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Daytona Real Estate Investment

Daytona offers an excellent Investor Rate Of Return on coastal Buy, Fix, Sell, Properties For Sale and Wholesale Investments.  Investors earn up to 33.5% APR yield. Your capital is secured, in a Real Estate LLC, Partnership or Note. Prudent Investors e-Mail us today and schedule a telephone appointment.

Daytona Real Estate Investment News Daytona USA Economic News 6-15-2018

Daytona Beach Investment News 
Click, on the Real Estate News tab and see up to date reporting on Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach and Orlando resdential value reports and the National Real Estate scene updates.

Daytona Investment Opportunities, Florida Daytona USA Trumps Future News 5-15-2018

Daytona Real Estate Investing Florida
Provides quarterly comparable value reports on Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach and Orlando FL housing opportunities. Link

Regional Comparison Daytona Beach, Orlando, Cocoa Beach, Florida Daytona USA Financial News 2018 - Real Estate - Retail Sales - Interest Rates

Daytona Investment

Daytona procures the investment prior to pairing with an investor to acquire the property for resale. Home Multi Family and Commercial Investment .

Daytona Flips Florida Daytona USA World News 2018 - Major Government Moves - Cause and Effect

Daytona Commercial Property

Commercial & Multi Family Investors. We have commercial properties that we have an interest in redeveloping in the 250K-1M acquisition range. Yield 33.5% APR. Daytona arranges and develops properties with investment groups, hedge funds, individual investors, asset managers and banks. Link

Multi Family, Condos, Commercial Projects e-RETV Hollywood News

The Daytona Real Estate Investment Partner ~ Proposed Yield Grid for Joint Investments
The Daytona individual investment begins at $50,000 with a yield of 19.30% APR. Crowd investment amounts are secured in your name as a Member of the LLC with other Members and Daytona. Capital: Individual investment a low as $5,000.
Daytona boosts the Yield as Investor(s) increase their Investment with Daytona.
At an Investment level of $100,000+, the Individual Investor, Investment Group Yield is 33.5% APR.

Daytona Investments are a real estate secured, risk-based investment. Email us your parameters.

Yield Investment
Yield Investment
$5,000 To $10,000 7.50% APR $30,000 To $50,000 14.50% APR $75,000 To $99,000 25.50% APR
$10,000 To $30,000 11.50% APR $50,000 To $75,000 19.30% APR $100,000 Plus 33.50% APR


Daytona Real Estate Investment has cash flow properties, Houses For Sale and Condos For Sale in the USA. Daytona buys foreclosed properties at a discount, renovates the property and resells the home or two to four units. These homes are offered as For Sale By Owner and Listed with a knowledgeable, local MLS Realtor or Real Estate Agent. The Investor receives an annual rate of return from 7.5% up to 33.5% APR on this type of investment transaction. See Investment Yield curve schedule above. Daytona Rollover Investment Group now forming. e-Mail me. The annualized rental income, ROI "Return On Investment" on one of these Homes is approximately 100% including Schedule E tax benefits (confirm with your accountant) Link. In addition, Daytona buys Rental Income Property and Foreclosures that an Investor can renovate sell or hold for a future cash flow investment. We also have Turnkey Houses For Sale that Cash Flow with professional Management available for purchase. Let’s set up a telephone appointment today! Email, Text or Contact us today. We invest in appreciating areas. Subject to being on location, Daytona will respond that day or the next business day.
National Bankers Credit       DAYTONA'S ~ CASH ADVANCE BUSINESS CREDIT CARD ~ AVAILABLE  To $150,000 NIV Approval
Daytona Real Estate Investment has a new way to invest utilizing our Business Credit Card. The introductory offer is for 0% Interest for the First 6-13 months on balances from $10,000 to $150,000. There is No Income Verification required for your Cash Advance Business Credit line. The Business Credit Card is issued with a very competitive Unlimited Cash Advance rate, based on your good credit score. Yes, that is your Cash Advance Rate! This Cash Advanced Credit Card has one of the lowest cash advance credit cards rates available, with easy qualifying. Start investing in Real Estate, Advertising or your Business today and step up your capital investments and keep your cash reserves liquid. You may use the card for any reason. Click on our Nationl Bankers Business Credit tab. ~ QQ and NIV Qualifying
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Daytona Investor Hub

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Daytona's Real Estate News and Investment News covers local Real Estate updates such as the Growth Markets, US Housing Market, Federal Reserve Board, the Euro, the US Dollar and future USA economy. How do these issues affect your existing investments? Just The Facts, is supported by confirmed data. We depict the history of the market and bring it up to date so you have all the current information available for your future decision-making process. Keeping you in touch with the facts. Link Daytona Real Estate Investment News is a good quick way to get a quick market brief on the real estate industry's present and future strategy. Our factual reports encompass the current market reaction so you may make an informed decision regarding investment strategy for the future. We compare the current investment market to a buy, hold, sell, trade "exchange," real estate investment and its future profitability. We take a close look at current events, political history, rhetoric and propaganda that impact the market and investment news media. Link

Daytona Real Estate Investment News 
 USA NewsReel

Daytona USA Economic News 6-15-2018 Link
Fed Chair Background ~ Pairty ~ Interest Rate Hike ~ Highest Savings Account Yields 

Daytona USA Trumps Future News 5-15-2018 Link
Political Rhetoric 2018 ~ Wall Street Investment Yields ~ Real Estate

Daytona USA Financial News 6-15-2018 Link

USA Consumer Data -  Real Estate Sales Down -2.5% ~ Interest Rates Up

Daytona USA World News 6-15-2018
Trump - Move for World Peace

Real Estate News

Daytona Real Estate Investment News 6-1-2018 Link

Daytona Beach Real Estate Up +7.8% Average Home Sales for April 2018 ~ $271,684.
Daytona Beach Condos and Town Homes Average Sales spike up 15.8% in April 2018 ~ $220,604.

