the individual real estate sale  of about $258,000 has leveled with the June 2016 market sales because of the dramatic decline in lower end sales from $0 to $250,000 and up to $500,000. The May and June 2017 higher end Sales influenced an upward price adjustment of the median and average home sale price.

Real Estate is approximately a 50% contributor to the USA economy. It provides well paying jobs at all areas of American wealth including and not limited to production and manufacturing of goods and services. In addition, Real Estate is the single most valuable asset an individual or American family has for shelter and wealth to fuel their purchasing power in America. History shows when interest rates are going up Americans sit on the purchase and investment sidelines.

Therefore, in part, American's purchasing power has been diminished to 0 due to the FED's agenda, in all probability stemming from the past 2009 to 2016 administration to today. America is feeling the results with Retail Sales for 2017 at 0.03%, a "0" level with major chain store closures. Retail Sales are below 2016 levels at -0.2%, for June 2017. This is far below any potential growth rate for 2017. Retail sales should be at 3.5% to 5.0% at this time of the year.

A basic time interval is a annual reoccurring determination of "growth at a rate" if the real estate market recession of 9 years is going to emerge to a growth market for the American public. The Benchmark for the USA is +7.5% annual real estate appreciation. Another words if you have a home worth $100,000 in 2018 it should be worth $107,500 as an example.There are only several Hot spots in the USA that are reaching the benchmark.

Courtsey of RETV.News
July 25, 2017