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The investor market is still good for Florida costal properties improvement and resale. New York Mid Hudson Valley area is also a competitive market. Daytona has several acquisitions in mind that require investor participation.


Daytona Investor Hub, Buy, Fix, Sell LLC's and Flips Florida Coastal Properties 2018

How we buy a Home, Condo or Project:

We have properties available that are not shown on our site.

eMail N.E. Robinson at Daytona with your terms for a secured investment in a home, condo or units.

Daytona will review your terms and confirm the details of our to be determined offer with you.
Please include your yield range or ROI requirements up to 33.5% APR. Also include your payment requirements such as monthly, quarterly or annual. 

Upon acceptance of the offer and prror to the signed Note or General Partnership or Member LLc.  we need a Letter of Credit or Verified support of your financial position subject to our pending agreement from your depository.

You will be emailed the most recent Comps of similar properties that have sold  in the area.
Upon acceptance of your proposed offer you will receive:
1) Upon acceptance of your proposed offer you will receive the Purchase Agreement with    a Subject to Inspection clause.
2) You will be emailed the most recent Comps of similar properties that have sold  in the area.
3) Y
ou may do a personal walk through before we proceed with any inspections or a decision to retract your offer. 

About the procedure:
The above procedure is designed so you may aquire the property at the most reasonable price in a timely manner.
Because of the work involved on everybodys part we look to have an accepted offer and a Letter of Credit that the investor can move forward upon an acceptable personal or investors inspectors review of the property. If the aquisition of the property is accepted the investor will have a 15 day inspection period to opt out with a 30 day close.

           Property is deemed For Sale
                 until the Sale Closes.

        Contact us today by e-mail to set up a
                      telephone  appointment.
           Response Next Business Day between:  
                       3:00   PM - 5:00 PM EST
                       1:30   PM - 3:30 PM CT
                       12:00 PM - 2 PM PST  
                     Please note your time zone.


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New York
When you compare Florida with Mid Hudson Valley New York both have competitive prices on Homes and Rental Income Properties. Florida's acquisition cost is generally less but NY's rental income is a little higher when forecasting most investment strategy. There are also good prices on N.Y Homes and 2-4 Units that need some cosmetic and seasonal repair work. In Mid Hudson Valley New York these type of properties generally range from $75,000 to $125,000. The Homes and Units have a good cash flow and ARV "After Repair Value", equity at the end of the day.  We have a Realtor in New York that we work with. Closings are preformed by a NY Attorney's.

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Daytona Beach in general is a very competitive market for Cash Flow Property with or without management. Increasing in value low home prices and solid rents drive the Daytona Market.

Daytona Real Estate Investments researches real estate markets that have a high yield potential. We look for Equity after ARV and resale potential.

Daytona purchases Buy, Fix, Sell foreclosure properties with a good location and that require a low investment so that we can improve the property, resulting in a excellent After Repair Value, that allows Daytona to offer our partners a high investor yield in appreciating areas.

The average investment property is between $75,000 to $150,000. These properties have a substantial cash flow for the investment.The next level is up to $200,000. The is about the median price of Homes for Sale in Florida is about $200,000. The location of the home demands a good rental income and investment buffer.

Daytona property deals are unsurpassed for the prudent investor that prefers to have the facts up front to make a prudent and quick decision. This enables the investor to aquire high yielding, good location, Houses For Sale and Condos For Sale, at the best price. 

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Florida Real Estate for Sale


Florida has a lower threshold than the California real estate market which is competitive but higher priced. The difference is the homes and the 2-4 unit values in CA is two to three times, or more, higher and the rental income market, which is good, does not aways debt service the property, if it is financed. San Francisco is currently being trashed as of 5-2-2018.

For the cash investor the future equity position is important, with respect to your real estate investing goals. CA will in all probability pay a higher yield on  future resale, for a Real Estate Investor that has 50% or less financing on a investment property. This type of posture will usually result in a positive cash flow. The S.F. Bay area is a hot market starting at about $485,000.
In S.F. expect to pay 1.1M to 1.7M for a 3 & 2 and up.

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