Real Estate News and Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach Orlando Market Analysis 5-15-2018
Quarterly Report 
Regional Market Analysis and Property Comparison ~ Values Up
(most recent available )
USA Home Sales Down in April 2018 (-2.5%)
National Home Sales 2018 ~ 4 Month  Average Down  (-0.85%)

  "Benchmark +7.50% Annual Lifetime Average "Normal Growth"

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Daytona Business Credit Cash Advance

Daytona Business Credit @ 0%
Manage your investment capital at a 0% Interest Rate for the first 6 to12 months, with your "Daytona Real Estate or e-RETV Media Investment" and get the ball rolling in the black. The Cash Advance is the same as your Prime+ Rate up to a $150,000.00 limit. Your Card may be used for all or part of your investment with Daytona. Your Card may also be used for any reason and is funded by USA Banks. Link

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 Daytona Real Estate Investment 
Current Investment Opportunity
Coastal Property
Acquisition & Redevelopment
Residential from 75K to 350K
Commercial Multi Family $1M
Investor or Investor Group

 Up to 33.5% APR ~ ROI
with your parameters.

Daytona has a pending acquisition projects available that requires a infusion of investment capital to begin and complete the project.


Daytona Real Estate Investment has availability for Financial Partners, Investment Bankers, Hedge Funds and Venture Capitalists for larger projects. This is focused for the real estate investor or company that is looking for a high yield and tax advantages. We have several projects we are interested in at this time.

Investor terms are approximately 1 to 3 years on most Commercial:
What you need to know. Daytona Commercial Investment Property.
e-Mail us for further details.

Contact us to purchase your own Buy, Fix
and Sell Homes and 2-4 Units in the Daytona, Lake Mary, Orlando corridor. Make an Offer; once accepted you may go see and inspect the property. You may select to Opt out of the Purchase Agreement upon your visual inspection, usually within 7 days or continue the Purchase as agreed. Estimated Close in 30 days or less, subject to the property inspection turnaround. These are a good quality fixers and you may use Realtor or representation of your choice!

All fee agreements must be in writing at the onset of the investor relationship. Daytona Real Estate Investment will consider a Buyer Offer from a Realtor or Attorney to purchase with a Conventional/FHA/VA Loan. Daytona recommends that the investor give consideration to Daytona's local recommended attorney if required.

Daytona Funding Buy Fix Flip Investors, do it yourself, property and
financing is available with "Daytona's Sub Prime Package" with 35% Down. Sample,with $25,000 capital Daytona will arrange $75,000 Interim Financing for up to 36 months. Term includes a "safety net."

Real Estate "do it yourself" Investors qualify with 650+ Credit Scores for Purchase Money, Flip, Fix, Sell and or 3-year Fixed Financing for Buyout and or Turn Key Rental Income Property financing in 34 States and for a Daytona Real Estate Investment.

Daytona's Investor " You Cash The Check," ROI Rate of Return is 33.5%. Net Daytona Investor yield approximately ranges from 7.5% to 33.5 APR based on your capital investment and position.

The actual Lender "CTL" Cash To Loan underwriting approval must accompany the offer and down payment verification. The Purchase Agreement must be only "subject to " inspection and appraisal. All buyers and investors have 15 days for any inspections with a 30-day close date on the purchase. Daytona Real Estate Investment Transaction Process Link- FAQ's see mid page
Yielding Investor Investment
Daytona Real Estate Investor Hub has excellent financial opportunities for Real Estate Investors who invest cash or have a letter of credit or are rolling over a Roth IRA type of investment. Contact Us encrypted e-Mail Form In addition, Investors with Boot or Rollover Investment Capital or New Capital may take advantage of our wholesale real estate investments, cash flow properties, with seasoned rental income. Daytona has renovated Turn Key Homes For Sale with management. The investor's secured investment will meet the current Appraisal Valuation market standards with FMV "Future Market Value," ARV, GRM "Area Gross Rents Multiplier" and "Net Cap Rates," with a verifiable cash flow history. Cash Investor, rental income yields are range from 10% to 16%, and generally may have an approximate 100% Annualized ROI "Rate Of Return" from Rental Income including US Tax Benefits. All Real Estate Investments may contain a buyout provision if you would like to add a property to your portfolio. Investors have the option to withdraw or rollover at the close of each investment. With Daytona's Investor Hub the entrepreneurial investor may buy wholesale fix and sell or lease yourself. Daytona is not affiliated to any other Investor Hub. With Daytona the Investor has the option to receive a Buyers Agent or Realtor representation for Purchase Agreement preparation, inspection and to close with a Title and Escrow Company transaction.
Contact us by email for more information about our affordable and profitable investment properties and yields.